National Identity

Bauman passes for the experience of the expatriation, and tells in a warm speech at the beginning of its book the experience to be in land stranger. For even more opinions, read materials from lucas. When she speaks in National Identity, perceives that the author considers the question of the modern State in the confrontation of new possibilities of relations from the new identities produced for the society of the consumption. The proper habitacional question, where an accumulation of people coexists in one definitive land space searching to affirm its familiar roots, its cradles and bows and still the ones that ' ' vagam' ' for the streets with the sensation not to belong nor to this nor that place which deals with them to Bauman ' ' people without senhor' ' or even though people without owner. He is in that we, inhabitants of the liquid modern world, are different. We search, we construct and we keep the communal references of our identities in movement? fighting he stops joining in them to the equally mobile and quick groups that we look for, we construct and we try to keep livings creature for a moment, but not for much time. (BAUMAN, 2005, P.

32) the comparison of the formation of the Identity with one breaks heads, in sends the construction to them of the Identity for the rationality of the objective, where if it has some parts, but the final result of the game is not known accurately. In this construction of the identity, she does not have models predefined or established for a drawing or diagram, is not possible to adjust to all the parts, therefore nor always they incase themselves. Bauman speaks of the process of ' ' libertao' ' to the power to attribute to tasks and objectives in the creation of this Identity. At this moment, the rigid society, passes to be considered by Bauman a liquid society.

The Human

Today, as in ancient times, using certain biological substance, a person is able to influence the rejuvenation of the body, but only a very limited extent and in the short term. However, work on the discovery and creation of necessary protein components – mikrogormonov can be quite significant progress in this direction, especially when able to install the control factor generation data mikrogormonov. In conclusion I would like to note that the energy code of human aging probably hidden in the very purpose of human existence, which is to understand and to which must learn to follow during his life, everyone. Such a simple truth a person can understand, pondering over the meaning of his thinking process, which created and produced throughout the life of human thought, and then forming his views and aspirations, it is quite logical and natural to read a person's cognitive system Creator. And only when man's thoughts will coincide with the ideas and aspirations of its Creator, is likely only in the human gene opens the door to his immortality.

That is why the pa "people's happiness" – is a public organization, and one of its aims is to improve the human as a social being, trying to comprehend the true meaning and purpose of its creation and existence, which most likely is the key to achieving person's own immortality. We also have no doubt today, and that awareness of a man of such notions as "luck" in the end will allow many people in the beginning of the III-rd millennium immortality. After all, no wonder today we still hear the legend of Shambhala – a perfectly happy country, where people are valued, understood and developed their happiness where they lived in Paradise, not knowing the fear of sickness, old age and death. But people in Shambhala possessed not only immortality but also intimate knowledge of the consciousness of the universe, the wisdom and power of the Creator and the Creator. Today in our country, as well as throughout the world, a lot of rich people who, despite his wealth, susceptible to disease, old age and death.

And here comes a time when they were finally able to their money, not always received the righteous path, to return not only to satisfy their own ambitions, but also to the fact to try to acquire immortality. And it is quite possible that only they can understand the purpose for which nevertheless was created man of his Creator. In all likelihood, they will be able to understand well what is the main meaning the power of time, limiting the life of a man and invariably compels thinking about how the ideals of this man really is and whether it expects to come with something better. And for those who are not sure, we want to remind that modern technology will very soon allow a person to achieve his immortality, but only under one condition, that the aspirations of the human will coincide with the aspirations of its Creator. And, despite the fact that in our world there is always a lot of skeptics, however, we can always remember that those same skeptics did not believe in his time also in the fact that one person could fly into space.

Time Management

Sin Zodiac Signs Capricorn (at the level of implementation of the powers of darkness in the idea of Capricorn) – the desire for power and indifference to the needs and lives of his soul. Jesus Christ said this: 'For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? " (The Bible, The Holy Gospel of Mark, 8:36-37). As already pointed out the author, God is not the big boss, and the most intimate and beloved being for the human soul. Virtue Signs of the Zodiac Capricorn – – professionalism, sin Capricorn – careerism. Capricorn is also a material symbol, but the desire to take up the matter is already idea Taurus. Capricorn, as its ruler Saturn in astrology governs time.

Human life, like everything else on earth is temporary. Periods of human life are under the predominant influence of different planets. On how harmonious and expressed (or far from harmonious, and weak) is planet in the natal chart man will determine whether good or bad period of life associated with this planet. Medieval astrologers knew only seven planets (planets Septenary) and distributed the influence of these planets periods of human life. Moon: from birth to 7 years. Mercury: 7 to 14 years. Venus: 14 to 23 years.

Sun: 23 to 36 years. Mars: From 36 to 46 years. Jupiter: 46 to 64 years. Saturn: 64 years before the destruction of the physical body. At the present time has come Age of Aquarius. Besides the medieval astrologers do not take into account the planets, used by modern astrologers. Therefore, the influence of the planets at periods of human life has changed. In the Age of Aquarius Aquarius increases the value of the manager – the planet Uranus.


Because exactly, rationally, accepting this, emotionally I behaved in the way as I was created. I needed tactics, a strategy to convince me of this. That the happiness is not in the magic princes, who each one has its destination, that each one can be really happy without having nothing of this. First decided I me between being a success professional or to have a family. What it was really important for me? was to have a family who I wanted of truth. There I mounted my strategy: I started to evaluate all the marriages that I knew. One by one.

I started to dedicate me to this. To analyze the couple, to discover if they were happy and more than what this, if I would be really happy if I was in that context. I was evaluating everything and all my return. was there that I really convinced that was not guarantee you are welcome. To be married, to have children, to find somebody were not passport for the happiness.

Vi together couples for comodismo. Vi consumed couples. Vi children problems. Vi marriages of faixada. Vi loving husbands with. Vi fathers-in-law problems. Vi respect lack. Vi affection lack. Vi executives vitiated to drugs. Vi high executives with depression. Vi women without auto-esteem, married or not, executive or not. my conclusion was this: it is not alone because that woman found a husband and had pretty children, has a wonderful house, travels all the vacations and calls the friends for had taken wine in house, that necessarily it is happy. It is not alone because that woman is high executive, enviable position, all knows the world, super assediada, pretty, dressed and cultured well, that necessarily it is happy. more: I discovered that the objective of the life of somebody is not in having a husband, an excellent job or something thus.


The conduction of the vehicle is made through the act automaton where the movements are involuntary. Therefore we must consider the necessity to reformulate the learning process, therefore it is in this phase where the candidate receives the information on the transit, that the behaviors will be installed, from adequate and consistent form, when guided well. To decorate the transit plates (MCP), to pass for an evaluation where the only objective is to be approved, does not matter where situation, to lead the vehicle per 15 minutes with the examiner of transit in a wild place Would be this the best form to guide the young future driver? It would not be more convenient than, beyond the meaning of the plates, in the education of the conductor it was introduced concepts to acquire knowledge the candidate of the importance to obey to the norms and the legislation for one direction more insurance? He imagines if each conductor to decide to make its proper law and to define its proper rules and to apply them, in the hour and of the skill that in accordance with desires to its necessities not leading in consideration the too much drivers to its redor would be a true chaos! On the other hand, if to give to the chance it individual to reveal its opinion on the transit and to debate its point of view, it would not be introjetando of a more solid form its knowledge? (MLP- strategy of the elaborative repetition). We must then assume, that one of the causes of the turbulent transit and tumultuated, he is that the formation of the drivers who had had its fast learning alone using its MCP makes with that the meaning of the plates, norms and laws that become the safe transit, they leave of being significant and important and consequentemente these drivers start to be a threat in the streets and highways. We consider that, in the measure that the information on the direction to propagate and the norms of transit are introjetadas and accepted without reluctance, interpreted and apprehended as a common rule to all, our MLP will collaborate for the aprimoramaento of our behavior having been able to lead to the citizenship feeling, that defines its relation with the true autonomy, where the common good starts to depend individually on the behavior of each one, composing a society, a balanced group. .

The Brain

To explain these facts, Van Lommel has been speculated, following an old tradition that goes back to Bergson, the brain is basically "what metaphor of a radio receiver, a system capable of tuning more than creating aspects of experienced reality. But, unlike the orthodox neuroscience, Van Lommel believes that the psychological reality would not be generated after processing but preexistiria brain and continue (at least for a few minutes) to it. This as unique as speculative hypothesis leads to postulate a kind of extended mentalism, mentalism instead of confined inherent in previous generations of dualism. However, finally is further obscured what would ultimately the role of the brain in relation to consciousness. However, Van Lommel's ideas are a clear example of a crucial experience that enables an empirical hypothesis fertile ground for thinking up new categories for the same unfathomable persistent problem. 4 – The concept of "Mind uploading" is a term coined by the so-called transhumanist philosophical and used originally in the context of science fiction to refer to the hypothetical process of encoding a real mind for later transfer to a ground ( F. Gonzalez, 2005) The prophecy implicit in the mind uploading is that, if made effective, would amount to a particular "kind of immortality, to the extent that the total content of a real mind could be perpetuated in a different physical substrate brain which was originally linked the theoretical challenge give this prophecy touches the problem of mental analyzers and encoders (F. Gonzalez, 1994), frequent concepts arise in the context of prospective studies of psychology, and liable to be expressed in questions like: Is it possible to transfer the contents of the human brain to a computer environment consisting of silicon microelectronic circuits? In other words, feelings, perceptions, emotions, feelings and thoughts can they be transferred, replicated and remain in force in the memory of a computer system? It is speculated that around the year 2040 and further development of these technologies will enable capturing the electrical activity of central nervous system and preserve, therefore, emotions, feelings and thoughts.

The Crystals

It done to ensure that whatever mix messages from people with similar names. Therefore, the network on a single resource, you will not find two identical Katya, Len, Serge, etc. So the name is unique, as well as information stored in it. The easier it is to read the name than it is easier to pronounce, and if it is positive, the more surely had had a favorable impression on the interlocutor. On the other hand, the unusual nickname and avatar, can certainly attract the attention of people its intrigue. Just a favorable first impression directly writing style. Here are the following features.

The first widely known – it's polite. Of course, this teaches us from childhood, but there are people who believe that the Internet is a place where you can spit on all the cultural laws is an area of freedom from the conventions and prejudices. I would like to note that even in this zone there is a society that builds its own rules communication, so you can find the failure of rudeness, swearing, rudeness, etc. The second feature, which will promote a positive first impression when communicating on the Internet – this is the prevailing worldview and the existence of belief. The network is designed so that people are most often represented by the text, through which he offers his thoughts. If a person has something to say, his opinion matter, and he knows how to communicate their thoughts. This is a big plus. Holistic personality attract and communicate face to face, but on the Internet many people are attracted to them increases, because the network thought to affect only the perception of their ability to express, and such things like status, age, appearance has a minimal impact.

The third feature – the length of the message. No wonder they say that brevity the soul of wit. When the user hits the page Bolga, a forum and so on, faces lots of text, this text zashumlyaet perception, the eyes want to jump, to cover all the crystals. It's like when you suddenly found themselves in a company where people are talking all at once. So long posts, read in the network heavily. If the text is short and, in fact, it will generate a positive impression of who wrote it. Positive presence in the text, the same effect as a smile when we first met. The ability to joke in the good or praise interlocutor, creates a favorable impression. Everyone knows the expression, a kind word and a cat is nice. The network decided to speak frankly about their feelings, not taking into account the reaction of the interlocutor, on the principle of "his face did not seen ", but those people who know how to express sympathy and support heals psychological climate of any Internet community. I would like to emphasize that any law of first impressions do not help to establish deep relationship, if on the other end will be "dead" man. Therefore, we must admit that the "real" relationship is not so much superior to relationships in cyberspace, how they differ from them. And of course one never replace another.

Feng Shui

Almost all classical Feng Shui tips can also be explained in terms of energy space. So, to the bedroom was a good Feng Shui, it is necessary try to follow these rules: 1. Try to make your bedroom a room in a distant part of the house and place it in a quiet subdued tone. Interior colors should be neither too bright nor too bright, because they prevent you to relax. 2. Opposite the entrance to the bedroom if possible should not be bathroom door, toilet and kitchen.

3. Sharp corners of furniture and walls, and ceiling beams should not look directly at the bed and the bedroom door (Either outside or inside). But rounded corners to your dream did not hurt. Therefore, the problem of sharp edges can be solved if ill-placed to cover the corners of narrow, long decorations, such as branches of artificial plants. 4. You can not put the bed against the radiators.

This is especially true head of the bed. 5.Spalnoe place should not be placed flush toilets. If this is not possible, it will help further soundproofing. For example, a thick carpet on the wall. Surprisingly, the sound of water behind the wall, too, can break the feng shui bedroom. 6. Sleeper should be able to delete from powerful external antenna. In general, if possible should try to postpone the sources of electromagnetic radiation from the bed. Try to get rid of the habit of putting cell phone in the head or under your pillow (you might be convenient to have a phone handy, and your body – not!). 7. Better accommodate the computer and tv in every room except the bedroom. And if this is not possible, simply turn off them at night from the outlet. 8. Desirable to accommodate a double bed headboard to the wall, and child – the side of the wall, while not sleep feet to the door. (We know who have put their feet to the door). It is very important to choose a good bed. Do not be tempted by a stylish metal bed with a twisted back, you much more comfortable 'll feel the wooden beds with high solid back near the head. Well, when the bed has legs. This will allow the energy under the bed does not stagnate and to circulate freely. For the same reason why not recommended to keep under the bed boxes with shoes and other things that we love to hide in this place from outside vzlyad. Let your bedroom is comfortable, and the morning is always good!

Internet Client

Of course, when people have able to separate their actions from real life and personality, they feel less vulnerable. After all, what they say and do on the Internet can not be connected with the rest of their lives. This weakens the sense of responsibility for their actions. Therefore, online therapist must help people to build in cyberspace, its real image, it has a deep, therapeutic effect. Well, in addition, beginning work on your network take care of its own openness, that would be the client a sense of confidence in you as a professional. Necessary to separate the anonymity and invisibility. In the first case, a person controls the information he reported in second physical invisibility can not worry about how you look now or what emotions actually feel.

To work online, this effect is of invisibility, especially in the synchronous communication, where the client response to the rapidly changing new message therapist. And to determine what exactly is experiencing a client at the moment, is simply not possible, so remotability communication does not allow time to accompany each written text descriptions of their emotions. In asynchronous communication writing a letter takes a while sometimes hours or days, and online consultant easier to determine the overall emotional tone of the letter. This is another reason why counseling by e-mail is preferred. Invisibility is the third online tool therapist. Even Freud, psychoanalysis spending with their patients, trying to settle out of sight the patient. So way, creating conditions for the transfer.

The Japanese Relations

2). That is, the proportionate changes for the GQT beyond the implantation of new technologies, reflect in changes of the organization of the work and the managemental paradigms, that involve strategical changes, cultural and structural, as they claim to Wood Jnior and Urdan (1997). The changes in the hierarchy if had reflected in the flexibility of the management based on the processes of motivation of the collaborators in detriment of one command plastered. The organizations, in this in case that, they had started to supply to training and qualification of the employees and to be intent to the level of satisfaction of these. Retaking one of the principles of the GQT cited for Fields (1999), where it must have respect to employee as human being, concludes that these must be heard, to be more independent and participant assets of the process as a whole, and to have more responsibilities so that party to suit is felt. That is, in this system of management, the organizations have as objective to invest in the development of the people, to flexibilizar the professional relations and to guarantee improvements in the conditions and relations of work. In the GQT, factors as the process of technological renewal based in computer science and modernization of the communication and the instability in the job (that it implies reduction of work ranks) can be associates to the terceirizao process, by means of which the companies look for to reduce the costs with the social changes of the work, resulting in a temporary employment contract multiplication (BORGES; YAMAMOTO, 2004). Druck (1999) explana some occured changes in the work relations, as consequncias of the implantation of the new model of management based on the Quality Total: ' ' The Japanese model also engloba the terceirizao (subcontratao). One is about a necessary party of the model, that it needs to preserve this ' ' work sujo' ' , as component of the productive structure of the Japanese economy.

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