PRD Point Break

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the next Sunday there will be internal elections in the Party of the democratic revolution, the third political Institute of importance in Mexico back in the PAN and PRI and is shaping up to a race that perhaps divide it irreparably. Founded by two former PRI members and also kidnapped years later by a mob of former PRI, the PRD plays its future in these elections where the giant figure of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador shine or opaque in that game. Jesus Ortega, the candidate who no longer wants to messianism of Lopez Obrador is emerging as the favorite on Alejandro Encinas, akin to Lopez Obrador. Already spoken of electoral strategies of the past such as filling of amphorae, stealing them and cyber fraud. And do not lack them reason. There are former PRI experts in these conflicts. The PRD was born 5 May 1989 and a year to meet its first two decades shaping up to an internal clash that will lead to the division. It is said that the figure of the self-proclaimed legitimate President of Mexico, Lopez Obrador, the PRD transcends and could go to form a new political party taking with him other parties like convergence, also former PRI members and the Labor Party.

The Mexican left is agglutinated in this political party but its division is historical since the 1970s: have never reached agreement. Persist this divisive spirit, outlines a series of defeats in the country where the litmus test will be the parliamentary elections of 2009 where splitting the representativity that has in the lower House. The party has a reputation for bullying and that is the trend that keeps heading to elections on Sunday. The carrier without Lopez Obrador, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas will revert to be a moral leader.



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