Cycling Trends For The Year 2013

New bikes in the online-shop of professional cycling AG Profiler wheel AG, one of the largest German online shops for bicycles and Bicycle accessories are the brand new models and bike trends 2013 online. Bicycles with 29er tyres and the expansion of the E-bike are a big trend for the coming season in any case offer. “Learn what customers when buying cycling in 2013 and the individual manufacturers still can rejoice, here: felt the highlights of the new 2013′ he felt collection are hiding behind the name of Vaghela”. Here were (typically like to felt) very high-quality components, lightweight frame and forks used and incorporated as the Bosch E-bike drive. Thus, felt sets on the market leader, which stands for quality and performance. The Bosch system is also the lightest E-bike drive on the market. Top model Vaghela E10, also the powerful, lossless NuVinci was installed next to the Bosch System 360 hub. Ghost like many other makers also build ghost its product range of from the Twentyniner.

However, a few models stand very very out and although that has equipped this Fullys with a new damper system with the small additive of product E: i. Ghost. Intelligent, reliable and fast the fork and crank sensors register the irregularities in the floor and a computer constantly adapts the dampers to the driving style. A true, innovative development. Cube cube is first and foremost for lifestyle, coupled with technical refinements and even with the new 2013′ he collection was again outstanding implemented. The new TWO15 with rich 200 mm travel of Fox’s new forks and DHX RC4 this year, in addition to the Hanzz freeride bike 40 RC2 Fox dampers. But also electric mobility is capitalized at cube in 2013 and accordingly enlarged the product range of the EPO-series. Especially tours rider are likely to be interested in at the EPO trekking series.

Chic appearance, pleasant driving experience and a powerful electric drive system from Bosch. In particular the EPO Delhi stands out with a well-thought-out facilities and the wheel is especially for classic biker. Scott Scott consistently opts for the new Twentyniner. Aspect, scale and genius were with the 900′ he extended series. Another highlight is the genius 700′ he series. With the new 27.5 “tyres sets new standards, because the 27.5” wide wheels combine the best properties of the 26 and 29-inch tires. Univega Auch Univega has revised its Twentyniner model range and provides a greater variety of model. But the true highlight at Univega is the E-bike series of MTB – HT series as well as the Terreno – cross series. Mountain – and Crossbiker get in the E-bike range fully at their own expense. The battery power was increased compared to the previous model range and is now up to 15.5 AH (2012: 6,6 AH). This results in a greater range (11Ah up to 120km; 15,5Ah up to 170km) or a longer support with the greatest degree of support. At the same time the XION system ensures much fun, since it quickly attracts and delivers a convincing performance. The news for 2013 are now available in the online-shop of professional cycling AG.

Work Station

Expertise to be underlined more clearly the Cyberdyne Systems GmbH has changed its name to the flexi WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH. Managing Director Patrick Lungern Ned with the name change underscores the market positioning and illustrates the expertise as a specialist for workstation solutions already in the company name. The service provider sets the highest standards of expertise, service, and customer-oriented as well as personal advice. The WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH distributes exclusively certified workstations and is HP preferred partner gold and awarded Fujitsu select expert. In the course of the change of name has been revised also the optical appearance and the homepage is user friendly.

An integrated shop provides also comfortable shopping outside of business hours and thus supplements the range of services of the company. Owner, management and contacts remain as usual for customers. Workstations are the fastest and most reliable computers, the it on the Market and ideally suited for experts from the field of technology and engineering. Are characterised by their high processor performance, the extensibility of their memory as well as a professional graphics card and a fast hard drive technology. Innovation and reliability are always in the foreground, because they are designed for a stable performance and long service life.

About the WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH based in Cologne has become nationwide to the specialists for workstation solutions. The company sees itself as a service provider and sets the highest standards of expertise, service, and a customer-oriented as well as personal advice. Customers benefit particularly from the long experience of the company in the configuration of workstations for the most diverse areas of application. The focus lies in the areas of CAD/design, medical/science and media, but also very specific requests can be serviced. The offered configurations are customized to the various work areas matched with whatever the aspect of economic sustainability is taken into account. The offer includes workstation solutions of Marken HP and Fujitsu, as well as mousesmodel of 3D-Connexion, business monitors and accessories. The WORKSTATIONPRO attaches a great importance to partnership and close cooperation with manufacturers and regularly update their knowledge through training and workshops. “” A preferred status, as the certification awarded by HP preferred partner GOLD “or the Fujitsu select expert” award, each emphasizes the competence and expertise can prove. Certifications play an important role but also in relation to the products, so the WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH offers only certified workstations and thus guarantees the compatibility with the software. For more information: WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH at the Aquarius 31 50829 Koln contact: Patrick Lungern Hamid Tel.: +49(0)221-65 02 477 email: lungerich(at)workstation-pro.

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