The Boss

When we are in a relaxed state, our intuitive transceiver operates at maximum capacity and without interference. That is, we are confident in themselves and the forces, know that everything will be fine and it gives a recharge for the intuition that in such a situation will carry up to our mind the most truthful and accurate information. When we are flexible, easily changing our plans and direction motion, it allows us to go with the flow in the most favorable direction. Not every man can abandon his plan when it encounters an obstacle, which is a message from the future. In most cases, a person starts trying to break through the obstacle head, proving to all and sundry, who is the boss. Of course, no one argues that man is the master of his life, but along with it must also have the ability to see and sometimes even hear themselves and the world, and not always go like a bull through. And, finally, to trust life and all its processes.

If you trust, you always win, compared with those who do not trust and doubt. The universe always and everywhere abundant and good to every one of us. And not trusting and closing of it, we create our own problems, which then with great gusto and diligence overcome. For clarity, I would like to tell you how I use intuition in their daily lives. Every morning, for 1-2 hours I walk in the fresh air (of course it needs to have free time).

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