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The success of pharmaceutical marketing strategy is not based on tools but on the people who manage them and conducts tactical operations to achieve the objectives set. Digital pharmaceutical marketing aims to obtain the best results from the budget, get relevant traffic from all the specialists of greater importance to analyze and optimize the information in Depending on the therapeutic needs. The Internet means a big change in thinking and consider strategies for the promotion of pharmaceutical products and the objectives of the pharmaceutical industry. It is very likely that the personal contact of sellers of pharmaceutical products and medical sales representatives or representatives has certain advantages, it is, most of the times very effective since it uses the time in informal dialogues constituting an obstacle to the effective promotion and rational use of time. In this century of the cyber space doctors and pharmacists in a large percentage use the Internet frequently in search of useful information to expand their knowledge.

Digital platforms that can provide selected medical and pharmaceutical information will constitute a way of shortening the time of navigation in addition to show them alternatives to prescription with pharmacological data supported for awakening confidence in medical platforms of information of the laboratories. Some research informed us that including patients seeking information on their pathologies on the Internet many in order to understand the pros and cons of them. Certain patients seeking information on an illness or particular medication in a large percentage. Digital pharmaceutical marketing should be directed to physicians, pharmacists and patients seeking to learn as well as opinion leaders allowing to interact with them to provide them with the information that interests them rather than providing large and costly printed which will be disposed of by its volume. Know what the specific needs against a disease or certain treatment, will be truly effective and the way to do this is the Internet. Pharmaceutical marketing must be oriented to think in the digital era since the behavior of physicians is no different to other professions in which Internet usage is quite broad. The pharmaceutical industry should note this fact to implement new Digital strategies.

Marilda Yamamotto

The work will be divides in three parts. In its intrito, some basic concepts of who will be presented come to be work and process of work, as well as, a panoramic one of these relations of the period of the sprouting of the system manufacter, unchaining in the industrial revolution, until the contemporaneidade. At as a moment, sufficiently excellent, main agents of industrial productive transformation until originary middles of century XIX will be analyzed the models of taylorista/fordista production _ _ of the introduction of the machines in the productive process. Also the moment where this starts to lose force, due to introduction of the technological development of the automation, the robotics and microelectronics and also of the productive desconcentrao, presented for Toyota the Japanese Model of production. Of this form if of the one mixture, or substitution, of the old model of production for the toyotista reorganization.

Finally, a historical analysis of the assembly plant will be made FIAT since its birth in Italy, until its coming for Brazil. In this process the main impacts in its productive organization will be focused, decurrent of the toyotismo the purpose of this correlation are to identify traces of the three above-mentioned models as informing of the global body of the cited assembly plant. For in such a way, it will be used as reference for such study, a gamma of authors amongst them: Marilda Yamamotto, Harry Braverman, Ricardo Antunes and others. Also a historical analysis of the plant will be necessary, whose information will be extracted of the periodic one of internal circulation, for better appreciation of the possible consequences of what some authors call new rotinizao of the work, decurrent of the changes observed historically in the productive reorganization manufacter. 1. Concepts Basic? Work and Process of Work According to Harry Braverman (1987), the work is an activity exerted for the man to transform the nature into the direction to improve its utility, that is, better to satisfy its necessities.

PRD Point Break

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the next Sunday there will be internal elections in the Party of the democratic revolution, the third political Institute of importance in Mexico back in the PAN and PRI and is shaping up to a race that perhaps divide it irreparably. Founded by two former PRI members and also kidnapped years later by a mob of former PRI, the PRD plays its future in these elections where the giant figure of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador shine or opaque in that game. Jesus Ortega, the candidate who no longer wants to messianism of Lopez Obrador is emerging as the favorite on Alejandro Encinas, akin to Lopez Obrador. Already spoken of electoral strategies of the past such as filling of amphorae, stealing them and cyber fraud. And do not lack them reason. There are former PRI experts in these conflicts. The PRD was born 5 May 1989 and a year to meet its first two decades shaping up to an internal clash that will lead to the division. It is said that the figure of the self-proclaimed legitimate President of Mexico, Lopez Obrador, the PRD transcends and could go to form a new political party taking with him other parties like convergence, also former PRI members and the Labor Party.

The Mexican left is agglutinated in this political party but its division is historical since the 1970s: have never reached agreement. Persist this divisive spirit, outlines a series of defeats in the country where the litmus test will be the parliamentary elections of 2009 where splitting the representativity that has in the lower House. The party has a reputation for bullying and that is the trend that keeps heading to elections on Sunday. The carrier without Lopez Obrador, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas will revert to be a moral leader.

Canada Trafford Publishing

It is a history of science fiction. However the argument not at all is science fiction, because chio is a common character, or rather is as a character in real life that reflects the mental identity of you, of me, or of any individual who want more than exist in this life. This story trafficking teach people that they have a motivation of existence, a reason for being, and do not live just for living, but have goals, goals in life, so this is truly worth worthwhile live it. Comes a change in the life of the universe, they begin to evolve other races that we had not planned, go not even imagined. According to the events of planet Earth and the Cosmos, every day we are exposed to unexpected events that make history, events such as cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses or approaches of asteroids to the Earth’s atmosphere. But the event without a doubt most unexpected as none this is the evolution of the cat! In the past, not many but a few years ago, did perhaps someone had? planned events of the year two thousand five? Dear friends surprise us, today at the beginning of the third millennium, though you believe it or not we are experiencing other events, before ever seen. For example: four hundred years ago there was no knowledge of what would be a clone or a cyber invention, nor the smallest idea that we would be eye-witnesses and at the same time historical people, get to know the most spectacular event of the cosmos. & iquest;But what is about this exciting and interesting story? well I will explain them briefly.

Let us imagine for a moment what would happen if one of our pets were taken to another part of the universe? Well well here in this story is precisely what happens, chio chio watchdog is the result of a cat that travels through time and space, happening as a result such a development by twist of fate. So is the enigmatic and mysterious cat friends, which becomes a very peculiar character. Well, the cat once physically, evolves its appearance becomes second term. However, by then the reader already was interested in his way of acting, thinking and how to deal with the social problems of their breed, i.e. here the cat evolves to the maximum and causes an unexpected history interest, because it moves from physical attraction to the sexy intellectual almost accidentally changing.

With this I want to say in summary that it is a story with a social message, because it deals with the themes of the daily life of human beings, whether it be of any race or social status. name of the author; Federico Jimenez Martinez details of the author; I was born in CD. Valles S.L.P Mexico. I am a composer and writer’s life. One of my best musical works is that composed to the neighboring country of Costa Rica. That eventually won the Novel Peace Prize. Another musical theme is that of Venezuela, inspired by their beautiful women. And good inspiration I have since childhood, has served to develop the sensitivity, sensitivity that I have been useful in order to write the evolution of the cat. Book published in February of the year 2006 in the Canada Trafford Publishing.

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