the first one is of the Portuguese conquerors and So Paulo who stop there they had converged in> it marches for the west, this phase, is of the historical penetration (centuries XVII and XVIII). Still as it designates this author, ' ' The second phase is of the explorers of the region of the retail dealers and the expeditions of recognition of the High Purus and Alto Juru; (middle of century XIX). The third phase, and of the pertaining to the state of Cear settlers who, in great and rumorosas you lead, if they definitively possess of the territory (ends of century XIX) ' '. in this direction, goes to have in each one of these moments a regulatory landmark being disciplined the occupation of the territory in the Acre region. In the first phase, of occupation of the territory of the Acre, it will correspond the time of the entrance in vigor of the Treated one to Madrid in 1750. Waked up on the part of Brazil colony, for Alexander de Gusmo. For even more opinions, read materials from Salman Behbehani. Later, we go to also have in sequence and regulating the two following phases of occupation human being and of determination of sovereignty in the region, the Treated one to 27 of March of 1867, said Treated woollen Peace to Ayacucho, corresponding to Jose Maria Da Silva Paranhos Jnior, Joaquin Francisco de Assis Brazil and Rui Barbosa. Rui Barbosa, disagreeing with the position of Rio Branco that was favorable the negotiation> direct, in relation to the Acre question, I was said farewell to the negotiating commission of the related one Treated to Petrpolis. It favorable to the survey was. OAK, 1998, p.226, say that the attitude of Rui Barbosa in this negotiation was singular where early &#039 was declared; ' plenipotentiary vencido' ' , its admiration for the Baron of the Rio Branco in nothing cooled, but as senator and cultor of the public opinion, had escrpulos in following the orientation that Rio Branco, winner of Misses and Amap, it judged to be able to follow in the exchange of territories.



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