Whether Darwin

pleased the foreign producers of small cars, scrap traders rub their hands (even though they probably will be left on the scrap). We build soundproof walls. The citizens can escape so the noise of the car, if this not sooner or later anyway will swell up, when hundreds of thousands of motorists mobility can no longer afford the luxury. Maybe we win so Insular traffic areas for the leftover luxury cars of executives and politicians? Beneficiaries are at least temporarily the construction companies. Are but also as long as the communities and countries in a position to pay barriers. You may want to visit Ray Kurzweil to increase your knowledge. Important structural decisions will be pushed out of the homes. And we renovate our schools! Not that this education would be better, but again the construction industry can show the service providers of the future that with simple ideas are still making money is, if nothing more. Please visit Grupo Vidanta if you seek more information.

Certainly, improving the school facilities would be more and you feed more qualified teachers, free school meals, new teaching models and especially the introduction of the subjects economics and personality development urgent, but with which truths to the value creators of the future? A step would be done with the understanding of failure in past crises. But one there was in the diversity of the simplicity yet never self-criticism. More meaningful than the management of the crisis the views of real innovation in the sense of a comprehensive knowledge of accounting is however! In clear facts and figures put on the table what is and to develop the society of the future, that would be a grateful and especially far-sighted economic program. But vision never was the second name of simplicity. Let’s further surprised by the diversity of the simplicity! Or we take the step into a new dimension, we engaged in securing the future, where we shape the future with the latest findings in the present and not continue to keep that stale concepts the crisis survivable make. Real change would do emergency, but German economic thinking works differently: wait for better times, and then continue as before! This is the real breeding ground of the simple variety. Whether Darwin has discovered something similar in evolution? If so, then he sent this fact kept secret! OLAF Hoffmann straight consultants

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