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NLP Programming

Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the sea would be less if missing a drop. Mother Teresa of Calcutta generalities, fundamentals are many advantages, achievements that can be obtained when one delves into the scope, relevance of the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Hence the importance of considering their fundamentals, for our personal growth. Its name comes from the bases that influenced their creation: programming, Cybernetics and computing; Neurology and Linguistics. His name may be represented as well: programming: the ability to organize our communication and neurological system to achieve specific desired results. Neuro: Nervous system through which the experience is received and processed through the five senses. Linguistics: Verbal and non-verbal communication systems through which neural representations are encoded, sorted and given meaning.

NLP is based on what has been called presuppositions. They are defined as presuppositions that assumes that they are true and we take them as guides that define our actions in different contexts in which we act. They are resources that optimize our lives and our relationships with others and with ourselves it is not a standard definition, this is variable depending on the executors of your transmission, however, trying to retain the importance and validity that have as fundamental principles of the NLP, is therefore analyze the presuppositions of NLP that can be grouped into basic and operational: Basic presuppositions: 1. the map is not the territory: the language constitutes a map used by the people to represent the reality they perceive. Reality passes by different filters (limiting neurological, social and individual) before being perceived by us, which prevents that we perceive fully what is reality. 2 Life and mind are processes systemic: (Gregory Bateson, Sacred Unity) the operative presuppositions emerge from these basic assumptions: 1. mind and body are part of the same cybernetic system: the cybernetic adjective applies here to indicate that this system body-mind is characterized interact as an open circuit of communication: both interact and influence each other.

Spanish Information

Learn more about statistics, researching a little about the amount of users on the network in all languages, including the Spanish. I recently saw. statistics by language and the Spanish, in some places this considered the third language most used on the website, after the English and Chinese. If he does not betray me memory, because we are more than 300 millions of Spanish-speaking we trudge the Web daily. What I’m going is to make you a very cordial invitation.

If you have not done so yet, get into the full time network. It is not so difficult. There are a few basic rules not to leave that they steal your money and more valuable for you, your time. * Get a mentor. A person who inspires you with confidence. It doesn’t matter that you live on the other side of the world. The important thing is that you can communicate with that person on a daily basis.

It creates a good relationship. Friendship if possible. You’re going to need in order to help you walk through cyberspace. There are thieves and scammers everywhere. * It acquires information about the basic elements. Creation of web pages, creation of blogs, creating lists of prospects, creating traffic, promotion and selling affiliate products, etc. * spends as long as you can to your new discipline and from the outset gives you the respect and the priority that deserves. It is your new business. It is your vehicle with You’ll achieve decent and decently live the last years of your life, without relying on your children or a job, which you had not helped much in any way. So that if you do not get that job, rejoice and get to the Internet. Do you want to have more information?

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