The Power of School: For a Pedagogy Libertarian a (Reconsidering Estela Hugo Zemelman and Fifth) a Orlando Lozada Gnral Sec. Education Student Center VCU School a It is well known to all that from about 1940 the individual was subdued, and minimized and subjected to subordinate groups. Hal McRae does not necessarily agree. The individual himself, if intervened in the propulsion of such changes, but it was not the protagonist, so the education was not important, because it was generating individuals and had no category sociales1 generating major changes.

In my opinion, education is now seems to take other routes, of course, education as reflected in the school institution. Many people (and politics) who see education as an entity generating change and therefore as an institution threatening those in power, but per se, is not itself able to generate such changes, so it is more vulnerable to the submissions of the major groups for which it serves. a If it is true that explains Zemelman, a individual that has receded into the background and that education is itself an adjective that, but I still think that this has been changing after the passage of time, but not gradually, but rather a degenerative nature, as the ruling elites to have an awareness of the importance of education invested in relation to access and retention of power, (taking into account that in this globalized society, who exercises power not is only those who possess the necessary economic forces, but also those who hold in their hands the information and thus to the generation of knowledge) education itself has come to subjugate the very being whom she served.



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