And Why We Do Business Online?

And why we do business online? Not to become a successful person, but a person of values.a Albert Einstein. Dedicated to: All those interested in living a better quality of life. A couple of days ago I began to ask: And why I’m doing this activity? Now I find the opportunity after having thought much about it as I write this article. Certainly for me this will have a vocation and for you, lets you this? I understand and respect the individuality and decision making which fortunately we have as social beings thinking and believe it or not, do not try to persuade or convince you to do business online, especially if you’re not really clear why you’re going to do. Mitchel Resnicks opinions are not widely known. It certainly is an interesting potential option to increase our income, but like any activity we do, it must be driven vocation. Responding to the question, first of all, you I tell you a little experience at the beginning of this: after completing college and even when I started working during office hours and some good income, it happens that I meet someone with whom we started a project to undertake a particular business that conversation came the issue of Internet business. I briefly explained what it was and then there was the issue. Later I plunged into the Internet trying to document and (I confess), I missed so much information and lack of clarity in the methodology and especially their lack of focus on information requirements.



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