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Casey Kasem

In the career of the monsters Shaggy and Scooby-Doo is turned into a werewolf to compete in a car race before other monsters. Repetitions and what’s new Scooby-Doo? The program has been replicated in television since the mid-1980s, and has been shown on TV channels by cable as TBS Superstation (until 1989) and USA Network (as part of USA Cartoon Express between 1990 and 1994). In 1993, a pup named Scooby-Doo, after being issued by ABC, began to be shown on Cartoon Network; other versions of Scooby-Doo were exclusive channels such as Cartoon Network, TBS Superstation, and TNT Turner. During this time the Canadians could only see series on TBS, and as pay TV, only a few could see Scooby-Doo. This would be until 1997, when Teletoon was created. Teletoon aired the first series, who were followed by more incoming years. When TBS and TNT stopped the issuance of drawings animated Hanna-Barbera in 1998, Scooby-Doo became exclusivity of Cartoon Network and sister channel Boomerang. In 2002, following the success of the Cartoon Network repeats and animated films of the 1990s, the Group was adapted to the 21st century in what again, Scooby-Doo?, which aired on Kids WB and Cartoon Network since 2002.

Unlike the other series, the show was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Chuck Sheetz, who had worked previously as a producer of the Simpsons. What’s new was paused indefinitely in April 2005, with 42 episodes. The program returned to familiar old series format, mixed with modern technology and some contemporary references to give a more current feeling. After the death of Don Messick in 1997, Frank Welker was in charge of the voice of Scooby, like the voice of Fred, and Casey Kasem returned as the voice of Shaggy, with the condition that her character was vegetariano.18 Grey DeLisle does the voice of Daphne – her first role was in Scooby-Doo and persecution Cybernetics-, then the previous actress, Mary Kay Bergman died time after Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, and Mindy Cohn would charge of Vilma. Scooby Doo games

Internet Work

Work on the Internet is the modern way to become economically independent. There are different ways to exercise this right and it can develop anywhere, preferably from home or even a cybercafe. Chores are endless and according to your ability. So it can be lucrative and logres become independent of truth, must invest an amount of money and keep in mind that the return on that capital should be more quickly as possible and spend some time at the beginning until you can put your business on autopilot. The Internet job to be successful, this should be treated as a business and as a business to the end must be reversed in the. It must invest in software, there are to invest in information and must also buy an AutoReply. Also you must have a PC with connection to Internet and you must spend at least 3 hours of your time everyday.

If the foregoing is important to the success of a job on the Internet, the more important that you should learn and master from the beginning is as getting traffic. This is vital for success, but more vital is that this traffic to reach your business must be qualified and convert it for sale. The decision to settle down into your home to achieve a job on the Internet, you must take into account that you spend to make the Almighty that business. Seras President, General Manager, Chief of affairs public, Sales Manager and stop you have. But there are many options so that you do not overwhelm you your new way of life. To the contrary should educate you quickly to also achieve your economic independence, accomplish too at the same time being more together and more fun with the whole family. To finish you recommend before you take the final step to create you a job on the Internet is doing much research on the subject.

As comment keep in mind that everything can be sold over the Internet and that contrary to tangible sales on the street where you who you should be get to the purchaser, by Internet is buyer or prospective buyer who is going to look for you. Patience and more patience, constancy and perseverance because a job on the Internet from your home does not occur from one day to the morning. And remember that the work on the Internet is a very viable alternative that consolidated once will you allow more free time to devote it to the family.


ICANN, the entity that manages the Internet domains has finally confirmed the possibility that register top level domains (.com,. is, .biz) with whole names, which will allow companies or cities registering as a domain on the network. The current system is composed of 22 first level, that along with the words of countries complete a total of 250. In this way, will be the biggest enlargement ever in terms of domain names. A city like Madrid could opt to register your own domain name, in a legitimate way, wherever the Administration that represents it who so requests. So can also request their own domains names representatives of marks, geographical designations or communities of any kind.

These domain names can be transferred to other entities and in principle, there will be no obstacles to the language that you want to register. But not everyone sees it favorably. Large companies see it as an obligation to register new domains with your name or variants for avoid a cybersquatting named after her, although ICANN will establish a complex system of acceptance and registration. This system opens January 12, 2012 and will remain open for receiving applications until April of the same year. Rates advertised high. According to Cnet they rondaran the $185,000 registry, and operate about 25,000 dollars a year. High prices are meant to prevent the cybersquatting of them, besides being a fundraising factor by ICANN. There will be a type of domains that will require a higher level of security to be able to accredit their representation, such as the banks, whose names shall not be transferable, unlike other names so if they do, to avoid possible fraud on the Internet.

Utopia Public

The controversy over the reform of the law 30 highlights the importance of having ambitious frames of reference in the context of which can understand the secondary proposals. In my opinion, the discussion that is occurring do not touch the essence of the theme, which diverts attention to matters which, being sensitive, they conceal the essence of the problem.To begin with, higher education and University (capitalized) are not exactly the same. While higher education understood as a public service for the training of technicians, technologists and professionals oriented to economic productivity is evaluated according to parameters of coverage, efficiency and quality, the University, in its social function, it should be assessed according to the production capacity of science, technology and understanding of social and cultural phenomena of humanity. While one of the functions of the University is the training of professionals, not all institutions forming professionals can call universities.The University, in the context of the history of culture, is a space for the utopia. For her it traverses the great adventure of modernity and in their cloisters large discussions on philosophy, economics, politics and law have been forged. The Nobel prizes in science have matured in the research groups of these centres of knowledge, are reservoirs of memory and agitators of the discontent that drives innovation and the search for new human horizons. At large universities, conceived as an essential public good for civilization, are housed libraries, museums, schools of art, orchestras, Olympic athletes and an intellectual elite without age limit.The question, then, is if the country deserves to wear out discussing if any private developer interested in exit to sell education to the poor, because the rich already have it in abundance and of very good quality (in Colombia and abroad), or if a serious reform must begin with the need that we have at least three or four universities of truth, in which the State and individuals are willing to invest in the future in the long term to the national culture.

This is a discussion that cannot give the technocrats and administrators of precarious short term budgets.The proposal of the Government is short-sighted and petty. It does not contain a single ambitious idea. You are outside issues that matter to a country that has to survive in the knowledge society. It does not address the public University as the only possible social articulation of space, and that route private centres will assume to the rich, and the officers, to the poor, which will deepen the social distances. So that a society is equitable, not enough desk there for everyone: must have desk for many in the same place, in the same class, with the same teacher. That means that there must be truth colleges, large, with capacity to accommodate greater diversity around knowledge, to science, to culture.If the proposal of the Government is poor, the reaction of activists is very poor: how to defend the University if those who assume the? spokesperson of the students were encapuchan and change the word and knowledge by stone and gunpowder?, do I tell it is public when his space has become a closed by walls ghetto?, how can mature public knowledge, culture and universality in spaces closed by railings, as if they were private enclaves?There is still a slight hope that, from the induced chaos, serious Academy representatives to draw a rabbit hat and begin to discuss what is urgent to discuss.

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