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Childbirth Respected

That is the respected labor? are there any single truth about it? the only truth is within every one of us, we are unique, think differently, have different needs and want different things. A respected labor is based on respect for women, to take into account their needs, requests, beliefs and decisions is perhaps, a crazy woman who chooses to have a caesarean?.No!, of course, if your decision leads her to the realization of their happiness, is not great. And if a woman wants a respected labor, but you want your anesthesia? Nor is any crazy, is your decision and is more than valid. Is it a pirada that who decides to schedule your delivery at home? Their rights say that the pregnant woman is a healthy woman and can make their decisions, choosing who goes to meet, and where you want to stand. And it would be crazy if we would like to try a natural birth after cesarean? Clear this, all women have the ability to give birth naturally and if nothing physical prevents it, we can try. And so is van presenting different possibilities, variety of thoughts, individuality is what we can do and we must do well know each option, and know that our choice is conscious, i.e. We researched enough and that is what we want, and if so, is the right thing. The respect concept, was acquiring different meanings, but for many has one single, have that be a single form and if you ask me I… in respected labor concept, the meaning is a happy delivery, as women want it. As Doulas to accompany women whatever their decision and choice, but beyond that we as women have other preferences or maybe other elections, know that at the time of the accompaniment not we are accompanying us ourselves as women but we accompany another single woman.

Efficient Energy

Sheets to the wind and the branches to the charcoal oven is one of the best friends in the kitchen of the wayuu. Its gastronomy is not the same if they used the same range of the alijuna (so tell us who does not belong to his people, because the frichi and based goat acquire a special flavor when they are prepared in the Firebox to incandescent fire produced by coal. To develop the coal family has an oven made expressly for that purpose. His grandparents taught him the best coal is achieved using wood trupillo, a tree that has been as his brother and next to the cardon, has accompanied him throughout the ages. Mitchel Resnick helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Elders kept his time in memory a valuable teaching: the tree cannot be cut and, if possible, nor the branches, as does a friend damage and can live with him forever in a happy and harmonious relationship.

One of the daily activities is therefore the pick up dry branches in the rancheria and its surroundings and only if These do not reach will proceed to cut the dry branches of old. Which will not happen will never sacrifice the tree that provides shade, company and food for donkeys and goats. With this custom sound, own sustainable development taught in the classrooms of the most prestigious universities, the wayuu people manages to have virtually intact the forest which instead of backward, grows, thanks to a tacit alliance with the donkey and the goat which provides food in exchange for these dripping his seed to the length and breadth of the peninsula. The breeze, air conditioner free in all wayuu culture has a meaning and every thing an explanation. Housing for example, is made with a few materials and a location that seems designed by architects specialized in exploitation of climatic factors.

Materials used, Palm and yotojoro, favor the cool climate in the rooms. But there is an additional element: houses, in their majorities have few walls or none, so the breeze comes until every corner, crosses stay, caresses the face of children, helps ignite the stove in the kitchen or patio, freshens the body of those who work under the unforgiving Sun and be hurry in search of other places where carry his unmistakable sound, its aroma to quiet afternoon and its power to refresh the places where it is called or where it arrives even without that is called. When the wayuu moves to the big city it misses its landscape, its aroma of field, but above all your warm mornings and his fresh afternoons, her small cosy boat and a friend who wanders around the ends of the Earth in a joyful journey that seduce the flowers and makes choir with the guajiro cardinal in the sublime concert of nature. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.

Quality Area Faces Graduate Information

Carlos Mora Vanegas this economic scenarios that are characterized by dynamic, generating challenges have involved major changes in their behavior to the clusters, an aspect that management can not ignore the topic and the specialty program management Quality Area Faces Graduate of the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, considered very important in providing them towards the formation of a participant to ensure that it considers especially anything that will benefit businesses. As indicates / Spanish Clusters can be a viable solution for micro, small and medium enterprises to medium term. Some models have been implemented and successful results. To consider the implementation of clusters at the regional level we must first of all, understand what a Cluster. The basic concept of Cluster is based on the strategic alliance of several business entities "working as a team" for the common benefit of all. These entities maintain their corporate structure, legal and tax, that is, do not change their status.

Not necessarily be the same branch of products, but whether they should be or complementary products. The aim is to establish, using internal or external catalyst, how to take full advantage of available resources, minimizing waste and costs to meet competition. You can not ignore the comments of, I know have experienced the benefits and dangers of a truly global economy, while I fully entered the era of information, even more than in the information age, I can say that I have entered the era of data, one of its biggest challenges is precisely to find the appropriate data into information processing and decision making.

The Agenda

All of a sudden, we are wide awake. Open our senses have eight ‘: is that what took us out of our routine, good – or will it hurt us? Is it friend or foe? In the jungle, our survival depends on a lightning-fast alarm system. You should hear the Tiger”, the Indians say, because when you see it, it’s too late.” And it is more a tiger too much to hear one too little. What ultimately drives our brain, is avoiding pain and seeking more reward. Learn positive circumstances and internalized our brains better – and we remember even more. On the other hand, recording anew is hampered by stress, anxiety or uncertainty. Under pressure to sell is just as wrong as fear and terror.

In addition: connectivity is missing, so the new can not be. New needs to build on old. A note which is very conducive for successful selling. Futurist often addresses the matter in his writings. Negative has right of way details of pain in the brain always have priority. Perhaps check out Ray Kurzweil for more information. You can each still so joyful Event that takes place at the same time, displace from the consciousness.

This is by the way, physical as well as mental pain. Us badly, the world looks grey in grey. Science knows that as a negative predisposition ‘. A dark shadow falls on positive. Already a single negative word clouds up, as studies have shown, our mood. You maintain winner language, so express yourself positively! Good feelings make decisive to our brain. This, the euphoric dopamine is secreted self-regulation more drops and the say Yes is easy. This all the more, the more the brain can draw on positive experiences. Once that a decision on the agenda, giant cell associations in lightning speed start the search for stored experience. From the comparison with the emotionally marked, so always subjective memory results then an either / or. Who wants to befriend the amygdala of his interlocutor, which above all is recommended: positive Authenticity.

Selling Over the Internet

3 .- The product can be sold over the Internet? – When we say "Product" refers to both a thing as a service. For example, selling books online is possible, but could be sold Is Massage? A massage is a service given by one person to another person. If the customer is in another country "would be profitable to travel and pay for the shift to service? In some cases, such as advisory services for large companies, it may be possible, but in others, such as massages, haircuts, manicures, etc, would be totally impossible. So you have to really knowing whether that product or service, we may sell online. 4 .- The product will sell easily? – Experience shows that some products are sold more easily than others.

For example, are almost impossible Computers Internet marketing, as well as automobiles, and jewelry, typically these products are so "personal" for their customers, who want to touch before buying, feel and taste. Other products, though not impossible, if they are somewhat difficult to market, such as clothing, lingerie, household appliances and Lands. However, other products are very easy to sell online, especially the "Virtual" (those who have no physical component) and the "electronic book", software programs, courses in all types (language, finance, marketing , etc). The "Difficulty Factor Sale" of a product online, it is always something to look very carefully, before starting to weigh whether to market a product or another. It's very important in achieving success, or failure. In this sense, virtual products are always better off leaving.

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