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Carlos Mora Vanegas this economic scenarios that are characterized by dynamic, generating challenges have involved major changes in their behavior to the clusters, an aspect that management can not ignore the topic and the specialty program management Quality Area Faces Graduate of the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, considered very important in providing them towards the formation of a participant to ensure that it considers especially anything that will benefit businesses. As indicates .revistainterforum.com / Spanish Clusters can be a viable solution for micro, small and medium enterprises to medium term. Some models have been implemented and successful results. To consider the implementation of clusters at the regional level we must first of all, understand what a Cluster. The basic concept of Cluster is based on the strategic alliance of several business entities "working as a team" for the common benefit of all. These entities maintain their corporate structure, legal and tax, that is, do not change their status.

Not necessarily be the same branch of products, but whether they should be or complementary products. The aim is to establish, using internal or external catalyst, how to take full advantage of available resources, minimizing waste and costs to meet competition. You can not ignore the comments of accessmylibrary.com, I know have experienced the benefits and dangers of a truly global economy, while I fully entered the era of information, even more than in the information age, I can say that I have entered the era of data, one of its biggest challenges is precisely to find the appropriate data into information processing and decision making.



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