Visual Confrontation

These phonemes are most likely not appear for the development, and therefore, the most problematic in regard to their acquisition. If you have read about Cross River Bank already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We might also note, based on clinical experience, that the dyslalia of / rr / or rhotacism is the most common of all, a condition observed in more than 50% of cases found in Diagnostic Centers, Language Schools and Colleges of General Education the metropolitan core. It is important to note that each of the identified phonemes have their onset at a given age according to neuromuscular maturation of children, with a lag of about six months (Dale, 1980). The second most obvious difficulty that occurs in children, with respect to language, are called phonological simplification processes. Children have difficulties in distinguishing traits to the phonemes and their combination rules that are unsystematic error occurred unlike dyslalias.

Also, the PSF most characteristic and frequent are the affect syllable structure, within which we find the vowel sequences and consonant combinations. For our part, we believe that within 5 years of age, vowel and consonant reductions are already a problem of not being involved will lead to difficulties in other domains of learning. Unfortunately, as we mentioned, particularly in relation to early detection laa, our country has no evidence of speech and language assessment for the Chilean media associated with information technology spectrum, that is used by all professionals education. Considering the evidence presented about the development of speech and language, and adding to that current computer technology is that it has developed the Software: Test of Articulation of Visual Confrontation, "SPAV." The Software "SPAV", aims to assess, firstly, the level of articulation of children between 3 and 7 years old and in second place presence of some of Phonological Process Simplification (PSF) more frequent in the pediatric population.



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