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Office Power

The power Plate Cyber training by top model Marcus Schenkenberg is a revolution in the world gym! Imagine that a good friend praises you for your great character and they respond so that personnel trainer none other is you, as a top model Marcus Schenkenberg. You smile? They do not need it but because Marcus Schenkenberg Cyber training is now the VIP coach with the new power plate,”that they can soon test in the best clubs in the world. While a conventional power plate training staff performed trainer from one, the same trainer can take care now intensely and directly their posture. Why? Quite simply, because Marcus Schenkenberg trained them in life size on a huge video wall all in real time before. Train so really with the most successful male model of all time! Facts about power plate: power plate world leader (in over 100 countries) is in the area of vibration training around the world use more than 14.3 million people power plate power plate Power plate equipment stands for innovation, dynamism and latest products at the highest quality level power plate are officially admitted to the medical device can up to 97% of all muscle fibres trained which power plate vibration tension and relax the muscles up to 60 times per second already promote health 10 minutes training and strengthen the muscles 10-minute power plate sustainably replace a 1.5 hour, sudorific training numerous medical studies confirm the efficacy of power plate top model Marcus Schenkenberg: the career of supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg is unique in the male model range. In his nearly 25-year career, has the handsome Swede adorned with pretty much every title page of all the well known magazines and was booked for the most important and largest designers and campaigns. Marcus Schenkenberg is internationally known and played with in the last few years more and more feature films and TV productions.

His most famous relationship Schenkenberg led with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. But other prominent Excellent top model beauties such as Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton and Jessica Simpson were the former sexiest man alive”not resist. With his own brand of Marcus Schenkenberg”is the marketing genius, with high-quality products such as fragrance and cosmetics, jewelry, Fitness DVDs or underwear on US $10 million annually to (customer purchase price). “Prof. Dr. Ingo Frobose: Prof.

Dr. Ingo Frobose directs the Center for health” and the Institute of movement therapy at the German sport University in Cologne. From 1999 to 2003 he held the Office of Pro-Rector. In addition, he is including scientific director of the Institute of quality assurance in prevention and rehabilitation GmbH “and Chairman of the Research Institute for inclusion through exercise and sports (FiBS)”. Also Prof. Dr. Frobose is a sympathizer of the power plate acceleration technology. Vibration training has grown steadily in the past few years interest, in particular in order to improve of performance. Both in the leisure, power and Health sport as well as the new form of training is used in the therapy. Power plate vibration training is much more than just a trend. It is a recognised and scientifically proven technology, which enables a highly efficient training of untrained and obese people up to the athletes.” More information at: Frank Kuhlmann c/o Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting GmbH Emperor str. 51 63065 Offenbach phone + 49 69-850 92 97 0 fax + 49 69-850 92 97 22 hotline 0 18 steeringdamperkits 22 99 67

Organization Security

PKI trust makes Europe safe cross-organizational communication Berlin, 08.07.2013 the Cassidian cybersecurity GmbH is the European Bridge CA (ECWM) by TeleTrusT Federal IT security association at. The ECWM allows secure and authentic communication between the involved companies, institutions and public administrations. The public-key infrastructures (PKIen) the individual organizations are linked via the common trust anchor. Thus, different business processes such as secure E-Mail, secure logon and secure can be used across the Organization are oath. The ECWM addressed two key issues of secure communication across organizational and PKI-: solves the problem of distribution, user certificates through the provision of a central directory service and the problem of technical trust by providing certificate trust lists, (Certificate trust lists CTLs). Common policies that allow participants to mutual trust are the Foundation of the ECWM. External importing simple and free the CTLs and of the directory service is possible, so that everyone can reach the ECWM participants through a central point. Marieke Peter son, project coordinator at TeleTrusT: “the participants must therefore no longer deal, to conclude agreements with all communication partners.

The ECWM is able to realize secure electronic business processes with all connected devices. The communication between the participants of the ECWM smoothly for a wide variety of systems for over 12 years. The ECWM more than 700,000 users certificates are covered by.” The 2001 established ECWM members include among others the German Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank, E.ON, Siemens, Siemens Enterprise Communications, the PKI-1 of the Federal Administration (represented by the BSI) and the RTR Austria. The portfolio of Cassidian cybersecurity GmbH comprises building blocks of cyber defense services (SOC, APT detection & mitigation, professional services, training, consulting), for trusted infrastructure and solutions for secure mobility. This includes also the operation of the enterprise corporate Trust Center to provide trusted digital certificates as the basis for secure identity management and other PKI-based applications. The existing cyber security skills used already for many years in terms of the national, but also international security for the provision of services for authorities and industrial customers, as well as for the EADS Group. For more information,.

TeleTrusT – Security Association The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), of the “TeleTrusT expert certificate Information security professional”(T.I.S.P.), as well as the quality mark” IT security made in Germany “. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin. TeleTrusT is a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Work Station

Expertise to be underlined more clearly the Cyberdyne Systems GmbH has changed its name to the flexi WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH. Managing Director Patrick Lungern Ned with the name change underscores the market positioning and illustrates the expertise as a specialist for workstation solutions already in the company name. The service provider sets the highest standards of expertise, service, and customer-oriented as well as personal advice. The WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH distributes exclusively certified workstations and is HP preferred partner gold and awarded Fujitsu select expert. In the course of the change of name has been revised also the optical appearance and the homepage is user friendly.

An integrated shop provides also comfortable shopping outside of business hours and thus supplements the range of services of the company. Owner, management and contacts remain as usual for customers. Workstations are the fastest and most reliable computers, the it on the Market and ideally suited for experts from the field of technology and engineering. Are characterised by their high processor performance, the extensibility of their memory as well as a professional graphics card and a fast hard drive technology. Innovation and reliability are always in the foreground, because they are designed for a stable performance and long service life.

About the WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH based in Cologne has become nationwide to the specialists for workstation solutions. The company sees itself as a service provider and sets the highest standards of expertise, service, and a customer-oriented as well as personal advice. Customers benefit particularly from the long experience of the company in the configuration of workstations for the most diverse areas of application. The focus lies in the areas of CAD/design, medical/science and media, but also very specific requests can be serviced. The offered configurations are customized to the various work areas matched with whatever the aspect of economic sustainability is taken into account. The offer includes workstation solutions of Marken HP and Fujitsu, as well as mousesmodel of 3D-Connexion, business monitors and accessories. The WORKSTATIONPRO attaches a great importance to partnership and close cooperation with manufacturers and regularly update their knowledge through training and workshops. “” A preferred status, as the certification awarded by HP preferred partner GOLD “or the Fujitsu select expert” award, each emphasizes the competence and expertise can prove. Certifications play an important role but also in relation to the products, so the WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH offers only certified workstations and thus guarantees the compatibility with the software. For more information: WORKSTATIONPRO GmbH at the Aquarius 31 50829 Koln contact: Patrick Lungern Hamid Tel.: +49(0)221-65 02 477 email: lungerich(at)workstation-pro.

Research Projects

Global competitiveness of the technology region Karlsruhe (TRK) continue to promote Karlsruhe, 13.09.2013 – the CyberForum is a partner in two new EU projects, can establish themselves so well on international innovation network. The two projects, focusing on the development and expansion of a pan-European network called UPSIDE”and be wiser”. Thus the regional IT and high-tech industry will be supported still targeted in their internationalisation activities a theme where the CyberForum works closely with the economic development of the city of Karlsruhe. “In the context of UPSIDE” and be wiser “should be also examines the needs of ever-changing IT and high-tech industry and solutions found. Focus on key issues such as mobility, energy efficiency, and now of course above all are IT security”, so Tamara Hogler, Director for International Affairs in the CyberForum. “After ClusteriX” and CentrLab”are UPSIDE” and be wiser ” Research project number three and four, which aimed at promoting the global competitiveness of the local IT industry.

“” Big plus for the region: that in the context of ClusteriX “signed business roaming agreement” focal points for IT companies available in nearly 50 cities of Malmo across London are available worldwide to Hong Kong. Thus can the regional IT industry to use Office and conference rooms, as well as various services of local partner networks. At the same time, access to the technology region Karlsruhe will be significantly easier to companies from Europe, North America, Asia or Australia. CentrLab”is the approach of living Labs” in the foreground: the user whose working and living environment is much more integrated into the development process. This company can better orient their products to market needs. At the same time will arise from such living research environments”new insights that lead to improving the quality of life for the user. They come out CentrLab”findings invested in initiatives such as smarter city Karlsruhe” one, for example, in designing an intelligent transport infrastructure or the development of a self-sufficient city. “” “Promoting the projects each have a duration of three years and CentrLab is promoted by the European Union,” in May 2011 in the framework of the European Fund for regional development (EFRD), be wiser “and UPSIDE” under the 7th research framework programme of the EU in the sphere of coordination and support actions.

About the CyberForum e.V. The CyberForum e.V. is the largest regional active Hightech.Unternehmer.Netzwerk with over 1,000 members. in Germany. In the CyberForum network entrepreneur, founder, creative, research facilities and institutions, students, business angels and trainees. Total members represent over 22,000 jobs. The CyberForum organized 150 events per year to the networks and making further, about InfoMarkte, RoundTables, conferences and workshops. 2012, the events attracted nearly 12,000 visitors. A further focus on their own offers for special target groups: the incubator CyberLab, mentoring & coaching, access to its own network of the investor or the training initiative for trainees. The CyberForum is also involved in clusters and collaborative projects, so it is the regional coordinator of the software cluster for Nordbaden. The software cluster was awarded in the Germanwind of the Federal Government. founded in 1997 as a private public partnership, the CyberForum now employs a team of more than 25 employees.

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