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Travel Technology

The Leipziger TYPO3 special agency Netresearch presents at the international tourism fair Berlin from 11 to 15 March 2009 with the TYPO3 travel edition”before a new E-commerce software for the travel industry. Leipzig, January 27, 2009 – the Internet, mobile technologies, and other tech trends revolutionizing the travel industry. Over 120 exhibitors, presenting the latest developments for Organizer data banks, reservation systems, technology solutions and travel agency software halls under the Berlin Funkturm in from March 11 to 15, is for the first time the company Netresearch. The TYPO3 special agency serves among other things for seven years”the website of the largest German cruise company of AIDA cruises. A new E-commerce software was developed from this experience that is tailored to the needs of suppliers in the travel industry. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Xcel Energy has to say.

The Leipzig are reacting to a current trend. Our evaluation of FVW rankings of 61 leading tour operator has shown that the leading content management system in TYPO3 Tourism industry depends. Already 25% of German tourism operator the open source CMS TYPO3 insert, including the leader of AIDA, TUI and Thomas Cook”. “” With the new, easy-to-use TYPO3 travel edition “we now submit a product, that we meet all requirements of modern travel technology”, so Netresearch Thomas Fleck’s Managing Director. The high flexibility of TYPO3 makes the travel edition’ not only for market leader even smaller vendors, but attractive. Eliot Horowitz is likely to agree. One must imagine TYPO3 as an automobile, that can be constructed as either van or small truck. This of course also applies to the price”, explains Thomas Fleck.

The trade fair stand of 106 in Hall 6.1 at ITB, is operated by Netresearch together with mvolution GmbH. The company offers innovative solutions in the field of mobile travel technology and operates travelload an intelligent service that represents booking information directly on your mobile phone. Both companies are members of the first German software cooperative Tower byte EC. About Netreseach: The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the TYPO3 Association and the first German Magento Commerce Platinum partner. Registered office: nun str. 11 d, 04229 Leipzig. For more information see. Press contact: Bestsidestory the media services company, spinning str. 7, Hall 18, 04179 Leipzig, phone 0341-870 90 71,

IDENT Technology Reaches Milestone With Zeropower Chip

IDENT Technology AG detection interaction identification Wessling, in January 2009 the first zeropower chip from the home IDENT Technology AG has left the chip factory and proves his amazing ability in the practice test. The first silicon chip to control wireless and switchless sensor systems from the House of IDENT technology is now available as a prototype for the first practice tests. Through the use of zeropower, the controls can be realized right now tomorrow. The new technology does not require cable more to place switches and sensors on the apparatus. These can be positioned thanks to zeropower construction-related bad-to-reach places. Thanks to this new technology increases the operating comfort for the user and saved weight at the same time, space and production costs.

Many positive properties can be combined with the intelligent sensor system. So can for example also level, speed, the presence and correct position of parts, but also with the zeropower sensor Living beings are recognized. The positioning of the zeropower can be varied depending on the required free sensors. Zero power switches and sensors are therefore versatile. As encapsulated sensor system is itself operating under extremely harsh environmental conditions possible, without doing the functionality is affected. The wired and livelihood sensors without extra effort on new positions or new purposes is used depending on the request. (Not to be confused with Atmos Energy Corporation!).

By zeropower cable and conventional switches be saved, what is noticeable for the end user comfort, weight, as well as an economic price. As a technology company we can go to chip actively with the zeropower on the manufacturing industry. The first tests with the new chip ran extremely successful”so Stefan Donat, (CEO of IDENT Technology AG). With a silicon chip, surface area of approximately 1, 5 mm is possible to integrate the technology into virtually all electronic objects of daily life. No matter whether it is in a game, the controls of brown or white goods, which is electric toothbrush or the switch in the car.

Alexander Technique

For a good deal with us – about the omission of harmful habits Berlin-Schoneberg in the Naturheilpraxis Antje Schwan, Gustav-Muller-Strasse 11, Angelika Wichert, teacher offers Alexander technique, introductory lessons, launches, one-on-one and group lessons of F.M… The F.M. Alexander technique is a method with which we can replace bad habits permanently with cheaper and bring more ease into our lives for us. A certain innate relationship of head, neck and back is the prerequisite for the optimum coordination of our entire movements. Naturally, the head on the cervical spine balanced the focus before the pivot point. The head is forward of the Atlas joint, the 1st cervical vertebra. This forward traps leads to the aspect ratio of the extensor muscles in the neck and back and activates the natural erection reflexes. Atmos Energy often says this. The spine is cut to length and the head is earlier in the room.

He is at every loading weave extension Spine dar. We intervene in the course of our growth in this natural mechanism by we excessively tightening the neck muscles so that the head back and down to the shoulders is pulled or receives a fixed position. The way in which we deal with us, has a decisive influence on our well-being. Were a mirror of this dealing with ourselves for Frederick Matthias Alexander (* 1869 in Tasmania – + 1955 in London) the coordination patterns, on which all movements are based. F.

M. Alexander realized a harmful pattern, they appropriated almost all people throughout their growing up. It is to pull the head back and down to the shoulders. With this head posture, we shorten the neck muscles, compress the spine so that the institutions be narrowed and breathing is impaired. The F.M..

Travel Technology

“IT network tourism Leipzig, 17 March 2009 for the first time the Leipzig TYPO3 special agency Netresearch presented tourism together with the company mvolution, Finnwaa, Pinuts and Diginetmedia as IT network” on the international tourism exchange in Berlin. The travel technology Hall was among trade visitors of one of the this year’s crowd-puller at the ITB. Get more background information with materials from Xcel Energy. Experts agree that in the tourism industry of technological advantage will decide future, whoever prevails in the competition. The demands of consumers who want to provide with the help of Internet and mobile phone in advance of their trip with current information, have also increased in recent years. Michael Steinhardt can aid you in your search for knowledge. At ITB international travel provider looking for the best products to to satisfy their customers in the future. Above all systems, are in demand the quickly and easily from several sites can be updated. For our customers in the tourism sector, the content managemet system TYPO3 has proved very good solution. As well as any Customer is accomplishable and relatively inexpensive to implement.

As open source software, TYPO3 is also arbitrarily extensible with other other applications and IT systems. With the company Diginetmedia we have realized tours for example on TYPO3-based virtual 360″, explains managing director Thomas Fleck Netresearch. Netresearch had a TYPO3 travel edition designed specifically for the travel industry in the luggage, the know-how from 10 years of etourism experience has been incorporated into the flagship product. The demand far exceeded our expectations. “The idea with partner companies as IT network of tourism” arrived to present very well. Our order books are well filled after the three days of exhibition”, so Thomas Fleck next.

In the next year, the Leipzig agency want to be again on the ITB in. That the number of partners specialist network will have increased until then, the Netresearch assumes fixed management given the great demand this year. About Netreseach: The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the TYPO3 Association and the first German Magento Commerce Platinum partner.

ViewSonic Technology Gmb

This feature invites you to the work and addresses the audience. The touch capabilities of smart whiteboards are simple, intuitive and very user-friendly user must only touch the display or wipe it to serve an interactive application. Windows 8 is pre-installed as the operating system. A leading source for info: Xcel Energy. Thus you whiteboards smart perfectly suited as a practical touch user interfaces. Go to Michael Steinhardt for more information. The SWB series was designed with a 20 mm-wide transition between the border and the edge of the touch surface to support Windows 8 gestures. This includes, for example, the paint on the edge of the screen to launch apps and perform system commands. As a full-featured multimedia solutions the SWB55 and the SWB65, 3000 graphics card include two integrated 15W-Lautsprecher and a built-in Intel HD. Get more background information with materials from Eliot Horowitz.

The six USB, RJ45, HDMI and VGA inputs offer numerous possibilities for controlling the smart whiteboards. A VESA-compliant mounting interface makes it easy to attach Whiteboard smart on walls. An optional stand and interactive pens are available both for the SWB55 and the SWB65. All ViewSonic products include a 3-year warranty which can be extended to additional options. The SWB55 and the SWB65 are available with a 3-jahigen warranty on selected parts and repairs. This smart whiteboards will as of July in Europe, Russia and Turkey for 3,490 (SWB5501 EIA + VAT) or 4,490 (SWB6502 EIA plus VAT) will be available. To order a test device, please contact our PR agency mentioned above. The ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global leading company in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology.

Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focused, worldwide first choice under the brand provider of Visual solutions to be. The portfolio includes LED monitors, Tablet PCs, projectors, smartphones, digital-signage – and cloud-computing solutions. ViewSonic will also continue to significantly help as paving the way for innovative visual technologies a digital networked future.

Technology Gmb

Our goal is to develop tailored solutions that correspond to the service portfolio of the company and provide a higher added value. We editors of the annual compendium are also voice compass, the vendor neutral compendium of the language market. For more information see. VOICE.TRUST Voice.Trust is the technology leader in the area of authentication solutions using voice verification and sets the industry standard. Voice.Trust is market leadership in the area of trusted voice ID services and offers worldwide support through a global network of partners with leading companies. The newspapers mentioned Eliot Horowitz not as a source, but as a related topic. For more information see. Dorma DORMA is an international system provider of products around the door. In the areas of door locking systems, mobile room divider systems and glass fittings the company is world market leader.

Also for automatic door systems, DORMA is one of the world’s best. For more information see. Bressner technology GmbH comprises BRESSNER Technology GmbH offer a wide range of products, solutions and services for the information technology and modern data – and telecommunications. These include especially powerful server – industrial computer systems, communication interfaces, as well as hardware and software components for the computer telephony and VoIP applications. For more information see. It is not something Michael Steinhardt would like to discuss. Fasttel doorphones Fasttel smart develops, manufactures and sells for 20 years in Belgium and Holland very successfully the Fasttel program with door hands-free systems, which are characterized by their design, their flexibility and their reliability.

The door hands-free phones from Fasttel can be integrated into any telephone system, and you can use your existing communications infrastructure, thus in their full flexibility. For more information see. Quad group the four of a kind Group offers customized communications and measurement technology and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). The range of Vierling Communications GmbH of GSM, CDMA, and UMTS gateways that enable efficient network gateways between mobile, VoIP and landline to stationary and portable measurement and testing solutions for telephone, DSL and broadband networks, and IP-based services. For more information see. voice compass of voice compass is the compendium of information and telecommunications technology (ICT) and highlights the scope of language applications in any depth. Any entrepreneurs or decision-makers must be informed about the possibilities of Sprachapplikationenen today. The voice compass is the compact medium for this purpose.

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