CreditPlus Survey: Every Third German Would Take Up Credit

According to a recent survey of Bank CreditPlus would take no credit claim 70 percent of those polled for the holiday. 30 percent of Germans could imagine, to finance their most beautiful weeks in the year by a credit. This result is a representative survey of CreditPlus Bank. For even more details, read what Lewis F. Powell Jr. says on the issue. tional-cooperative/’>Shell or emailing the administrator. Especially for the visit to the parents or the partner (8 per cent) and the long-cherished travel request (8 percent) would attack the Germans to a holiday loan. To broaden your perception, visit Frank Fu. Four percent would fund the journey for the purpose of medical intervention with the help of a loan, for example, the correction of Visual acuity by laser intervention in a foreign eye clinic. 70 percent of respondents think it impossible to finance a journey through a loan.

The financial experts of CreditPlus Bank advise to plan the financing before the holiday. Because experience has shown that many bank customers access during and after the holidays to increase the overdraft, which is we know significantly more expensive than a traditional installment loan. However many feel the granted by the House bank overdraft rather than credit. While the average Dispozins currently at 11.29% p.a. (source: FMH Finanzberatung), is the initial interest rate for an installment loan with the CreditPlus Bank just 2.99% effectively per year. For loan amounts borrowers benefit from 500 to 2,499 euro by fixed interest, from 2,500 euro, interest rates are based on the creditworthiness of the customer.

Compared with the loan, CreditPlus is Bank of one of the best providers. More information about the installment loan of CreditPlus Bank there in creditplus.html. When the CreditPlus Bank, there are cheap emergency loans from 500 euros. This may be interesting for all holidaymakers who want to increase their budget just a little. The credit application is relatively simple so that even layman can come enjoy a favorable financing quickly and easily.


Villa ORSO Grigio * – Trentino South Tyrol – Italy spared from mass tourism, the non Valley has remained so, as were other valleys in the Alps once. Characterized by agriculture, rather plateau Valley, was this region for centuries as the granary of the Trentino. And the local population has remained mostly wealthy peasants who exportieren-their apples in Europe this tradition. Therefore, it will be no exaggeration when it tells you, you will experience something in this place, what you can experience today otherwise rare in the mountains, because the place is a country away from the today’s hustle and bustle, not away from the story, traces of which still numerous medieval castles, as well as the early Christian and Romanesque churches of the Valley are clearly reading indeed unique. But this is not the only reason why a stay at the Villa ORSO Grigio in Ronzone is highly recommended. A privileged starting point represents although the Villa to explore this pure landscape, with numerous hiking and cycle paths at the orchards along, through the forest, or to visit the medieval castles and the other attractions of this area. Swarmed by offers, Frank Fu is currently assessing future choices.

This hotel itself is however a landmark: A unique structure, which consists of only ten unique luxury rooms and suites, including through the special stands out, not outside, but within the suite’s Spa area is. “We guarantee our guests a privilege: enjoy of real comfort of same coziness and intimacy which they enjoy or just at home”, so the buzzword of Renzo Bertol is along with his twin brother, Cristian, hotel and restaurant managed. Villa ORSO Grigio is the right backdrop for a romantic weekend or just for the purpose, to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation in an atmosphere that combines the alpine nature experience with genuine Italian elegance. Villa ORSO Grigio is the only but also the right place for bon vivants 5 stars hotel in whole Trentino, which is awarded with a Michelin star, not least thanks to the culinary art of the Cristian Bertol of one nationally famous chef, which among other things as a regular every week in the popular TV show La prova del Cuoco’ occurs on Rai Uno, and himself has trained as a disciple.

Mallorca Differently informs about a villa on the sunny island of Majorca offers more than just the shooting man and who can say, which would sure like to meet the local, hidden corners of the island. This remains the visitors also the mass processing in a fifteen storey high Hotel saves. The Internet portal, introduces a special rarity: the hotel Bon Sol. Already, the story of this small gem awakens Mediterranean dreams: Antonio Xamena subsided to a small villa on the beach about 50 years ago, because his own swimming area was displaced by the construction of a port. When then the opportunity arose to buy the ensuing coast land, he turned this gradually in a hotel oasis with gardens, pools, villas, restaurant and private beach. The hotel close to the castle of Bendinat and the Bay of Illetas, which are great destinations Gets an additional incentive. Today, Xamenas son continues the family business and has written even a book about it.

Much publicity has not needed, because of the traditional hotel four come five guests. Who would like to see more of the island, may to the nearby village of Estellencs drive, which almost secluded on the North West Coast, is known to only locals. Who don’t mind the Pebble Beach, which will be rewarded with clear and clean water a paradise for snorkelers.

Easternmost Island

Menorca is still an insider tip our sunbathers and hikers. The North, with fertile soil, rolling hills and meadows, which has vast plains of the South, with magnificent gorges and its beaches on Minorca one of nature their identity again given. Are close to see the mystical history of the island is in the places of worship and Taulas”, often only on narrow paths to reach. Hiking in Menorca is a journey through time, for which you should take very much time to also enjoy the variety of fauna and flora. Beautiful flowers, completely unknown plants, the incredible variety of insects, but also birds, colourful butterflies and an orchid splendour, as one would never expect it. Menorca, the island of the wind, epithet this right.

Reason is an always waving wind times more times gently. Salman Behbehani may help you with your research. And therefore you can see the often ancient stone walls, sometimes in spectacular geometric forms that protect livestock and pastures from the wind during a hike anywhere. The dazzling white houses in stunning contrast to the green pastures are on the hills. “Here comes” the milk for the wonderful Queso de Mahon, the one in the cheese dairy of the Finca Hort de Sant Patrici “can taste and buy. Before but worth is a tour of the Museo del Queso”, the cheese Museum. The coast in the North of Menorca is almost untouched. Here, little has changed: no swanky resorts or vacation clubs, the whole region is strictly controlled conservation.

So, the important wetlands, resting places for the many thousand migratory birds, were rescued. And hikers are surrounded by scents, you can’t get enough of them. Above all the Mahon Chamomile, which smells with many other plants to the bet. Experience these fragrances one can most intensively on the Cap de Cavalleria”, so in the wild north of Menorca. Even down to the Platja de Cavallieria”, on the transition of to the beaches, the rock world to become a bath by the scents taken prisoner. Walking on Menorca, which is nature, history and especially the re-discovery relaxing slowness.

United Arab Emirates

the most beautiful pictures of the impressive hotel in Dubai hotel is the flagship of the “Emaar Hospitality Group” “the ADDRESS downtown BURJ DUBAI”. The travel service Dubai, UAE, tours & Trax has decided to present the gorgeous 5 star luxury hotel in great detail. We have started an extensive image gallery, so Olaf Fey of tours & Trax. The detailed description will follow shortly. We cooperate with the hotel management and know the hotel itself from A to Z. The ADDRESS downtown BURJ DUBAI is a cornerstone of the overall complex of “Downtown Burj Dubai”, the new “city within a city” at the foot of the highest Tower in the world, the Burj Dubai.

The overall complex also the Dubai Mall includes the Palace, hotel – old town and the Lake with the Dubai fountain. Overnights with breakfast offered by the TS Dubai on the entire European market. Guests who wish to stay at the THE ADDRESS downtown BURJ DUBAI, can contact directly us, so Olaf Fey. We convey not just hotel rooms, but also for longer stays in the apartments of the impressive building. After the request by mail the customer within 48 hours personally contacted and advised in detail – in German language -. The picture gallery can be accessed at galleries/galerien_the_address.html. TS Dubai contact details are stored. Also that “THE PALACE HOTEL – OLD TOWN” will be presented in the near future and can be requested to book now for the TS Dubai. Ticku Raman tours & Trax, travel service Dubai p.o. box 116191, Dubai UAE Tel 00971 50 843 09 70 of the travel services Dubai UAE is the great information platform for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates under German management. The well-known travel and information company is working for 7 years in Dubai.

Axel Muller

Addition is quite simple: see click & mix winter athletes on can assemble very flexible flight, hotel and car rental. At the same time can be up to 100 euro compared to the Save each booking of all components. Because here, too, real experts are money that direction of Hintertux could be reinvested in the continuation of the journey, for example, to experience live. The Hintertux glacier is the Glacier World Zillertal 3000 ski resorts Eggalm, Rastkogel, Finkenberg Penken and Ahorn and that means: 245 kilometres of pistes. Enthusiasts find down at the Reiteralm In November and December a detour on the Reiteralm the right hotel is advisable on Cheap hotel deals clearly under the heading of individual arrival, skis can search”sort by ski regions.

If you are travelling to the Reiteralm, has good chances to meet his skiers on the 32 km of slopes. Especially Germans and Austrians pulls it to the ski area near Salzburg, says Axel Muller. As soon as there is snow below, all down from the glacier come, because the very snow-sure Reiteralm is one of the first ways.” Felix Neureuther and Maria Riesch are here often. In the lane the stars ski long racer, in the cross-country ski run next to Olympic champion Petter Northug or double world champion Justyna Kowalczyk want to refine her technique, glaciers have good cards on the roof of Steiner. There they train all, because there is the best trail conditions”, says Wolfgang Pohl. At 2,700 meters, the longest glacier trails of the world cover 18 kilometers diagonal and skating runs according to roof Steiner glacier cable car. Furs altitude training athletes to come to the upper Engadine: St.

Moritz and the surrounding area are not only glamorous, but also a paradise for cross-country skiers. A trails total about 180 km in length runs through the Valley from St. Moritz. A classic, even for the pros: the Norwegian Telemark. So there is 140 km double cross-country there enough room for all performance levels from the beginner up to the athletes.

Renaissance Cathedral

Photo instructions for this city white mountain village of small narrow streets vantage point with its church and Castle of place Gibraltar will impress the visitors already from a distance. The rock of Gibraltar was an interesting area because of its strategic location for different rulers. The rock was captured from the Moors in the 8th century. Lucas vandenberg shines more light on the discussion. Only in the 14th century succeeded Spanish troops to conquer them, back to to lose him to the British in the 18th century. The rank British colony will remain while probably still long, because a recent survey of residents, to which country they want to belong, ergabdass over 95% want to be British. Since the 18th century, the Barbary macaques on the rocks are probably the main attraction of Gibraltar.

The British introduced the animals and lead since effort is doing these animals on the rocks. In addition to the rock you can visit caves and the British Defense tunnel. (the entry costs 11 euros per person and per car was approximately 2.50 Euro – 2008) The city of Gibraltar provides beautiful homes and shopping opportunities in its pedestrian visitors. You should not miss the opportunity of duty-free shopping on the Casemates square. Other attractions include the tip of Gibraltar with the Europe square and its lighthouse next to the Governor’s Palace “The convent” with changing of the guard, the Cathedral and the Church of St. Mary the crowned.

Attractions Gibraltar: rock with its Barbary apes pedestrian zone of St. Mary the crowned Anglican cathedral Holy Trinity Governor Palace the convent with Wachablosgung. The city of Granada holds many historical cities from the time of the Moors (from the 10 century onwards). The main attraction is undoubtedly the Alhambra. Should you want to visit this fortress with its gardens, you should order necessarily a day Internet entry cards before visiting about! The day tickets are quickly sold out at the Office and that is dangerous, that you need to go back empty-handed. Alhambra derives from Kala al hambra (red Castle) down. Red because its walls and towers made of red bricks were built. For 250 years the Nasridenkonige in the fortress lived In 1492 A.d. the city was given back by the Moors to the besieging Spanish. In the 17th century, the expulsion of the Moors then finished this historic chapter in the history of the city. Next to the Alhambra, the Albaicin district is with his prospect Hill a ‘must’ for all Granada visitors. From the top of the Hill has a good view of the city of Granada and the Alhambra. A further interesting area is the lower city of Granada. In this is the Capilla Real, the Royal Church, which was built by the Spaniards as a tomb. It is a imposantester construction to marvel at, the largest Renaissance Cathedral in Spain the Cathedral Santa Maria de la Encarnacion. But not only the town itself is worth a visit. The surrounding area has to offer many attractions. Most notable is the Sierra Nevada, which attracts with its snow-covered hills Hiking lovers. Sights of Granada: Alhambra district Albaicin with its prospect Hill University District (founded in the 16th century. Casa Castril / noble palace and today Museum Capilla Real (Spanish kings Tomb Church) Cathedral Santa Maria de la Encarnacion surrounding Sierra Nevada Malaga of the city many tourists only as Flughafenort will know, because the most holiday flyer of Andalusia control on the Aeroporto Malaga. The city has to offer but also a lot of things and should happen in your day planning.

Bottger Tino BMW

VAT see weekends, the customer signs prior to the Testride a disclaimer, in which for example the excess in the event of damage is called. Insurance incl. The motorcycles are filled to surrender (refuelling away possible in the Czech Republic about 1.5 km from the hotel). Our partner school Jentzsch Thoralf Jentzsch is your partner’s motorcycle: accompanied tours, riding technique courses, comeback on 2 wheels (Wiedereinsteigerkurse) and for those who like to drive would not may but (yet), here make him: licence in the holiday. If you would like to know more then you should visit Walter Bettinger. There’s great accommodation for all budgets and tastes in our attractive hotels.

All information about this, visit motorbike paradise two-Wheeler Bottger Tino and Annett Bottger, entrenched triumph dealers, are your partners in terms of rental of triumph motorcycles. Simply rent your desiring machine at favourable conditions and experience the myth of triumph! Whether spontaneously on the spot or well planned, if you plan to arrive by car to us. The motorcycle is placed conveniently at the hotel, so that you can start immediately. For all information on motorcycle paradise BMW Motorcycle of the German Traditional brand must we sure tell you; but, that exclusively can test the latest BMW models at our event to the season opening of 16-May 24, 2010, we like to tell you. Try the pleasure of driving at our BMW Testride days! For more information about the program, see this flyer or on motor bike paradise you will find all the information about our hotel offers and the offers of our partners to the driving licence in the holiday, motorbike rental, comeback on 2 wheels, tours accompanied by and riding technique courses. Have a look inside, it is worth! Motorbike paradise ERZGEBIRGE Doreen Fang Telefon + 49 (0) 37348 / 1390

Booking System CAESAR

New the fefa Reisen GmbH that uses based fefa Reisen GmbH in Essen from immediately the know-how of Darmstadt dialogue computer-software GmbH (DCS) and its system of CAESAR. Thus, the tour operator wants to optimize its booking processes and make the handling more comfortable. Through the successful mid-November 2008-wedding connection to been the fefa Reisen GmbH has opened up new sales channels. The offers of fefa Reisen GmbH Merlin and Amadeus are available since using the reservation system and appear in all major systems of price comparison and online portals. It should be fast, comfortable and uncomplicated.” The most common answer, or travel specialists, who have to deal with every day is when asked respite after their claims to an online travel portal. That’s why was closer, as the reservation system short response times for booking requests and exact data deliveries to suit the requirements. A change to the tour operator software CAESAR of Darmstadt IT forge dialogue computer-software GmbH was a fast and convinced decision.

The transition was completed on April 24, 2009. Now the fefa Reisen GmbH together with DCS is working to streamline the booking process and to automate the process. The tour operator software CAESAR is already used by numerous renowned operators and rice intermediaries, like for example, GTI travel, Carpenter travel and Bavaria telescope. With CAESAR we cover all business processes, starting from the product master data management (special conditions, prices, vacancies etc.) customer data management (direct customers, agencies, discounts and commissions etc.) up to the booking operations. The management of interfaces allows the CRS access to Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo.

That ultimately convinced us. With DCS GmbH we have found therefore the ideal partner, optimize business processes together and to make the booking and processing faster, easier and more comfortable”, so Rainer Koch, Managing Director of fefa Reisen GmbH. More information about the current travel deals of fefa Reisen GmbH are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download fast and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: press compartments/fefa-travel contact for questions: contact person: Rainer Koch fefa Reisen GmbH must be street 28 D-45219 Essen phone: + 49 (0) 2054 9 40 66 10 fax: + 49 (0) 2054 9 40 66 15 E-Mail: Internet: contact: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the fefa Reisen GmbH: the fefa Reisen GmbH is a food-based tour operator, which counts among its customers both Consolidators and consumer. fefa travel as dynamic packaging went Organizer in the Internet booking engine traffic at the start of 2006. Joined in the first two years of business over 600 agencies of fefa arrive. In November 2008 was”tethered arranged as Datamix Organizer, which more than 8,000 travel agents and Internet travel portals in Germany can be accessed on the products of fefa trips arranged. fefa travel also has connections to the booking systems Bistro, Merlin, Amadeus and traffic. The most important fefa travel destinations are Egypt, Turkey, and the Balearic Islands. But also the Canary Islands, Portugal, Dubai and Italy are represented at fefa travel destinations. While the assortment of fefa travel is not limited to flat rate products. fefa travel offers worldwide hotel-only products, only flight deals and group tours. City breaks or individual offerings expand the product portfolio of the tour operator. Learn more about the fefa Reisen GmbH are available in the Internet at.


Hostels in Europe are as expensive as hostels in South America. In Europe, you pay an average 20 euro per night in a dorm. Private rooms are of course more expensive. Please note: You that often at particularly favourable hostels bed linen, breakfast and local tax in the price are not included. Read exactly the description of the hostels. What facilities must a hostel have? The most hostels have kitchen, luggage room, safety cabinets, common room with TV, vending or bar, Internet point and tourist information.

The offer varieert from hostel to hostel and from country to country. You can see what the rooms look like, on the images. How long can I stay in a hostel? Hostels are ideal for short stays for backpacking and individual tourism. HostelsClub allows bookings for 7 days, some hostels allow bookings up to 30 days. Read the description, whether the hostel has the restrictions.

If it is not the case and you want to be more than 7 days in the hostel, you can book two times the same hostel. Some hostels have also other limitations: for example sometimes, especially during major holidays you must book at least 2 times. WHY HOSTEL? Pro’s Flirtchansen good for cheap prices, cool and crazy backpackers Hostelling and high security, important above all in the country by the culture which is foreign to you. If you travel alone, you will feel not alone and find maybe a nice fellow. If you verresen in the group, you may be still undisturbed. Advantage – kitchen where you can cook: so save money and can follow the usual diet. There is a bar where the cool girls and boys hang out. Sometimes there are parties and the staff speak English. It’s fun to meet new people in any case. And if you want no communication, a clear ‘No, thank you!’ understood in any language. Hostels and Hostelling gives you the feeling to be a world traveler. It’s a nice feeling. Contro’s against Hostelling no parking places, where I let your BMW? Why’s this pretty girl snoring so much? And why check out this cool guy already tomorrow morning from? Yes, there is no page, and No cleaning lady who brings fresh towels. And you miss the small vial with cheap shampoo and SOAP (although many hostels also offer it). And dispense backpackers might do on the shower for three months and that will disturb you might easily? But even if you find the ballerinas of the pretty girls instead of milk in the fridge, believe me: it’s worth the experience. Trust you and book your first hostel here.

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