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We receive about 5.000 daily visits in the Virtual Library the Student, who serves as excellent reference. The not legitimated professor who not to emancipate itself will be rejected and for the pupils. Mitchel Resnick is often quoted on this topic. (LITTO, 2001,) Experiences with SOON 4, programming language created for the scientist Seymour Paper, demonstrate that for being about programming total structuralized and directed toward children, the level of understanding of mathematical contents are raised excessively. Our first contact with this language was in 1991, in a course of infantile computer science (INFOKIDS), created in partnership with the CEFET/MG-Uned Leopoldina, when we could even perceive the encantamento of the children front to this new technological world that started if to disclose for them and we educators, therefore in then, few were the existing educative programs in the market that mesclassem computer science and education. The Profa. Dra. Helosa Vieira of the Rock – Coordinating of the Nucleus of computer science Applied to the Education – NIED; Unicamp and Coordenadora of the TelEduc Project – Development of Technology for ED – IC-NIED/Unicamp, defender of the use of the technology as mediating of the education, in its articles also points the 5 creation of e-learnings to assist the learning in the situations of long-distance education, demonstrating that the possibilities of promotion of education are if multiplying day-by-day.

(ROCK, 1996, p 87) Beyond e-learnings, many educators use fruns, blogs, chats to develop its lessons, therefore they had perceived that with use of the computer, the information if propagates and the knowledge if spreads out without the borders of the time and the space. E, if the pupil already is accustomed to these ways, becomes more easy seduziz them disciplines for them for given them. However, a concern takes account of the parents and educators: the content of these sites, blogs and chats are adjusted to the age and phase of the development where if point out the child or adolescents? Resources exist to accomplish this control or care that the proper programs offer, tranquilizing the parents who cannot follow of close the use for its children technological half them.



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