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After five years of work there, the owner of this company moved its Metallurgical somewhere else in the country, and must me eleven months of salary. (Yes, I very young and at the time was clear, not had too many laws that protect child labour). Fortunately, I could enter another metallurgical. There I turned my 18 years of age, and with them, my money laundering as an employee. From this work, there was one succession of others that I had change to improve my situation of monthly income and obtain a greater training and experience in the administrative field, driven by my wishes of continuous progress. I also emigrated towards others for reasons of study, precisely towards the capital of my province. In the city of Cordoba, I experienced a wide range of situations, either for fraud, because they did not pay me what I had promised; by closure of companies; by incompatibility of characters between boss and subordinate to pretend to demonstrate my knowledge, that could help to improve efficiency in the administrative task (big mistake); and in other companies for other similar reasons.

Result of do these experiences: work today, tomorrow who will tell him? I was safe in my job? Someone assured me that he would have a job forever? It is very difficult to achieve security in a traditional job, much more if we intend to acquire greater knowledge and training to improve or make a career in our booth. We will almost always find someone along the way willing to ruin us our efforts and goals. Note that I said almost always, because there are exceptions (counted on the fingers of one hand). In life arise situations caused or casual, making our plans or goals are tumble like a House of cards. You are safe with your job or profession? Hopefully not take you much time like me you realize that reality. Fortunately today, in the age of Cybernetics and global communications, other forms of work which enable us to secure our future, result that we will not find in a job or traditional profession. This insurance is called income RESIDUAL. In next posts we will talk about him. Best regards. Original author and source of the article



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