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PHP Forum

A login system is on every page of interactive the basic building block for user management, sooner or later required a login system will verify the users of a website so that certain rights can be given to them. It is a part of a whole user administration, which is also composed of a rights system such as a registry. ‘New’ users are created upon registration. You have a database available, would be to compare a new user with a new record. The login system then compares the input of a user, such as E-mail address and password with the database and thus it can uniquely identify the user.

Thus the foundations for rights distribution. On an Internet forum where you first ‘must register’, then ‘to log in’, to get the ‘right’, to publish posts or new threads (for example, a PHP Forum), you can easily track these three areas. This example is also a user hierarchy through a observe different rights distribution, if one thinks of moderators and administrators, who can edit such as posts and lock threads. Of course, a login has other advantages. If you look at the rising tide of spam on the Internet, you can see the rising number of areas protected by CAPTCHAs (E.g. comment systems, various online tools, etc). If a user however successfully logs in, then he definitely identified as a human being and a CAPTCHA code is unnecessary thus until further notice for the first time, so that increase usability and comfort for the user. For the implementation of such a system has the use of sessions or cookies related to the scripting language PHP proven, because this can propagate information about multiple scripts or Web pages. For this reason, it is often necessary that a user who wants to log, has enabled the setting of cookies in his browser.

Good Conveying Systems

The mining industry deals with the extraction of mineral resources, often from the upper crust of the Earth. Those responsible can carry a wide variety of raw materials at the Earth’s surface. Thus, not only the various metals, rocks or coal are cut off. Oil is one of the most important raw materials for a long time. An important aspect in the promotion of certain raw materials will be in the future on all cases obtaining in the depths of the Lake. Die out than ever to deposits and are thus no longer viable.

When the conveyor in mining is three different varieties. Thus there is degradation of raw materials surface and the removal of underground and borehole mining. With the surface removal referred to for example the extraction of rocks or the precious stone prospecting. Underground mining is the extraction of iron heart and referred to coal. Borehole mining promoted oil and natural gas to the surface.

In promoting rocks sieves come after the removal to the use. The screens have the sense the different rocks To differentiate the size of the grains. Ultimately is the desired stone out actually screened. Various screening machines are use for the seven. Thus, there is for example the vibration screening machine. It regularly produces with an electric drive and runs the mined materials through a regular disturbance over the entire screen. The vibrations cause the raw materials. Thus can ultimately finer parts out will be screened. A very different kind of sieve is the plan screening machine. In this variety, the screens are provided by a gear motor in a horizontal circular motion. Finally there is also the so-called Eddy current screening machine. All screening machines have the sense to differentiate a huge number of sieve material. In any case, there are also smaller screens. These are mostly for the mining for use. Because gems are not rare in very small sizes in riverbeds, it requires a really handy and fine strainer at this raw material extraction. So there is both ways at the to Promote days of raw materials and various variants in the screening of the correct raw material. The construction of raw materials but always to enters behind. Thus, the extraction of coal is no longer profitable and the promotion of oil will be terminated in the future because there are no sources. For this reason, a crucial aspect for the future will be renewables the extraction from the depth of the Lakes. Lena Marie

Mature Open Source System

The German company TalentRaspel published sophisticated open source system to the development of MMORPG – systems. Currently only freely available, already stable productively used and professionally managed solution for the development of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), the German company TalentRaspel in April 2008 presented a completely revised version of the torque MMO Kit. It enables the quick creation of professional 3D – multi user game worlds and their stable operation and suitable MMORPG – projects with medium-sized budgeting thus suited for smaller and medium-sized. For developers of systems in the field of MMORPG, the at least a half a million dollars or spend more for a complete development environment is the torque MMO Kit in the current version 1.1 – SP3 the only sensible alternative to costly in-house development or the purchase of expensive foreign systems. In its original form, published first in March 2007 by the US – firm of Prairie Games, from the technology her commercially successful MMORPG “Minions of mirth” (over 70,000 registered users) linked from has, with this system a cheap way development was first made accessible to a wide audience to the MMORPG -. The system itself is available under an open source – license since August 2007 and was picked up in the course of the year 2007 by the German company, TalentRaspel, for further development. Torque MMO Kit released by errors as cleaned up and expanded by many features it is since then actively maintained and continuously further developed.

In the scope of product maintenance TalentRaspel offers regular patches and service packs on, can be used to update the last published version. Based on the torque game engine in version 1.3.5 from garage games and arcane FX by thumb logic, as well as the programming language Python for all program areas concerned not the 3D – engine, uses the system primarily industry-proven components. For commercial projects must the individual licenses at garage Games and Faust logic can be purchased separately. For this purpose, USD apply depending on the type of use (indie or commercial) between $199 USD and $999. Apart from the use of the torque MMO Kit is free of charge.

More details about the system and its licensing model, the source to download, as well as the very active community can be found on. Through a freely available demo game demonstrates many features of the torque MMO Kit and can be viewed as easily advance. To your own projects with the system to develop rich already mediocre Python – programming skills and average experience in the client / server – from network technology. For more comprehensive changes to the knowledge in C++ requires 3D – engine of the system in addition. The torque MMO Kit supports the platforms Windows 2000/XP/Vista, MAC OS X (10.2/10.3/10.4) and Linux. In the near future is to be expected with the updating of the torque MMO Kit on the torque game engine in version 1.5.2. There is also a port on the torque game engine Advanced, first in the version 1.0.3 and later to the current version 1.7 in work. More information about the torque MMO Kit, its uses, and also professional support are available on request at: TalentRaspel / Ibrahim route 13 / 76149 Karlsruhe / Germany

Booking System CAESAR

New the fefa Reisen GmbH that uses based fefa Reisen GmbH in Essen from immediately the know-how of Darmstadt dialogue computer-software GmbH (DCS) and its system of CAESAR. Thus, the tour operator wants to optimize its booking processes and make the handling more comfortable. Through the successful mid-November 2008-wedding connection to been the fefa Reisen GmbH has opened up new sales channels. The offers of fefa Reisen GmbH Merlin and Amadeus are available since using the reservation system and appear in all major systems of price comparison and online portals. It should be fast, comfortable and uncomplicated.” The most common answer, or travel specialists, who have to deal with every day is when asked respite after their claims to an online travel portal. That’s why was closer, as the reservation system short response times for booking requests and exact data deliveries to suit the requirements. A change to the tour operator software CAESAR of Darmstadt IT forge dialogue computer-software GmbH was a fast and convinced decision.

The transition was completed on April 24, 2009. Now the fefa Reisen GmbH together with DCS is working to streamline the booking process and to automate the process. The tour operator software CAESAR is already used by numerous renowned operators and rice intermediaries, like for example, GTI travel, Carpenter travel and Bavaria telescope. With CAESAR we cover all business processes, starting from the product master data management (special conditions, prices, vacancies etc.) customer data management (direct customers, agencies, discounts and commissions etc.) up to the booking operations. The management of interfaces allows the CRS access to Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo.

That ultimately convinced us. With DCS GmbH we have found therefore the ideal partner, optimize business processes together and to make the booking and processing faster, easier and more comfortable”, so Rainer Koch, Managing Director of fefa Reisen GmbH. More information about the current travel deals of fefa Reisen GmbH are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download fast and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: press compartments/fefa-travel contact for questions: contact person: Rainer Koch fefa Reisen GmbH must be street 28 D-45219 Essen phone: + 49 (0) 2054 9 40 66 10 fax: + 49 (0) 2054 9 40 66 15 E-Mail: Internet: contact: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the fefa Reisen GmbH: the fefa Reisen GmbH is a food-based tour operator, which counts among its customers both Consolidators and consumer. fefa travel as dynamic packaging went Organizer in the Internet booking engine traffic at the start of 2006. Joined in the first two years of business over 600 agencies of fefa arrive. In November 2008 was”tethered arranged as Datamix Organizer, which more than 8,000 travel agents and Internet travel portals in Germany can be accessed on the products of fefa trips arranged. fefa travel also has connections to the booking systems Bistro, Merlin, Amadeus and traffic. The most important fefa travel destinations are Egypt, Turkey, and the Balearic Islands. But also the Canary Islands, Portugal, Dubai and Italy are represented at fefa travel destinations. While the assortment of fefa travel is not limited to flat rate products. fefa travel offers worldwide hotel-only products, only flight deals and group tours. City breaks or individual offerings expand the product portfolio of the tour operator. Learn more about the fefa Reisen GmbH are available in the Internet at.

EC Directive Maintenance

Lockout – and Tagout systems are used for the backup of deactivated industrial machinery and equipment during repair and maintenance work as of well known supplier of locking systems and labelling products as well as services, macro ID to find a wide range of durable and user-friendly maintenance and locking systems for the most mechanical and electrical hazards. Lockout – and Tagout systems are designed for a planned security measures. They are used for securing of deactivated industrial machinery and equipment during repair and maintenance work. The macro inform the interlocks and safety signs IDENT that the locked and secured system not be allowed. You should protect employees from hazards, by running machines or electronic power go out. Annually, thousands of employees in work-related accidents are injured severely or critically during repair or maintenance of industrial plants and machinery.

Many of these accidents are through uncontrolled release of energy causes. In Europe, legal regulations prescribe the switch off and “Shut-off” (backup) against accidental re-activation of energy sources during maintenance or repair of machines. The EC Directive 89/655 pretends “Minimum requirements for health and safety in the use of work equipment by workers at work”. Article 3 the employer transfers the duty to make that their use “the security and the health and safety of workers are guaranteed”, the work equipment or to take appropriate measures, “the risks to minimize”. In annex I to this directive, 2.14 is determined under point that “any means of working with clearly visible devices must be equipped, with which it can be separated by any single energy source”. All offered Lockout / Tagout systems the macro id correspond to the current EC directives and also the OSHA standard. The Munich-based company offers also training DVDs for security be on wearing and staff. More Information: Macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

EDV Systemhaus Uses DSL Tuning

In the context of customer service, DSL optimization service uses the NetWorks E.k.. ( by slow (an offer of Jorg Mahajan industrial services). EDV Systemhaus recognizes marketing and customer acquisition potential of services “DSL tuning”. the NetWorks E.k. is an East Westphalian EDV Systemhaus and specializing in medium-sized business needs. In addition to the usual computer offers of a system House and Web design, are also procurement and installation of telecommunications equipment (keyword: ICT) and Internet connections (A/SDSL) available. To Mr.

Markus Lee, technical manager of the home the NetWorks E.k..: “we know that Jorg Mahajan industrial services already from our collaboration in marketing. Today, he supports our clients partly on the spot. When one of his customer visits he carried out own initiative improving DSL on two client computers. The staff were excited and requested the optimization for the remaining PCs with Internet connection. As a result, we have been attention and effect and configuration let us demonstrate.

The technical relationships were known to us as a system integrator. The results, achieved in practice, which were carefully examined in the framework of an extensive evaluation surprised us. Actually, the measurements showed always the same result in different tests: the performance of data transmission increased to optimize DSL. Since then we customers, where we set up an Internet connection, offer equal with the DSL optimisation as a service. Previously ad-hoc satisfied customers are with their Internet connection the investment pays off, obviously. Mr Mersmann could also prove that there is no rigid rule for the values of the Windows interface to be configured individually, because they also strongly depend on the usage patterns of individual users. So is it for the calculation of the optimal values for example important to know whether the use of the Internet in Europe or around the world takes place, and which applications used…” This includes Jorg Mahajan: “first provider ask our DSL optimization. Almost all companies in the industry facing dissatisfaction of their customers. If the customer service has ruled out the physical sources of error to low performance of the existing connection (cable connections, router etc.), the customer remains i.d.R alone with his dissatisfaction. Sure, the resulting turnover represents a significant cost factor. The last link in the chain of the Internet is the computer itself… Some providers give clues as to the settings of the Windows operating system, also in forums can be found quite helpful hints to the remedy. It is most people the technical connections to understand, or practicable implementation to bring into. Jorg Mahajan industrial services the DSL optimization settings individually tailored to the usage patterns and the capacity of the existing DSL connection provides affected users.”

Hirchert System

Wernigerode Institute delighted with new instrumentation Wernigerode, 05.06.2009: HarzOptics GmbH, a Research Institute specialising in optical research of the Hochschule Harz, offered the automatic selection of LEDs according to colour and intensity recently. Due to their enormous advantages LEDs used today in a variety of applications. In some areas (E.g. in the emergency lighting or for atmospheric lighting), it is however necessary to perform a selection of LEDs according to colour or intensity because only in this way can ensure a uniform appearance. HarzOptics can now perform quickly and precisely such selections using a fully automatic selection machine.

“With the new system we can measure compared to the previous hand measurement from now four times the amount of LEDs per hour” Director Prof. Dr. Fischer Hirchert enthusiastically. “We are timely now finally able, the variety of selection requests that reach us every month to work off.” Depending on the type and design, up to 400 LEDs per hour with high accuracy can be with the new system (chromaticity coordinates 0.002 and intensity 3%) select what is owed to a faster and more precise handling of the LEDs to the other high measurement speed. The system allows HarzOptics measured LEDs up to 3 million per year. “With the new selection system HarzOptics is well prepared for the future”, Fischer Hirchert enthusiastically. “Because the demand will increase LED selections especially after the chromaticity coordinates in the coming years with security, we expect to run over the new system soon to full load operation.” Performance data: Accuracy +/-0.002 up to 400 LEDs per hour radiometric accuracy +/-3% selection intensity and chromaticity coordinates, further information is available under Contact: Christian Reinboth, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-inf. (FH) Commissioner for public employment HarzOptics GmbH Tang mountain 2 38855 Wernigerode Tel: 03943 / 935 615 E-Mail: WWW: wiki: blog: harzoptics.blogspot.

Old Folding Display Systems

EasyDisplay clunkers leads an as of one of the leading manufacturers for disused folding display systems and distributors of banner display roll-up display – and folding display systems is the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover of the challenge facing the environmental situation changed by climate change and shortage of raw materials the humanity of the 21st century. In this sense, the EasyShare display GmbH firmly in their product development has integrated ecological responsibility in the conceptual planning. So the a banner display model, which is made of high-quality and ecologically completely biodegradable bamboo launched in early may: the easy X bamboo banner display. Thus the EasyShare display GmbH made out a first step to the use of alternative materials. Recently, a successor was inducted in the banner display range EasyShare display GmbH. It combines the innovative spring technology of a conventional roll-up display with the benefits of raw bamboo: the easy Rollbamboo roll-up display. More products, the Bamboo should be made on the basis of the material, are in planning. In addition to the development of products made from alternative materials, EasyShare display GmbH launches a new campaign, which will also make a contribution to the environment this week under the heading of cash for clunkers.

User of a folding display have to give the opportunity from now on your old folding display when purchasing a new folding display against a cash for clunkers. Each of the eleven folding display models, which leads the EasyShare display GmbH in its product portfolio will be selected for the new purchase can. In addition to the hotel’s own folding display models, easy fabric folding screen or easy magnetic folding screen, including folding display models of from renowned brands such as expand or Vario can be found. The disused, sent by the user folding display is provided in the in Suzhou, China,-based factory of EasyShare display International Ltd co for recycling. More information under: faltdisplays c 51.html EasyShare display GmbH sour wine RT 4 30167 Hannover contact: Jerome Chung (Public relations) which was in 2003 by brothers mark and Michael Goch EasyShare display company founded and a young B2B (business to business) companies for mobile exhibition and advertising technology, as well as promotional products at the POS and POI in Germany. Our services in the fields of Visual communication, digital printing and trade fair services also include our easy display-full service package. If logo design, banner design, package design, communication design, Web design, corporate design, video editing, 3D animation and modeling, business equipment and exhibition stands our multimedia Studio designed together with you the appropriate look and feel for your business.

Mittal Steel

Keep the measurement in the kiln inlet Chamber no longer just a pipe dream of in process engineering for years it means “measuring in the kiln inlet Chamber? in the cement industry That never worked.” That this statement is no longer true and over continuously and reliably can be measured even under these extremely difficult conditions over the years, the CEMTEC prove high-temperature analysis systems of the company ENOTEC worldwide easily and successfully used in cement plants for five years. The first CEMTEC high-temperature analysis system was sold to the company HOLCIM in Gladstone / Australia in the summer of 2004. And many other systems in Germany (E.g. for LAFARGE), in Europe (E.g. for Mittal Steel in Romania) followed this first and worldwide (E.g. for cement plants in Mexico and the Iran). The CEMTEC probe is the world’s only measuring probe, an actuator (-> no fixation in the kiln inlet Chamber), the mechanical cleaning of the probe (-> no interruption of measurement) and a fast response time combines by InSitu analysis.

Through the Rotary actuator and the mechanical cleaning, an automatic withdrawal which should probe into the operation unnecessary, and a compressed air cleaning, which also leads to an interruption of logging, is performed far more rarely (max once per hour) are. Thus the CEMTEC analysis system achieves a reading available accuracy of 95% and is clearly superior to all competitors probes so. Gas analysis directly into the furnace inlet is no pipe dream. The CEMTEC high temperature sampling probes of the ENOTEC company provide proof that even a virtually uninterrupted and permanently reliable measurement is possible. Elke G.c.

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