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Peter Burke

The photograph is considered a fake when it uncovers that it deceives sees who it how much to the scene that it affirms to represent. This disfigurement can occur at distinct moments, before the register the image, at the moment of the register, and after the image to be been registered. In recent years, they have fond of the public knowledge diverse cases where the images had been of some form modified the power that an image possesss, in many cases pass unobserved for us. The English historian Peter Burke, in its book ' ' Ocular&#039 witness; ' , sample that the image is a rich source to investigate the events. However the author makes an alert exception and for as the historical facts and its personages had constructed these documentations, looking for to stand out the aspects that not necessarily were the real facts. Exemplificando Burke shows as consecrated painters of the history of the art as Ticiano, that modifies the appearance of definitive king, Pope or prince in the intention of disfarar possible deformities of that they had ordered the picture. In such a way the image had contributed to create one another image of the Real. In the perspective of Burke, we would have to come back to see the images, since before the use writing as form of communication for all, this age the only way to spread out ideas and laws.

The current society is worried in producing images and not in reading them and discovering what its symbolic statements are affirming. Therefore, the authors most of the time say of the dependence of the society contemporary in relation to the images, that are used the all time, being essential in the daily one of the people consumes that them, without if worrying in reflecting of critical form to understand them. He is interesting to notice that the images important when are well used to better know the history and the reality of the present time.

Photographic Evidences

While we wait the elaboration of a critical systematics of the photographic and kinematic evidences, valley the penalty to remember five points, not only to the historians, but to any attemped person to see in photographs necessary registers of the past. It would like to detach, still, that Eduardo France Paiva, affirms that the iconography all brings inlaid the choices of the producer and the context in which it was conceived, but that it constitutes a quantity of possibilities and therefore has that to be explored with very well-taken care of. The image is not depleted in same itself. That is, it has always not to be apprehended beyond what it is, in it, to be given to read or to see. For the researcher of the image it is necessary to go beyond the explicit dimension most visible or of it. It has, as already it said before, gaps, silence and codes that they need to be deciphered, to be identified and to be understood. (PAIVA, 2004, p.19) One becomes necessary to affirm, that the cases are not rare where the photographs are taken as truth, therefore would be portraying faithful a time.

The historians do not have to leave themselves to lead for this trap. In accordance with the author, is important to remember that, the more colorful, most traced, more supposedly next to the reality, more dangerous the image if becomes. The iconographic document if presents as I break up of the Real, full of explicit or occult, voluntary or involuntary intentions of its producers. It fits to the researcher to interpret the directions that the social actors had wanted to attribute its acts. History if dislocates from the fact for versions on the fact. Also, when chores a posteriori, the images are reconstructed. To each time, they apply it the reading values of the gift, making with that it can mean a thing different.

Menezes Social

The group also develops action of social assistance, since it works with a public who to times meet below of the poverty line. The work of the group Woman Wonder was if expanding in geographic and thematic terms and looks for to work subjects that contribute for the desconstruo of the violence that each day increases and searchs combat alternatives the misery, to the infanto-youthful marginalizao at last, the social exclusion, facing fighting the violence domesticate sexual, poverty, in a perspective of social justice and for the construction of the peace. School Esprita Cristina de Menezes (Figure 7) among others, of these institutions people if had detached just helping the removed people of the recifense center and that they looked the mounts to fix dwelling. Figure 7: School Esprita Cristina Menezes de Discovered Albuquerque in New. 25 L. 0287869. UTM: 9114230: Photo; Dario Galdino, (2010). The research has shown that the calls social institutions already previously cited have exerted the paper before practised by the authorities and in an just-inhabited place. These institutions are comings well, therefore they help the communities if to organize to search its rights, guaranteed for the legislation of the moment, Institution these many times relegated to as the plain one for the managing agencies of the public politics, None another agency has the characteristics of these institutions, since the same ones live with the local population and feel the unpreparedness of them to be organized in its lawsuits and thus to be awarded with the public improvements, therefore the public services must be placed the disposal of the society and in any space where the man if makes use to develop its action. The territorial comment is a form to glimpse the distinct scales and its ' ' desconstrues' ' , as well as cyclical for which it still passes and depending on each carried through research and that its author wants to transmit, thus affirms the text below: According to Marcelo de Souza (1995,81); Territories exist and are constructed (and desconstrudos) in the most diverse scales () territories are constructed (e desconstrudos) inside of most different the secular scales () territories can have a permanent character, but also they can have cyclical periodic existence.

Bosh Series

They were hardly 40 seconds for the end of the third party when Chris Bosh decided to take a step to the front. Eclipsed by the double-double one of Dwyane Wade – who contributed 29 points, 11 bounces and three attendances, and by the omnipresent unfolding of LeBron James, – that arrived at 17 so many, nine attendances and three bounces; the night reserved the protagonism to him of the chosen ones. Those that write down the decisive basket. The one that was worth the 2-1 for Miami in the series and who ring knows half if. Bosh contributed 18 points, including seven in the fourth period and the tie to 86 became the hero of the Heat when breaking that Nowitzki had established when overcoming in the last three minutes the advantage of six that had the Heat. " It wanted to leave my track in this series and I believe I have obtained that it; when I wrote down the shot, I had enough to know that to this era da" , socarrn explained Bosh with certain air. Source of the news: : Bosh appears in the photo

Photos Of Modern Houses

When saying modern houses usually are understood like those houses that now are constructed, the houses of the last times. But there is an architectonic style, the Modern style that defines the design of a house and starts in the beginnings of Century XX, when there was a change in the form to mainly make a house related to 2da. Industrial revolution by the available materials and the use of the electricity. The modern houses take care of plus the functionality that the decoration, is simple without ornamentations and is more efficient like houses. When it is said modern houses can mean houses of Modern style or the houses that are not old, those own ones of the architecture of the present, in this case the style can be Contemporary, Minimalist, Ultramodern, Posmoderno and thus. Today it is not always easy to define the style of a modern house. Thus it is that to say " houses modernas" it can have different meaning for a person without architecture knowledge that stop an architect. There are some general lineamientos of design that serve to help to define what is one modern house, and agrees with the idea that any person has than, more or less, is a modern house.

When they appeared the first houses Modern style were simple, rational constructions, with doors, ceilings and windows of low height in comparison to like, already long time ago, one came constructing. The electricity and the electrical light allowed to make work one more a closed house and compacts. Next you can review the posteos dedicated in this blog from architecture to the Modern houses. He leaves his opinion in a commentary of some of the posteos that visit. Hgame to know what thinks. In order to see photos of modern houses it follows east Link. Anyway it considers that each posteo is informed with photos.

Photothermal Solar Power

The generated steam has a great pressure, arrives at the turbines so that its expansion moves the blades of the same generating current electrical. Nuclear power station. – Source energetics, the uranium Y where a nuclear reactor acts like boiler. The thermal energy is originated by the fission reactions in nuclear fuel formed by an uranium compound. Geothermal power station. – Facilities that the geothermal energy takes advantage of that is to say, the provided one by the heat the Earth instead of petroleum, coal or another fuel. Mareomotriz power station.

– Energy associated to the tides caused by the gravitational attraction of the Sun and mainly of the Moon. The tides are appraised like a variation of the level of the sea, that happens according to the difference of the coastal topography. Aeolian power station. – Installation where the kinetic energy of the wind can be transformed into mechanical energy of rotation. For it one settles towers in whose part superior they exist rotor with multiple shovels, oriented in the wind direction. The shovels or helices turn around their horizontal axes that act on an electricity generator. Solar power station. – In that the solar radiation takes advantage to produce electrical energy.

This process, Solar Power station, are subdivided in two specialties: Photovoltaic power station: Where it is made affect the solar radiations on a surface of a semiconducting crystal, call solar cell, and to produce in direct form the electrical current by photovoltaic effect. This is the reason of ours ” to 1er. Mini;. Photothermal: The heat of the solar radiation warms up a fluid and produces steam that goes towards the turbine producing soon electrical energy. Salts of energy storage. – Part of a Photothermal Solar Power station, where the molten salt is used to store the heat of the sun transforming it into electrical energy, even in hours of absence of the Sun. This one, lately has spread like technology of salts fundidas” in order to obtain the electrical current.

Web Monitoring System

Spokesmen of Facebook have admitted in declarations to different means, from Reuters to the BBC, that they would have had to warn to extend his service of labelling of photos outside the USA. ” We would have had to be clearer with people during the sent process to do it accesible”. Facebook is implanting outside the United States its face monitoring system. This function automatically recognizes the faces of the people who appear in a photo and suggests its labelling. The extension of the service, for example to the United Kingdom, has become without a public warning of Facebook. It introduced when it in the USA, network published the social it so that the internauts could deactivate this function. ” If for some reason not desea” the labelling, noticed Facebook, will be able to be deactivated in the privacy configuration. This warning has not been repeated and the internauts can be whereupon they have the service activated without its consent..

Elsamex Company

The works have been carried out for the Elsamex company that awardee was from the licitation of renting done by the town hall. One is a model of exemplary work that supposes benefits for all the parts: the City council obtains a canon by the renting of its covers, the promoter by its investment and the citizenship by the generation of clean energy. The powers of the facilities have oscillated between 20 and 100 kws for a 1,200 total of kws that at the moment 1,800 provide annually Mwh clean energy. The facilities have been realised on pavilions, schools, swimming pools, centers of leisure, For Zero South Degrees have supposed everything a challenge by the great disparity of typologies of realised structures: coplanales, on elevations, levelings, For the future Zero South Degrees it has in march different photovoltaic and thermal projects as well as the implantation from national level of his store.

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