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The limits of scientific knowledge in the decline of the scientific age.John Horgan, Ed. Paidos, 1998. Complex thought: in his intellectual autobiography my demons, Edgar Morin tells us: assume the contradiction I It led to assume the complexity and develop complex thought, to forge open theory, to promote open rationality. In effect, the contradiction has been a permanent ally in the work of Morin and the development of his thought. It is a Word key, along with others that make up the rich conceptual diversity of this epistemology: uncertainty, Dialogic, auto-eco – organization, loop, recursion Edgar Morin builds a paradigm of complexity, transformed into method, complex thought, from various sources (systems theory, Cybernetics, biology). Physics, biology and the science of man, then, coming out of isolation thinking simplification, reduction, disjunctive condemns them that.

Tourism: Tourism is an activity developed by countries to increase their economies and foster human relations, it is also one of the factors most important international trade. Today, tourism is considered as a force economic social of great proportions worldwide. In this sense, this has a potential which plays a fundamental role in the structural, economic and social development of the regions, thereon the World Tourism Organization (1993) tourism comprises the activities people perform during his travels and stays in different places to the of their usual environment, for a period of less than one year consecutive timewith leisure and business purposes and other reasons in this regard, the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in its title VI; the socio-economic system; Chapter : the socio-economic regime and the role of the State in the economy, in its article 310, poses: tourism is an economic activity of national interest, priority for the country in its strategy of diversification and sustainable development, and in this regard the State ensure the creation and strengthening of the national tourism sector economic activity: economic activity comes from human needs through the procurement and distribution of resources of different types.



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