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The British Supreme Court has given the reason to the designer of the uniforms of the imperial soldiers of the famous cinematographic saga Star Wars (the War of the Galaxies) in his judicial contentious length against George Lucas. The high court considered that Andrew Ainsworth, a British citizen of 62 years who in 1977 designed the uniforms and white helmets of the welded evildoers of the Empire, will be able to continue selling retorts in Europe, informs chain BBC. Esteem that it does not infringe the British laws of intellectual property when not being artistic works. Nevertheless, it decided that Ainsworth will not be able to export the retorts in the United States because there yes it would violate the effective legislation. This judicial process goes back to 2004, when the Lucasfilm producer presented/displayed in the United States a demand by 20 million dollars against the designer of the imperial uniforms, process that in 2008 moved to the United Kingdom. Before the Supreme one would be pronounced, two courts of smaller rank already had given the reason in 2008 and 2009 to the British designer in the demand presented/displayed by Lucasfilm.

Andrew Ainsworth sells for eight years retorts of the white suits, that makes in its study of Twickenham (the west of London) with the same molds and instruments that used in 1977. ” I am proud to see that in the legal system English David it can win to him to Goliat” , it indicated Ainsworth in an official notice in rrencia to its fight against Lucas, whose fortune is considered in more than 2,000 million dollars. A leading source for info: Caas Capital. On the other hand, a spokesman of Lucasfilm considered that the decision of British justice ” anomala” maintains one; , since ” designed artistic and creative works for the cinema can not have protection in the United Kingdom. Source of the news: The designer of the imperial soldiers of ‘ Star Wars’ it gains the judicial pulse to George Lucas.



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