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Simple Network Management Protocol

The management of the net through the SNMP allows the simple and easy accompaniment of the state, in real time, of the net, being able to be used to manage different types of systems. This management is known as model of management SNMP, ousimplesmente, management SNMP. For in such a way, the SNMP is the name of the protocol in which the information are changed between the MIB and the management application as well as is the name of this model of management. The commands are limited and based in the search mechanism/alteration. Nomecanismo of search/alteration is available the operations of alteration of a value of an object, of attainment of the values of an object and its variations. The use of an limited number of operations, based on a search mechanism/alteration, becomes the protocol of easy implementation, simple, steady and flexible.

As consequence it reduces the traffic of messages of management through Conclusion However we perceive that you are welcome each time would advance terms more gigantic nets if we could not have control on the same ones, manages and it of nets appeared as a form to have this control and guiding in them how much to the planning, implantation, provisionamento, administration and maintenance. of analyzes of these processes if it concludes that the importance of manages in a net of telecommunications this in guaranteeing its continues and perfect operation. References RNP 1997 RNP, National Net of Education and Research (1997) Access in (June 2009). OTSUKA 1995 Otsuka, Joise Lee (1995) Manegemente Information Base Access in (June 2009). ARTOLA 1995 Artola, Esmilda Saez (1995) MIB – Manegemente Information Base Access in (June 2009). CHESANI 1995 Chesani, Luciana (1995) SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol

Mental Upheavals

The extreme use makes with that practical its is not many times adequate. To the times, it is preferable to use another resource that goes to take care of much more that objective that wants to develop itself at the moment, of what to use it. By dealing with a virtual reality, the computer cannot be used of form to threaten the proper reality, will have to be used to fortify it. This does not substitute, for example, the manipulation of the concrete, indispensable to the process. According to Tikhomirow, the computer must be seen as learning instrument. It is the mediator between our thought and the actions. He transforms the reasoning into manipulable things. He does not disappear with the human thought, but he reorganizes it.

Valley to stand out that with the computer the interdisciplinaridade, so valued, can in such a way be developed and be worked in the creation projects, how much in softwares closed. The information can be related, as in the real life, without having stages stanch, of a playful form. ' ' Desiring is the land where if it nourishes aprendizagem' '. (Fernndez, 2001, p.15) the bond is something extremely important in the learning process. With this point, then, the computer becomes facilitador, therefore, in a generalized manner, it attracts the attentions of the children making with that it is come back and interested in its work. The majority likes to be ahead of a machine, this finishes being a positive point for the resource that finishes attracting the attention of the children whom nor they perceive to be in the learning process. INTELLECTUAL DEFICIT OR MENTAL DELAY According to AAMR (American Association of Mental Deficiency) and DSM-IV (Manual Diagnosis and Statistician of Mental Upheavals), can be defined mental deficiency as the reduction state notable of the inferior intellectual functioning to the average, associate the limitations at least in two aspects of the adaptativo functioning: personal communication, cares, domestic abilities, social abilities, pertaining to school use of the communitarian resources, autonomy, health and security, aptitudes, leisure and work.


If you started almost without nothing, have people absolutely starting with nothing, she sees when you enter in the life web you you have that to remember that has millions of people of another side and never she judges before starting a campaign. RELATIONSHIP AND VISIBILITY. Everybody makes campaigns of sales and speaks: – Ours we vendemos in such a way! Nobody analyzes what we can have lost. this occurred for does not keep a relationship with the person/company who entered in contact with you; The page when the person has access, is not what it is in its propaganda and it has that to be giving returns (some clicks) Understands the following one, today it is necessary to plan its spreading and has some tools for this and beyond everything we can automatize all process of its propaganda in web AS? Tools exist (gratuitous and paid) and that you can program some messages for its possible customers. With this tool you go to have a salesman who works 7 x 24 x 365, you you know that normally the customer purchase after 5 or 6 contact that you make with it, this tool of programmed reply automatic you go to have a salesman who does not go to cost almost nothing for you. THE PROBLEM: One detail that is very important, you needs to appear, you needs to have something that interest its public, knows why reading? Because if you not to attract public specify of truth for its company, you she always goes to be in these simpler sales, we go to move of life, ok! It understands the following one. Old, it does not have much time behind, before web as you made propaganda?

Wachovia Financial

The idea of the minister of economy of then, was to obtain the greater possible amount of citizens bancarizados, that is to say who operated through their banking accounts in the formal circuit. The effect was exactly the opposite one: people finished colchonizando, that is to say putting its tickets underneath the mattress. In the USA it has been the irresponsibility in the credit allocation of the financial institutions to his clients and in the securitizacin of hypothecating instruments of risk that took to the sector to colapsar. It was the turn of IndyMac (OTC: IDMC) last Friday, the seventh financial organization in falling since the hypothecating crisis a year ago began. In the second day of the collapse of IndyMac, the police controlled the multitude of clients in row after the midnight that tried to retire its savings of the bank, as soon as the bank reopened Monday under the intervention of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Insuring Federal Corporation of Deposits, that guarantees the savings of any account until US$ and US$ 250,000 in an account of 100,000 retirement, according to CBS. the skepticism remains bound to all the questions regarding the credit, said Alan Gayle, senior strategist of Capital Trusco Management in Atlanta, according to The Boston Globe. The problem is that they are not only the institutions that have operated financial instruments of hypothecating risk, but all the financial institutions in the USA are threatened increasing debts in a decelerated economy, at the risk of espiralizacin with stock-exchange falls and flight of their clients. &amp said to not very hopeful Stuart Plesser Standard analyst; Poor s to Associated Press: the worse thing is about to come in the financial sector.

The advice that I must to give the investor is the one to stay of the financial values remote. The investors are asking themselves at the moment: what institution will be the next one in falling? There are estimations that indicate that it enters 100 and 150 banking organizations could close in next the 18 months, according to AP. the small and medians institutions within the commercial bank are threatened. Marshall & Ilsley, Sun Trust Bank, First Horizon National, BankUnited Financial, National same City the National Banks like Washington Mutual (NYSE: WM) and Wachovia (NYSE: WB). the majority of the banks is outside solid danger and, informed Monday the president into the FDIC, Sheila Bair in CNBC. But several analysts observe that IndyMac did not comprise of the governmental list of the 90 banks in difficulties to the 31 of March of 2008. That is sees to where they can. According to the Times, this in the FDIC is not the unique fault: clienta Noelle Gabay, said went to check its balance in line and tens of thousands of dollars had disappeared.

When one appeared in the organizations, one was with tails of hundreds of people and employees very little collaborating. It had US$ 213,500 and the bank only gave US$ him 99.000. My confidence in FDIC disappeared. The question is how, where we put our money? We buy greater mattresses? We hope also does not arrive colchonizacin there. Until Friday, Paola Pecora Original author and source of the article.

Comparing Results

Since the launching of the Bing in day 2 of this month, we saw an increasing use of the service, beyond is clearly, a series of critical to the system. Much was said of new ' ' Google Killer' ' , or still a system that very weak and is seemed the Live, old system of search of Microsoft. The question is that it is inevitable to compare the two systems, making consultations in each one and thus observing each one of the search mechanisms. Some programmers had used to advantage the chance and had created pages that can simultaneously make consultations in the two mechanisms of search. He uses to advantage these systems and he has also tested you: Bing And half easy GoogleUm to make consultation in the two mechanisms of search. It places the word and click in ' ' Bing! and Google! ' ' to have the two screens of the search mechanisms. The good one is that you can Twittar directly its resultado.BingleUma junction of Bing + Google = Bingle.

&#039 is very interesting to be able to alternate enters each one of the services through links; ' all bing' ' , ' ' bingle' ' ' ' all google' '. And compares Google BingCom some ads in the system, but possesss a way to alternate around in some versions of the Bing of the world. It is well interesting but it finishes for to be half poludo. Blind SearchPor end, one of the systems that are more generating buzz is the Blind Search, where you type a search and the sample system 3 columns with 8 results. You must choose the best column to know which you are the Search Engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo!) used.


The man then starts to be a technological being and its relations that long ago were based on the exploration of nature, in reason of the evolution of the technology, passes to be structuralized in domain of techniques that allowed it uses them for its ends, and still with the concern with the support and the continuity of the planet. It was initiated, therefore, third revolution: of the Information, that based in Technology of the Information redefined and reorganized all the society, modifying the values of wealth and redefining the concepts of social relationships, forms of work, sovereignty and borders. Today, in we do not give account to them of dependent quo we are of the technology and nor the least we stop to think perhaps as everything this started, either because they had been of such necessity that the people had been if adaptando without many difficulties: of the television to the microwaves, the carburetor to the electronic injection, of the periodical in paper for e-mails informative and to corroborate with this trip we cite Jean-Paul Jacob who illustrates in sufficiently intelligent way the dependence it man for the technology: ‘ ‘

The three products that had more penetrated in our life in the last five years had been foreseen by nobody: cellular, laptop and COMPACT DISC. Why nobody to obtain to foresee? Because the necessities of the people for information had been subestimadas, education and entretenimento’ ‘. Thus, technology comes favoring the quality and searching to facilitate the life of the people, however, nor everything is satisfactory as in the case of the electronic games. They increase the consequences of the people, but they vitiate on the other hand them, generating even though problems of medical order and serious mannering consequencias, as foreseen for Michael L. Dertouzos in its book ‘ What it will be? ‘ (1998): ‘ ‘ As the evolution of the width of band, of the capacity of the computers is of the interfaces, them certainly will be perfected, allowing faster, realistic actions and complex, incorporating the use of cells, it speaks, it windou walls and who even knows of third dimension and virtual suits.

North American Department

This type of net is recognized for its users as net without wire. In accordance with You would make (2006), ones of the advantages of the nets without wires is mobility, that is, the user in case that he possesss one notebook, will be able to dislocate itself throughout one definitive area, without the restriction of the extension of the handles. As Ross (2008) currently in the market exists 3 standards that if becoming popular and are incorporated the devices: IrDA, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15. The biggest linked computer network currently popularly is known as Internet. In accordance with Polloni & Fedeli (2003) we can appraise the Internet as an enormous world-wide net of linked computers for common lines of telephone, private lines of communication, handles, diverse canals of satellite and other medias. The Internet appeared in the decade of 1970, during the Cold War between the United States and the extinct Soviet Union, from a military project, the ARP Anet.

Developed for the North American Department of Defense, the objective of the project was to create a linked computer network to the military bases North Americans and that she could continue functioning same that the central office of computers of the Pentagon was destroyed by an eventual atomic attack, taking to the chaos the military communications. (Polloni & Fedeli, Introduction the Computer science, the 2003) National Agency of Telecomunicaes (ANATEL) defines the Internet as the generic name that assigns the set of nets, the ways of transmission and commutation, roteadores, equipment and protocols necessary for the digital and analogical communication between computers, as well as ' ' software and the data contained in these computadores' '. However, beyond all these technologies presented during the introduction of this article, exist technology PLC? Power Line Communication. The justification for the elaboration of this study is to be able to contribute with the society and the corporative way, with inherent explanations and clarifications to this new technology, a time that, for being to deal with a subject, theoretically new, not existing documentation on the subject.

Educational Informtica

The main challenge many times is, to remain itself brought up to date, when already it is in deficit of knowledge of the technological resources has years. To argue, to reflect and to search on a subject that it does not dominate, knowing that it could facilitate very in its work, without knowing at least for where to start. The first steps for adoption of computers in pertaining to school institution, as instrument for acquisition of knowledge you discipline of them, winning the barrier that imposes computer science as one disciplines isolated, this is the challenge considered in this work. For this, one searchs to discover the real expectations of the professors on the practical professor with use of the computer science resources and Internet in the City of Is Gonalo/RJ.

One knows that it does not have formula that it guarantees the success in all the cases, when the subject is educational computer science, however, knowing the public, its abilities, yearnings and concepts regarding the subject, the success in the implementation of the technological resources is much more probable, therefore has to start the process of choice of the methods and ways that will be used, leaving of the proper reality, contextualizando not only for the pupil, but also for the professor and the institution which if destines, thus improving, not only the quality of education, as of the proper life of the professors. The particular schools of the City of Are Gonalo/RJ, responsible for the education of thousand of pupils, they use varied didactic resources and they possess a great number of professors who not yet are made familiar to the use of the Internet and Educational Informtica, becoming necessary the research so that if it gets the real index of these professors, its necessities and aspirations in relation to the improvement of these knowledge, that according to proper professors, would only reach the professionals, since for its deductions, the students, young in its majority, deeply are made familiar to such technological resources and daily use some of them with diverse but not educative ends.

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