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At the moment, is already accepted the fact that the visualization product improves the efficiency of its sales, helps generate additional sales without the application of considerable effort. This in particular relates to all sorts of colorful three-dimensional 3D-artwork, boxes, CD-ROMs, which can be a potential buyer makes it possible to perceive the digital product, hold it in your hands. High-grade 3D-cover can significantly to increase interest in your product. Conversely, if you sold, to add to product something inconspicuous, unsharp, curved and oblique – it does not improve his standing among other similar things. I, on the grounds that attitude to the software and sell some of their products online, have long been closely and looking for an opportunity to create commercial products for their beautiful 3D-box and wheels. Saliva was due to expire in the form of colorful boxes of the competition. 🙂 But, unfortunately, a long time, the right tools at hand did not come across. Found a few featureless instructions on creating 3D with plug-ins for Photoshop and some scripts, but despite the fact that the teapot and novice users I referred hard to bring real results it was not possible.

And all this went on until, until came across a book by Edward Bystrov ‘Learn do three-dimensional 3D-packaging ‘. This nemnogostranichnoe, but bright, efficient and friendly guide to quickly put an end to the process of my search. Literally within 1-2 hours, I use this e-Buka and the accompanying softiny managed blind pretty decent for my first box of software. And half of that time went to various modifications and improvements – how to design a package is picked up almost on the fly. A better and You can certainly file down to infinity! In the future, spending even less time, I made a nice package for the rest of my products. To evaluate the results of my work you can on this page. What else note? In addition to the program book is accompanied by a set of basic templates of boxes, which for the first time you come in handy. And in general – would recommend to improve the efficiency of their business use by himself 3D-carpet – for sure they will generate for you more than one hundred additional sales!



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