What Is Wikileaks?

What is Wikileaks a strange hunting considerations? What makes Wikileaks what, actually? What do Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his network is anything other than an investigative journalism? For example, the “mirror” brought the confidential reports of American diplomats in its next issue, if he could get it leaked? Are the much-touted “4. violence” in democracy the traditional media and the Internet with Wikileaks in the first place is a gang of terrorists? Public or terrorism? The new public enemy No. 1 in the United States and elsewhere is Julian Assange, who was arrested in London now anyway. That the indictment because of he world is being searched by the Swedish Jusitiz, is questionable at best, gives an obvious connotation of arrest. Apart from it would be quite welcome, if all suspected sex offenders would be tracked with same consequence. Assange and Wikileaks had not only conservative US politicians but already under the Verdict of terrorism made and some of them would probably prefer him in Guantanamo. Given the alleged “cyber war” against Wikileaks servers on the one hand and Government agencies as well as companies, the Wikileaks assisting deprived had (PayPal pays again) on the other hand, advised the actual points of the affair out of sight: policy works better in a backroom because first of all is the angry reaction of States, bsonders of the mentioned above United, who have apparently still difficult on the freedom of the press and especially on the possibilities of the Internet to chew.

You must remind the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on the “Spiegel affair” but only about behavior, to know that this is nothing new. The dimensions are different, but policy is simply better then as now insight from the outside without too much. Geheimisverrat by Wikileaks? The point at which the optional martial or – like accusations of diplomatically coming therefore also in German (world, FAZ) – media of secret treason against Wikileaks to complete the Farce, but is so different: because those who otherwise explain to the youth of the world, that she must be careful with the publication of their personal data in “Facebook”, have failed miserably in the protection of State secrets. This realization causes bad mood is understandable but not at all adequate. Andreas Kellner what is wikileaks-3904 /..

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