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After choosing the appropriate correction for yourself, you must choose a liquid foundation that matches your skin tone as possible. If you have freckles, it is recommended to match the color with the lightest freckles to help match the color of their skin. Your powder should match your liquid foundation as closely as possible and used for the last time outside the 3. After this you should choose an eye shadow. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Walter R. Mansfield. Again, depending on where you purchase your cosmetics you may have trouble finding shades that look good on you as they arent always the label for skin tones. From my experience I have found that for Cool skin tones, pinks, and blue or gray berries seem to look better, the warm skin tones of the earth tend to look best (greens and browns and some, especially the red for redheads), and neutral skin tones, I try to combine the two.

Having chosen and applied her eye shadow case, you should apply an eyeliner and mascara. For people with light colored hair, brown or maroon / black is an excellent choice of eyeliner and mascara. For people with darker hair, Black is best, Although black looks very dramatic on anyone, it is a great choice for afternoon. After eyeliner and mascara is the time to choose and apply lipstick. In general, you should match your lipstick to your shadow, keep it in the same general color family, so if you are wearing eyeshadow pink, try a lipstick color similar, maybe a shade darker or lighter. Grey eyeshadow looks great with different shades of red lipstick! As a general rule, if your shadow is shining, you should avoid bright lipstick, and vice versa. I recommend to all my clients to DAB lipstick on, not by swiping through her lips.

Dabbing have more control over the intensity of color and you can make a more natural look or bold. As with everything, this is only a guide, play with makeup, take whatever seems helpful and leave the rest, this is only meant to give you some suggestions, the best way to find out what looks best on you is to try different things! Good luck! Jessica Tracy is a work at home mother of two young children, and currently runs 2 home based businesses. One as Avon beauty consultant and representative leadership, and another as a distributor of Enchanted Potions.



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