Entertainment Network For Women

Watching her colleague in the office, I was wondering what sites she visits. And recently I raised the idea to review some entertainment that many wormen are lookin for on the network. Indeed, interestingly still busier than our excellent halves. To do this I need one of the most popular service, which displays the very real statistics on the Russian Internet. To date, most good sites use the services of statistical service. Based on the fact that there is less precise information, so we’ll build on it and determined.

So: First place, of course, service mix, vkontakte. I think most internetmanov knows about this service and does not require advertising. On the first page of this project you can see how many people have already registered here. In second place, beloved by many mail, or rather one of its services which recalled conversations from the column and all about nothing. No need to be a great extras and a psychologist to determine these first two places. Our women love to talk the most.

Well, if conversations on any topic, and their partner can not see, well then hide – it’s a long time. Third Place – Games for girls. What’s interesting is that women prefer lighter – ‘fun’ game. There is no place strategies, shooters and stuff. Girls like colorful quests which do not take a long time. Dream book – fourth place. And what kind of girl does not want to know about his fate. Though not far away but still. Fifth place – again . And it Classmates idea of a simple guy who once sold batteries on the market. And now a virtual millionaire. There are a lot of school friends and thoughts torment. What, how and where? And not only So we can talk, boasting, sympathize, etc. Sixth place game again but this time online. This often-browser flash games. They attract a funky solutions, rather than debt scenarios. Music – and this is in seventh place. Music to listen to. And everywhere: at work, at home, students in pairs. But the latest hits to download. Not but a lot of need. Eighth place – dating. What women need: flirting, socializing and attention from the outside. Nine – Needlework. It contains the following sections: beads, gifts with his own hands, sewing, knitting, sculpture, macrame, origami, etc. Tenth location and more – salads recipes, cards, poems, sms-ki, greetings, pictures, family Of course, this list could write a long time. But that’s basically the most important women’s entertainment. Yes, I want to note that this is real data on based on the search for the last 4 months of 2009 + comments of my colleagues.



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