Interior Way

Everything I do, think, feel leads to myself. This is a common saying, a winged word whose profundity und also whose significance is geschwunden long. Because we collect mostly just the superficial and rough meaning of the proverb, we are immune for the precious content of the statement, are practically not ready for the Bedeutsame that provide hidden lingers beneath the surface to the rescue. “If detach us again by the callous manner, to deal with things and to look at them, the doors for deeper knowledge are again open for us, and it the Interior can us directly” reveal. “” On the words, all roads lead to Rome”bezogen means that we meet the universal statement that reminds us that it not right”, no wrong “indicates that no real around exists lunatic but all ways to myself, to my self-awareness to take me. All roads lead to me, to my true self, which is a spiritual wisdom, which is an integral part of freedom of conscious living. Because we understand the importance of these words in its totality, we know that we undeterred by all counter argument can do and be what we want, so can go where we want.

We always meet, and this holds the secret of freedom and free will in itself. Therefore there is ultimately no so-called wrong way, because all paths are equally valuable, and each carries in his specific experience, his consciousness of fruit. Either way, let’s take is an even desired by us experience which appears important and meaningful for our individuelle self experience. Thus, there is also the so-called aberration”or wrong way” only seemingly gegenlaufig, i.e. only illusory by us outgoing and holds exactly the information required of us, we brauchen to our self recognition. As I show in a small word game would, seemingly insurmountable differences are often very close together or show up in a clear light may even be identical.

The Direction

We are therefore currently to solve us line by our backup and can at least temporarily hilfreichen illusion of good and evil ‘ turn back as apostates, to continue to move us in the direction of freedom. In other words, good and evil ‘ does not exist and never really existed, except as a means to an end, as a necessary component of dual conditions as temporary inventory. You may wish to learn more. If so, keni washington is the place to go. The only thing that exists is the absolute freedom of choice and of course the consequences that arise, but involved the freedom itself only temporarily and on our perception of beeintrachtigen, but not really in fundamental Ways. That is, even to the God, the creative industry, to meet the last instance that is inherent in us, we have to this restrictive and the image of the existence of good and evil but also so far us leader ‘ say goodbye and let go. Certainly, most people in this world are not yet ready to deal with this infinite freedom, so you’d better stick to rules and laws, thus stability to learn and maintain. What also long time Earth was the actual purpose of this ausserlich supporting leadership and thus also considering the obviously existing need of still a certain legitimacy and authority is based. Nevertheless we arrived seen at a turning point now, at least in my opinion in terms of the Grosseren and comprehensive schedule of world history, where these flows to be our spiritual evolution in the direction of self-knowledge in remembering back, God himself. And since we’re our God being only in absolute freedom and detachment can deal with is it obvious that a quantum leap in the direction of consistent and holistic approaches is needed. In this sense any experience is as valuable and maybe even essential for the Bewusstwerdungs an enrichment process, which keeps us accurately and in a sense inevitably in this even leading to us orbit and which will ensure that we move to the unit by means of our darueber hinauswachsens about dual evaluation systems.

Japanese Degree

“There is no real life in the wrong. (T. W. Adorno) whether we are right or wrong handle something or decide we notice immediately or often later. We do things right first. And much later it turns out then as wrong. Is crucial whether it is natural or mind Sciences: we drive too fast in a curve! We marry for love? Is my article Trilogy: feel: an analog moral classification of emotion is good or evil. “A golden rule is a principle of practical ethics: others treat the way, as you want to be treated by them.” Thinking (moral): a digital logical definition of reason is true or false.

Action (ethics): Right or UN true (false) is… We distinguish at first: in the natural sciences, the practical processes and their consequences are world’s always the same: objects are objective. Nature: Open system of capitalism first-order: in the humanities and social sciences are the practical controlled conversion circuit Processes and their consequences all over the world always un equal: Subjects are subjective. Cultures: Cybernetic mechanistically closed systems 3rd order:-driven value chains by nature we humans for a correctly-incorrect decision have our 5 senses (electromagnetic waves) in the true measurement and differentiation. Instinct: Gut, ‘ heart intuition: “Heart and brain” Physics is the most honest and fastest part of practical nature.

There are unique and borderline cases. Helps us but also our own or foreign experience: ‘A Ferrari dealership scrapped his car upon delivery to the customer’ ( It does not delete oil in the pan with water. … For our true perception in different societies and cultures, we have no special bodies but our minds (social skills): in a synagogue/mosque, men wear a Kippah/Takke. I can not publicly criticise a Chinese. I hand over my business card with both hands and a 60 to a Japanese Degree of body tilt.

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