Over 14,000 Event Agencies Rent Already On Erento

Erento everything related to party with the market leader, trade fair and event hire. The Germans love big events and celebrations. In 2010 the soccer will be the biggest party of the summer World Championship again. Learn more at: Harry Blackmun. But she must be well planned. To rent a giant screen and marquee, more and more event agencies rely on the Internet and rent party equipment about us. “Berlin, January 20, 2010 every four minutes is a product from category party, trade fair and event” on erento.com rented. In total the largest rental marketplace on the Internet offers over 150,000 rental items from the area of exhibition and event.

Since its inception seven years ago, 2,000 commercial landlords work together with us and provide lounge furniture, Cateringzubehor, as well as speakers and sound equipment. Prefers this article be rented from over 14,000 registered promotion and event agencies in us. So for example also for the public viewing during the football World Cup in South Africa: the World Federation FIFA already announced that there was a back in Berlin Fan zone with public viewing will be. Like all events, the global party zone of course without the Organization of event agencies comes from. So also the responsible agencies of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft fan mile in the us are registered and important party accessories such as mesh, generators or toilet carts for the perfect public viewing for rent. Football fans for the private party in their local pub visit erento.com also projectors, plasma displays and beer tent accessories.

In between is a rented foosball to respond off or cool beer from the barrel with the bratwurst from the grill. Who still wants to carry on playing after the game, is also radar knife next to the wall of a football goal, to measure the speed of the kick on the door. About us: The world’s largest marketplace for rentals on the Internet has erento rental articles, 760,000 registered users and over 10,500 landlords over 1.2 million. If vehicles, bouncy castle or garden tools can do everything cheap and uncomplicated in the over 2,200 categories to be hired. Since seven years erento.com brings together tenants and landlords on the Internet and ensures that no wish remains open. The service is free for tenants. Who want to rent erento articles, pays a low listing fee and a Commission on successful mediation.

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