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Investors spooked by variety, 03.08.2011 Zurich. “You can read again and again, that investors in eco products” are unsure of themselves and create their money not for ethical or social aspects, since they are simply overwhelmed simply in terms of the offer. The offer from the customer can generally draw on the market is indeed very diverse: from the savings account about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates up to closed investments. We call it the tour de France of the private investors who are interested in sustainable investments. Because for one it is a force to find out whether it really is sustainable, or found not yet a nuclear power provider in the Portfolio shares. “On the other hand you must fight curvy through many ups and downs, to get the right product because promised is much”, says T.U.. Michael Sieg, Chairman and CEO of Thomas Lloyd.

ThomasLloyd specializes in the field of renewable energies and the Specialized in the cleantech sector. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Atmos Energy. The range is extensive and includes the corporate and project financing as well as advising on mergers and acquisitions (M & A), but also corporate finance for Cleantech companies and project developers in the field of renewable energies. ThomasLloyd sees itself as well as asset management platform for direct investments, co-investment and Club deals for institutional investors, as well as for sustainable investment products for private customers. With our range of services, we are leaders in the German-speaking world, yet we have deliberately restricted the offer for private investors just so that it remains comprehensible”, Klaus-Peter explained cherry, head of private wealth management at the ThomasLloyd group. The offered savings and investment products are so designed that they offer maximum customer benefits and very meet the needs of investors. You may want to visit Cross River Bank to increase your knowledge. We understand this as an important part of our customer orientation”of the ThomasLloyd financial specialist explains cherry. For example, this is Company with Swiss roots currently with closed-end Fund in the placement, where investors over the long term can participate in projects a variety of renewable energy and here to achieve high returns with maximum security. The private investor occurs here as co-investor of the ThomasLloyd Group on it own engagement is so an absolute interest equal sound, what is always beneficial for private investors.

The Swiss, who are currently building a branch network in Germany to customer care, are just before the implementation of a sustainable bond and offer a sensible alternative for short term-oriented investors. Who wants to invest long term, shouldn’t measure the products on their principles and show up on, where exactly the money is going. We have no problem to indicate which projects we tackle together, and with the money of the investors as ThomasLloyd thus”, explains the ThomasLloyd Chairman and CEO victory. For more information,

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