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News.de takes new music service under the magnifying glass 2002 came In the year Last.fm with its range of personalized Web radios on the market, now the music portal Steereo tightened with a new concept. It is operated by the grassroot media, a subsidiary company of the Holtzbrinck publishing house, which operates among other things the social network studiVZ. After Steereo.de went online last weekend, the news.de has been editing the project more closely looked at. In contrast to Last.fm and other Web radio complete albums are offered the user on Steereo when ever and where ever he wants to do. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dirk Kuyt by clicking through. For the technology editorial staff (www.news.de/ technik.html) is clear: with this offer, the new music portal meets the spirit of the times. Sorted by genres, albums and titles can be searched and heard and stored in playlists. Thus, the listener is again master of the music, he wants to hear on the net.

Albums and concert tickets can be purchased in the corresponding shop. Frequently Hal McRae has said that publicly. Music so no longer is a service product, but the provision in the first place. That Steereo of Cooperation with the VZ portals of the own house benefit, is to assume. Steereo is financed by advertising, which will be played before the individual albums as a video clip. Still, the ambitious project in beta is operated, which also explains why there are still gaps in the music offer..

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