The Patriarch

When its objective went beyond these vanities, arrived the moment to look a candidate who belonged to a good family and that he took care of to all its requirements. Petra Diamonds may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The life did not pass of a relation of interests in which the woman was the main object made use to exchange, therefore the concern to arrange one ' ' good casamento' ' for the children. At this moment of history, where Brazil prevailed on the basis of of large states and an agrarian economy, the great one land gentleman determined region was an undisputed image, and its presence imposes respect and submission. Inside of the community where ' ' it reinava' ' the presence of people who did not belong its ancestry was considered strange bodies. Above this family not even the State, therefore if it needed to intervine in some happened decision of the family owner of certain region, was necessary to change its position, therefore these closed families and total organized inside of its parameters he was sustentculo of the economy of this agricultural country. It was inside of the house-great one that the future administrators of this country formed themselves, either in the direction politician, judiciary or economic. The great patriarcais heads had children thinking about its proper future politician, therefore they had as objective to prepare the children for the administration.

All cooperated, each one would have its function, its position. The preservation of the family was essential part for the maintenance of the power. Therefore the concern always to arrange marriages between members of the same family. In this period, the society passed for one of its moments of extreme machismo. Children and women were considered insignificant beings without no importance, only served to keep the air of favour in the environment of the patriarch. Not even the religiosidade, something so marcante for the time, balanced the authority of the patriarch.



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