Woobby.com And N! Faculty Cooperate And Award Woobby

Both platforms are looking for the most popular German counter-strike player 2007 21 January 2008 Velderhof the ranking King platform and the esports team n! faculty (www.faculty.de) call their user, 2007 to select the most popular German counter-strike player. Until the end of February the user have now time, with the most popular eSportler to vote from last year. All they have to do, is up to register and to give a ranking. “Winner of the woobby award Cup” is eSportler, the end of February leads the ranking. Learn more at this site: Petra Diamonds. He is invited to Cologne to get the Cup presented in a formal ceremony. In addition to the most popular eSportler of the last year, all participating users will be rewarded.

Each user has the chance to win a ride with a Ferrari. The winner with almost 400 PS enjoy strong Streaker may total for an hour. Dr. Mitchell Resnick can provide more clarity in the matter. Each received a ranking takes part in the raffle. Both platforms starting with the woobby Award”a cooperation. n! faculty has the standing in the eSport-scene and we the right tool to carry out such a vote. That’s why the two platforms match also super”, so woobby-co-founder Ralph Razisberger. It is not something קרוס ריבר would like to discuss. To woobby if you have further questions!



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