Issues of Globalization

The information of globalization tends to distort the characteristics of the position of several countries to share the same pattern of relationships, weaknesses in export systems, varying levels in growth and economic development. The fundamental basis for the development of globalization is a global management of economies in all countries, to be controlled financial institutions in transactions that they perform, market integration, unions for the use of a single currency, strategies create new technologies, speed to communicate with suppliers of certain products.

A 1. The problems of globalization results sought by applicators that are feasible strategies for improving life in the underdeveloped countries to reduce poverty and provide a good economic status has not been as we look at our country is evidence of the failure of the global system in the analysis given of the idea developed from Joseph Stiglitz book can conclude the following: a There are points in favor of globalization due to the opening of facilitating markets international trade. a The disadvantage of this type of system to create internationalized is palpable in the living conditions have worsened in countries such as nuestroa considered Third World. a What comes out is that there is a mismanagement of globalization by the institutions responsible for implementing them (IMF, IDB., ‘central banks in developing countries.) have failed because only seek political interests. John H. Wood Jr. gathered all the information. an adaptation of globalization penetrates into reality with the acceptance of free trade agreement which provides benefits only to large enterprises, disadvantaged to MYPYMES (Medium and small enterprises) in the country.



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