Fencing, Stairs and Railings

A well-chosen decorative fencing, the particular individual stair designs. Fences made of different materials, but recently the most widely used stair railings from stainless steel. More than twelve years Moscow-based company successfully works in the merchant market, stair railings from stainless steel. According to customers, please contact the merchant in the manufacture of banisters, handrails and fences made of stainless steel and aluminum, our master seeking in his work really impressive results. Unique products are clearly distinguished in the general background of this joyless mass production. And the question here is not just about flawless appearance of the railings and fences from the “stainless”, but this important point, as the pricing policy.

“- During the formation of our production, we were able, thanks to the modernization process and the application high-precision equipment that runs the high-level professionals, as lower prices for our products and at the same time maximize the quality railings, handrails and fences made of stainless steel and Aluminum “- say in company management. The company’s specialists are graduates of the military-industrial complex, and in due time fulfill state orders of the USSR, and in fact the level of training MIC in today’s Russia continues to be a sign of quality. Fulfilling orders for the production of railings, fences, handrails for stairs near-wall stainless steel, the company has a merchant state license implementation of this type of work. All products – rails, railings and fencing is clean and is in full control of radiation. It is worth adding that the stainless steel railings stand out from similar aluminum railing that aluminum railings are assembled from components by the assembly on the sealant, screw accessories, which ultimately does not provide the necessary rigidity fence. Ordering railings Stainless steel companies in the merchant, you will surely go up the stairs.

Fashionable Wall Design

Today there are so many unexpected decorative materials for the walls. They are called – “decorative wall coverings.” First of all, these are the decorative plaster, special decorative coating, flock coating and tile paint. Decorative plaster is also known as structural (or textured) for their heterogeneous composition. What is decorative plasters and why they became so popular? To his fellow on the limestone and gypsum-based decorative plaster are very distantly related. ConocoPhillips has similar goals. Perhaps they have a common one – the very name of which these materials were due to the low (from 1 to 5 mm) thickness imposed layer. However, despite the small thickness, good decorative plaster can give the interior style and mood, and personality.

Decorative plaster are called because they form on the surface of a special relief or texture coating can also be given color shade to suit every taste. This material, which in finished form on the wall looks great, if not worked over the wall crew of repairmen, and a group of artists. Decorative plaster became popular all over the world thanks to the possibility of getting an aesthetically unique appearance (Figure and independent of hue). In this parameter are superior to all known still finishing materials: wallpaper, glass, wall plastic panels, dispersion paints, etc. For these materials are very easy to clean.

Coatings decorative plasters have a high wear resistance, resistance to salt solution and ultraviolet rays. They are positive and differ on such an important property for our walls, as moisture resistance (to some extent, only the plastic panels can be with them in this respect compete). Ornamental plaster can be cleaned with dish detergent, washing powder, soap or plain water. The fact that they contain binding elements that can stand the humidity.

Paint: Prices and Quality

Price paint – paint consumption – the protective coating thickness. Covering thickness of the coating and ink consumption – the interdependent parameters. The amount of paint can vary significantly depending on the composition of the prescription (and its price), the selected color, topography, weather conditions, use of tools and skills of the performer. On the other hand, the thickness of the coating depends strongly on the term of his service on the facade of the building.

As a rule, protective layer thickness must be at least 120-150 microns. In this regard, a covering of ink and its protective consumption can vary significantly. The consumer should choose what is more important for him: long-term perspective or economic viability now. 4. Choice of color is enough wide range of colors is performed using pigments, characterized by low-light and weather resistance and not recommended by the manufacturers of pigments for outdoor applications.

As a consequence, the rapid (within the first two years of coverage) change (“burn”) colors on the facade and the withdrawal of the consumer, “bad painting.” Enough a wide range of colors objectively characterized by a low hiding power. As a result, paint consumption and high output consumer “bad painting.” In fact, a subjective error of the same, other specialists, rather than paint manufacturer. Often one can observe reduction of purity and brightness of color in the process of coating on the facade of buildings. This is a question of competence manufacturer, namely, increased dirt-holding capacity coverage, as consequence of the characteristics of prescription paints, low quality of titanium dioxide and pigments used in the paint, the paint simplified recipe as a whole. 5. Operational parameters facade coatings Operational parameters facade paint coatings – is a topic for another article. Here and now I just give you a list of questions consumers to producers facade paints: recommendations of the manufacturer’s choice products and their rationale, the price of products, unit costs per unit of surface, life cover, a list of objects that are in operation for at least 3 let.perechen other consumers, whose views on Manufacturer of products you would like to know. 6. Finally, select a qualified supplier, not only producing quality products, but also – and this is important! – Has extensive practical experience of its application to your territory. Ask questions to the supplier and trust his recommendations, because the qualified provider knows about his subject than any qualified customer. Reach him to solve their technical problems and problems, because, first of all, he is interested in long-term partnership relationship of trust with you, not vice versa.

Oil-Based Paints

Properties of oil-based paints are largely dependent on what kind of oil used in their manufacture. Conventionally, oil paints can be divided into dry. In the manufacture of which was used flax or hemp oil Poluvysyhayuschie. Based on sunflower and Non-drying of corn oil. Based on the best of castor oil can be considered based paint linseed oil. Redecoration provides color svezheoshtukaturennoy surface. This should involve first find out what material is manufactured entire wall. If the stucco wall is made of blocks, its color may not be earlier than three months after the work.

If the wall is brick, then you should not rush to painting at least six months. In winter, this process may be delayed and for nine months. Cosmetic repairs can begin only when the concrete dries to 2.5 cm. Cosmetic repairs can be carried out with using new and innovative colors. Good result so-called granite paint, which in reality is no granite in their composition has not. Its appearance is due to the acrylic bubble different color, dissolved in water-based paint. Performing cosmetic repairs, such paint is applied on the walls of a special gun.

When dry, acrylic bubbles give effect granite. Looks good finish the walls of the farmhouse, made with paint from suede effect. It is composed of solid particles of acrylic, which dries to the touch form a nice layer on the surface of the walls, reminiscent of velvet. At the same time painted wall surface is resistant to any effects: it can even be washed. Suitable for wall decoration in a country house and pearl paint that changes color depending on viewing angle. It is made using this pearl, and painted surfaces it look unique. Decorating the walls in a country house with this paint can be performed on almost any surface. Although designers are advised not to use Pearl paint when painting large areas, and paint it just details.

Conformity DIN

Sitemnaya protection of facades. Beauty under the protection of Specialization: Protection facade is said that the facade – the person at home. And indeed, his condition largely determines the appearance and functionality of buildings. First all it is worth noting that the facades are as individual and varied as they are human faces. They need the same personal touch and personal protection, as well as people. Cosmetic treatment of the surface here enough, but deep acting that have been developed precisely with the account of "problem areas" may be a building for a "source of eternal youth." The firm "Remmers" – a true expert on the facades, the harder and specific problem, the more apparent our best side – top quality products combined with a wealth of experience on thousands of fronts.

Holistic integrated solutions Anamnesis, diagnosis, therapy: only so you can provide real help, "the patient". This is true for the prophylactic treatment of modern facades and for the rehabilitation and restoration of old structures. Obtaining reliable values of all important parameters and correct analysis of the object – the conditions necessary for choosing the right individual concept of recovery. Also needed advice on the subject. Especially, it is often fronts include a variety of materials: stucco, brick, stone, concrete, wood. All these components are combined in various ways.

For any situation we have a good balanced solution. Individual protection against moisture protection from moisture penetration, increased resistance to heavy rains, water-repellency treatment – in the treatment of the facades are the main problem. The firm "Remmers" during sequential development For 50 years, took the leading positions in products for repelling both for facing masonry, and for silica brick, stone facades, or mixed type. To restore the brick and clinker facades damaged by exposure to moisture, we have developed an innovative method of sludge processing. In an extensive range of complex treatment of facades also includes products for cleaning and coating of facades, and and rapid recovery of the concrete. Protection systems for facades consist of the mineral coating and the coating on the silicone resin. There are products to enhance and restore the structure of the stone. All components optimally matched to each other, their functionality verified in practice, taking into account the convenience of the coating process. System Warranty "Remmers," Protection of facades in 10 years – guaranteed We are so confident that we do what we can now pass this confidence to our clients: quality guarantee system, "Remmers (RSG) is given for 10 years. It gives businesses a real competitive advantage, and planners – the exact understanding what kind of feedback they receive from our products. Numerous certificates of the trials and imprisonment of Conformity DIN, WTA and other regulations demonstrate merit and efficiency of all system components of our product and confirm their safe interaction. Warranty RSG indicates that the firm "Remmers," ready to share responsibility with the organization to which the application, in case of damages, against which the products are used, within the specified warranty period. Greater certainty for the developer or other clients simply can not be. Of course, having a warranty processing system fronts, not least benefit our clients, which it is provided: you get a significant competitive advantage, and your customers happy and would recommend you to their partners. Your advantages in the RSG: resistant to showers facades – 10 years guarantee savings in heating costs improve the appearance of the conservation value of facades facades are not sealed, but continue to "breathe" careful planning and application run enterprise specialized in the RSG products are safe for the environment

The Ceiling

If the project provides for soundproofing the ceiling, the installation of the ceiling too an operational necessity. Types of suspended ceilings: – rack metal, mainly used in bathrooms. To date, rarely used, because of its impracticality (condensation, dotted rust is not very clear docking with the wall) – rack made of plastic, used in all areas. It is convenient for mounting, docking thin seam, well washed, large choice of color – Armstrong, is used in offices, halls, shops and office buildings. Quickly mounted, low price, easy restored, a large selection of colors and types – suspended ceiling is used in all types of premises. Great selection by color and type of material, practical in case of flooding from the upper room. Quite expensive relative to other materials, but in the end, during operation, pays for itself – drywall, used in all types of premises. Going to almost any configuration of the ceiling, low price, quick installation, a slight loss of height of the ceiling is water-resistant and normal.

We have listed, not all types of suspended ceilings, but they are most in use today. Next, we discuss some details of the installation of the ceiling drywall. Before the installation should be done counting the zero level of the ceiling. It then does a skeleton of aluminum rails and installation of drywall. Further, the seams are filled with special filler 'uniflot' serpyanka glued, primed and shpatlyuyut.

For more safeguards to avoid the appearance of cracks in the ceiling Drywall is made of two layers staggered. When installing the ceiling of a complex configuration, you must first make a template out of hardboard for smooth lines. On the main square ceiling, we recommend moisture-resistant drywall used as after installation of the ceiling should be a cycle of painting works, and this work is associated with high humidity, respectively, if the drywall absorbs this moisture, the next time drying it starts to warp, crack will begin to appear.

The Most

Except, indeed, fitness equipment, no harm will be TV or DVD player. Pedaling a favorite TV series or incendiary music doubly enjoyable. It is well known that tension shortens life and brings disease. Yoga and meditation can reduce stress and strengthen the body. Cover the floor mats that enable peaceful music, light the incense. …

It will not hurt, and a small decorative fountain, beautiful plants, and, perhaps, thick curtains of the room. Balcony combined with the child? Give your child's playroom! You can put a small hill, ladder, horizontal bar, even swing – unless, of course, allows the size of the balcony. The windows in that case you should choose a special, special tempered glass. They can not even break a stone, so the child will be complete safety. Combining the kitchen with a balcony gives you the opportunity of a cozy living room is almost in the open air. Sofa, chairs, a small serving table, a bar – and your friendly parties will bring even more pleasure. Especially like the idea heavy smokers. The most unusual way to use the balcony – arrangement of saunas.

And it's real – now you can buy special collapsible mini-sauna, perfect suitable for installation on the balcony. In this case, with all the meticulous approach to the issue of noise waterproofing balconies. This should be done only by professionals. It should also be carefully considered lighting and prevention of fires. Equipment cost about $ 600 a sauna. But it's nice to bask in a dry aromatic pair! And finally, on the balcony you can arrange just a separate room. In a small apartment at times not enough space even for an elementary relaxation. Not everyone likes to share a bedroom with an elderly grandmother or my younger brother. Well insulated balcony easily turn into a cozy apartment – enough to put a bed and hang up thick curtains.

Ceramic Tile: From History To Modernity

Secrets of success of Spanish artists have their roots in the Middle Ages, when the first factory, borrowed technology and ceramic glazes and blending in the eastern nations, began to produce first mosaic, later production expands, more and more oriented to the mass market and began to produce ceramic plates, later transformed into ceramic tiles. Italian masters adopted the art of making tiles from the Venetians, are the first in medieval Europe, merchants and travelers. However, despite similar motives and technology, Spanish and Italian schools of manufacturing glazes, and ceramic and patterning have evolved in different directions. Speaking of Spanish tile, it is worth mentioning pronounced Iranian and Moorish influence, in fact up to the expulsion of Muslims from Spanish ceramic tile production secrets they possessed only the Arabs, and only under duress, they were forced to share these secrets with the Spaniards. Italian tile, technologies and techniques production which was once simply kidnapped from the Spaniards, however, has pronounced differences. If the Spanish tile manufactured for quality and strength, the Italians made a major emphasis on elegance forms and the beauty of the picture. However, quality Italian tiles are often inferior to Spanish. Classical Spanish and Italian tiles for centuries was a wall.

Wall tiles decorated and ennobled both interior and facades. In those days the floor was covered with the homes of traditional parquet or natural stone. Floor tile appeared relatively recently, and her appearance contributed to the development technology. Complex process has yielded an unusually strong ceramic tile, which was the secret of strength in that its composition was added granite dust. This floor tile has name porcelanosa, under the name of the special clay, which served as a key component for its manufacture – portselana. To date, Italian and Spanish ceramic tile can be found everywhere. Any shop tiles is in the range of at least a few samples of Italian and Spanish tiles. Best Italian tiles for floors and walls are products under the brand name and Fap Ceramiche Viva Ceramica. The best Spanish firms for the manufacture of ceramic Tiles are Perodna and Porcelanosa.

Use Engineering Research

Drilling – a method of understanding the world. The desire of knowledge of the planet is observed for many centuries. The main object of the study was to land. It was interesting to understand what is under the ground, whether there is life and is it possible to drill through the planet. Our fathers and grandfathers had hoped to solve one of the major mysteries of the planet. This show guns that were found during archaeological excavations. Salt, oil and gas is produced in such a way as drilling. Drilling is not only informative but also practical.

Reading the works of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius, which date from the six hundredth year of BC, there is an opportunity to learn about Chinese wells for the extraction of water and salt solutions. These wells were constructed with the help of percussive drilling. Their length of nine meters. Drilling in Russia were used in the IX century. This was associated with the production of salt in the area of the city Staraya Russa (Novgorod region). With discovery of oil in the Caucasus in 1848, was built oil well. Drilling method used to conduct engineering surveys for construction.

Because people have decided to use drilling is not just for mining, but also for sampling the ground in places of future buildings. At the moment there are types of work as engineering-geological surveys, engineering and geodetic survey engineering and environmental surveys. It is known that drilling in the history played an important role, Leonardo da Vinci. He, in spite of the fact that he was a talented artist who is seriously interested in drilling. Leonardo da Vinci invented The following types of jobs – engineering survey. He was the creator of the masses of various devices for engineering research, and created drawings of rigs to help carry out research. During the life of Leonardo were built ten machines for this process as horizontal drilling. They are still of great interest to builders from the technical point of view. The French, using the wizard, became the first in the construction market. Now with the help of engineering research specialists can make a special map of natural and manmade features of an area where construction will take place. Engineering surveys allow humanity meet not only the practical necessity, but also to protect the ecological balance of the planet. On the website of 'PetroBurServis' provides detailed information on engineering surveys for construction.

Flat Roof Constructions

The roof – the largest source of heat loss of the building, so how well insulated roof, depends largely on energy-saving features of the building. Application of modern thermal insulation – slabs extruded polystyrene Primaplex – can effectively solve problems of thermal insulation of flat roofs. As a result, significantly reduces the cost of heating and cooling buildings. The main advantages of plates Primaplex, which are often decisive in the choice of thermal insulation in flat roof constructions: * Low thermal conductivity. The structure of the plates Primaplex, is a system of tiny isolated cell filled with Fixed gas defines a very low thermal conductivity material; * Durability. High strength plates Primaplex compression allows you to use them not only in classical applications with moderate requirements strength, but also in cases of extreme conditions * The minimum water absorption. The main factor influencing long-term thermal insulation characteristics of insulation, is its resistance to penetration water or moisture. Moisture may be in contact with insulation not only during construction but also during the entire period of the building.

Moisture absorbed by the insulation material, greatly reduces its thermal resistance. The system of closed cells and the lack of cavities makes plates Primaplex more resistant to water penetration and moisture than any other type of insulation * Low weight. Because the cells that constitute the core of plates Primaplex, filled with light gas (air), the material has a low density (30-35 kg/m3), which makes it very easy to use. Weight standard package does not exceed 10 kg, so the material can be easily moved around the construction site, raise the roof. Primaplex easily cut with a knife or a saw with fine teeth; * Durability. The ability of insulation boards Primaplex perform their functions during the lifetime of the building (30-50 years), the stability of its characteristics such as thermal conductivity, compressive strength, low water absorption, and lack of corrosion and resistance to multiple cycles of freezing and thawing makes them durable.

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