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Media Presentation

Was your phone’s behavior wrong? It’s not about today us right or wrong, but we want to see what are the techniques, in order to use the phone even more professional. “Body: 6/10 of the time here present content and arguments, systematically in main and subentries.” After longer versions you briefly summarize what I have said. Their audience hears your presentation for the first time and is happy to get an orientation. You should include Pro chapter not more than 7 detail information. The presentation of the body is also based on your goals and audience. Think about exactly, what, how much, and how your information want to present. Conclusion: 2/10 of the time decides the first impression about sympathy and confidence, the last impression stays in the memory. Here again focus your goal. (Similarly see: The Cohesive Companies).

If you want to motivate the participants to act, you should appeal once again to your audience. Repeat the most important here again and summarize the most important points. Thank you for the participation or attention. Example: I have presented our new marketing strategies. Our goal is to increase our sales to 10%. To do this, we need your support and look forward to a constructive cooperation. Thank you for your active participation.

Final discharges could be: what it all means for us? u0085 I summarize: which brings us to this? u0085 Our goal is goodbye you your listeners with a positive feeling. The rest of the time 1/10 is your time buffer. 5. visualize and create the presentation Media usage is the visualization in addition to your speech important to generate attention. Another reception channel is addressed through the visualization and the content remains longer in the memory. Who knows not the saying: pictures say more than 1000 words. Link your statement with a memorable image. In addition to the classic PowerPoint presentation the flip chart, the Whiteboard, or a bulletin board is suitable also for smaller groups (up to 20 persons).

Frank Fernandez

World, we are free to decide, nobody can stifle us how little we can do as individuals, take away one of the few rights that we have left, the right choice. People always have choice to situations and we must respect the choices of others even though we do not agree, we can not put obstacles and hurdles to the path of those who surround us, enough already of selfishness, manipulation and let’s people, something that many have forgotten what it means. In the world of work many people take advantage of living situations many people to manipulate them, do with them that gives them the win, requiring them things that they themselves would do and take advantage of the fear that has society, which Luckily, still working which is the fear to lose their work and livelihood, is that if I don’t do them if I will miss, even if not agree can not say otherwise because I may lose my job we all have to be flexible in these times but that does not allow us vejar, crush, stifle others. People that we occupy leadership positions we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others and help them to grow, forming because that way we will gain all. Lever Brothers: the source for more info. The people who are working under those conditions must ask themselves if they fall head continuously, are void as people once after another how will be the next thing? Don’t you think that you will also Miss? Then comes the repentance? Only intend that all put on our part to make a better society in which there are no deprivation of freedom of thought, I do not mean a revolution but ultimately let live, are why we endeavor to direct the life of others? Don’t we have enough with ours? And to finish a sentence the leader is to serve not to be served. Frank Fernandez original Autor and source of the article.

Mariana Farias

Artifacts and practices expressed values and managerial ideologies. In both case says Mariana Farias, refers to a system of beliefs and shared values, where its acceptance and uptake by the members of the Organization, will allow them to belonging and assume certain identity within it. At the same time this condition, will find Guide to know what do, decisions take, where risk, what are their responsibilities, etc. Check out Accenture for additional information. and everything that involves being and being part of the organization. The fact that culture fulfils numerous functions in any organization.

One of those functions is that it conveys a sense of cohesion to the members. The greater success of the Organization, greater cohesion and the longing for entering and remaining in it. There is a saying that says that everyone wants to be part of important and successful organizations. You must take into consideration, that the culture organizational models, guide, determines the behavior of the components of the organized group. This is little apparent in small organizations, as it may be the case of an SME but each of them develops a culture itself, particular and differentiated, which is strengthened with the passage of time.

It should not be forgotten, that the culture of an organization is the consequence of the customs, traditions, procedures and systems with which opera, works. In the case of an SME, is the entrepreneur who believes, who is that prints character, since it initiates activities to the organization. The creator of an SME has clear what ideas wants, and will select people who will accompany him on his adventure, who believes that they comulgaran with its ideas therefore management responsible for the direction of the SME under their charge, must also be present, to the consolidation of an organizational culture, creates an acceptance and understanding of members about the important elements and behaviours that must be followed as Group.

DNA Spirituality

However this differentiation is not sufficient for holistic education, because it leaves out the part of the human being, the spirituality and thus continues the fragmentation, since these intelligences are just parts of one greater whole, components of a higher reality, fragments of a superior intelligence. One of the problems generated in the field of education is the term spirituality, often confused with religion, however spirituality is inseparable from the human being, inherent and through her he transcends, is the essence of everything that exists and is beyond everything that exists beyond the ego. When we realize that what happens to us happens to us to others and what happens to the other happens to ourselves, compassion, universal love, opens spirituality and makes human beings patients, open, accessible, comprehensive, creative. In his dissertation, Dr. Gallegos argues that spiritual intelligence allows us to discern that we are living in a human experience but we are spiritual beings, we have Buddha-nature, there is a fundamental vision of our nature as: Conciencia-verdad-happiness. Intelligence spiritual, in the likeness of our biological origins has a DNA, which are the principles that allow us to understand its nature, it is, how it works, and are as follows, is better love than hate, is better the truth than lie, is better good evil, better knowledge than ignorance, is better balance that endsIt is better to receive, is better peace than violence, is better attention than neglect, is better than suffering happiness and recognize that, we are spiritual beings. With the base of these philosophical principles, you can see that spiritual intelligence is one top reality, and being outside the material transcends goes beyond the ego, to attachments, and it is universal, any human being can find their inner peace and overcome himself, but it is essential to enable this spirituality that can only be captured the eye of contemplation. . Source: Kenneth J Hardy.

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