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When saying modern houses usually are understood like those houses that now are constructed, the houses of the last times. But there is an architectonic style, the Modern style that defines the design of a house and starts in the beginnings of Century XX, when there was a change in the form to mainly make a house related to 2da. Industrial revolution by the available materials and the use of the electricity. The modern houses take care of plus the functionality that the decoration, is simple without ornamentations and is more efficient like houses. When it is said modern houses can mean houses of Modern style or the houses that are not old, those own ones of the architecture of the present, in this case the style can be Contemporary, Minimalist, Ultramodern, Posmoderno and thus. Today it is not always easy to define the style of a modern house. Thus it is that to say " houses modernas" it can have different meaning for a person without architecture knowledge that stop an architect. There are some general lineamientos of design that serve to help to define what is one modern house, and agrees with the idea that any person has than, more or less, is a modern house.

When they appeared the first houses Modern style were simple, rational constructions, with doors, ceilings and windows of low height in comparison to like, already long time ago, one came constructing. The electricity and the electrical light allowed to make work one more a closed house and compacts. Next you can review the posteos dedicated in this blog from architecture to the Modern houses. He leaves his opinion in a commentary of some of the posteos that visit. Hgame to know what thinks. In order to see photos of modern houses it follows east Link. Anyway it considers that each posteo is informed with photos.



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