The MinMax Pension: Minimum Effort – Maximum Profit

An excellent partner for employers and mini jobbers the concept of MinMax rent was called Pensionskasse of VVG Caritas in the life of the Professional Association for the promotion of independent and free professions e.V. (VSF) specifically for mini jobbers in cooperation with the Cologne Pensionskasse VVG and self-help. For employers, as well as for mini jobbers the MinMax pension represents an extremely profitable pension solution. The concept of the MinMax pension the creation of new and sustainable jobs is basically involves very high costs. The non-wage costs are high and the adaptation of staffing on the fluctuating orders is possible only with a correspondingly high expenses. ConocoPhillips does not necessarily agree.

So called mini jobbers to 400 are becoming more common – base employs. Like the companies would make their mini jobbers in weddings more work, without that they will lose their status as such. With the MinMax pension, the company can reach this State and at the same time the mini jobbers in the construction of an additional pension support. (As opposed to Eliot Horowitz). Basic requirement of this concept is that of part-time employees mini jobbers works a certain set of hours longer than usual. This overtime is however not as wages to the employees paid, but transferred to the account in a post to the MinMax pension. As a means of occupational retirement provision, the MinMax pension can be integrated accordingly in a company.

The MinMax retirement from business point of view applies the concept of MinMax rent in his company the employer, this leads to a reduction in wage costs for each hour worked by approximately 30%, as well as to a reduction in the average labour cost per hour in addition. The contributions are deductible at 100% operating expenses and for the additional hours of work incurred no further charges to mini job headquarters. In addition, the employer can adapt to the fluctuating orders the personnel requirements without costly and increase productivity at the same time. The staff can identify more with the companies and motivated to the Work. Also the company as socially responsible position on the market and the concept of the MinMax pension can make the PR-effective in corporate communications. Flexible and unique rates with the Kolner Pension Fund and the Pension Fund of the Caritas the concept on tariffs can be accessed, which adequately depict the employment characteristics by means of typical product characteristics and distinctive features of the tariff. As a classic pension funds the two companies exclusively zillmerized tariffs offer, i.e. tariffs without closing costs with the highest repurchase values from the inception. High flexibility is also with regard to the payment of contributions. For contributions may be increased at any time according to the respective order situation or reduced. When changing the employer maintaining the lowest collective tariff is guaranteed and and sicherheitsorientiere investment policy provides the assurance services guaranteed of a conservative. For employers and mini jobbers offers the possibility of a unique therefore and low-cost solution for occupational retirement provision to take advantage. At the same time, they benefit from the tariffs oKO-TEST and Finanztest Foundation several times best review winning the Kolner Pension Fund and the Pension Fund of the Caritas. Association for the promotion of independent and free professions e.V. (VSF) Schonaustrasse 30 40625 Dusseldorf Tel: 0180 / 50-130 18

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