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Concert tickets Portal improves its offer of, one of the leading German ticket portals, offers its users from immediately an even more modern design, improved navigation and more service. Website by revised this and works well even fresher and more modern. Part of the new design is the Flash teaser at the top of the home page. With this teaser, it is possible to indicate top current ticket – and Konzerthiglights and present the customers appealing new events Ticketorder24. In addition to even faster access to tickets and services to offer added a new navigation in the header area of the site. The new elements on the page were realized in Flash, because this is an optimum combination of ease of use and compatibility. Thus, the website Ticketorder24 for all browsers is optimally to represent.

In addition to the new design and navigation, burn-demand service offered from a music immediately. This is an online shop for custom CD Sampler. In addition to top current hits, you will find also many no longer commercially-available titles. The customer can select his favorite titles from the extensive and easily create his personal “best of” album. The advantage compared to download is offers this clearly obvious. The personal sampler it is a full-fledged audio CD without restrictions on use without DRM no download is required it is possible an individual CD covers there arise any further licensing or royalty fees and the acquisition is perfectly legal, and the customer has full control of his CD, without the usual constraints of a music download. The titles available in the shop are also digitized with very high quality of 256 kb. Thus, the music shop significantly above the usual quality of the download portals from the part of Max 196 kb.

Ticketorder24 thus offers its customers an extensive range of performance and service in the fields of ticket and music. About Ticketorder24 is since 2001 in the online ticket sales has been working and independently sells a versatile and interesting cultural programme in the areas of rock/pop, classical, musicals, pop, Black Music, indie/metal, comedy, theatre, show/variety, festivals and sports events in successful cooperation with (Ticketmaster Germany) and (Berlin). For this purpose are constantly updated databases with over 200,000 events in Germany and Europe provided by our partners. Through these partnerships, the customer receives a premium and clearly designed range and an easy ticket ordering system. Affordable ticket prices and additional services such as burn-on-demand, a ticket exchange or a music BLOG, are further incentives for the use of can order the tickets against payment in advance or payment by credit cards Visa and MasterCard be used. The optimum cooperation of Ticketorder24 and his partners, customers are served optimally and comprehensively. An online order is thus within the shortest time to the satisfaction of the Music fans competently edited and shipped. Press contact: Clemens Drozella (INH.) Ticketorder24.



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