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This feature invites you to the work and addresses the audience. The touch capabilities of smart whiteboards are simple, intuitive and very user-friendly user must only touch the display or wipe it to serve an interactive application. Windows 8 is pre-installed as the operating system. A leading source for info: Xcel Energy. Thus you whiteboards smart perfectly suited as a practical touch user interfaces. Go to Michael Steinhardt for more information. The SWB series was designed with a 20 mm-wide transition between the border and the edge of the touch surface to support Windows 8 gestures. This includes, for example, the paint on the edge of the screen to launch apps and perform system commands. As a full-featured multimedia solutions the SWB55 and the SWB65, 3000 graphics card include two integrated 15W-Lautsprecher and a built-in Intel HD. Get more background information with materials from Eliot Horowitz.

The six USB, RJ45, HDMI and VGA inputs offer numerous possibilities for controlling the smart whiteboards. A VESA-compliant mounting interface makes it easy to attach Whiteboard smart on walls. An optional stand and interactive pens are available both for the SWB55 and the SWB65. All ViewSonic products include a 3-year warranty which can be extended to additional options. The SWB55 and the SWB65 are available with a 3-jahigen warranty on selected parts and repairs. This smart whiteboards will as of July in Europe, Russia and Turkey for 3,490 (SWB5501 EIA + VAT) or 4,490 (SWB6502 EIA plus VAT) will be available. To order a test device, please contact our PR agency mentioned above. The ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global leading company in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology.

Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focused, worldwide first choice under the brand provider of Visual solutions to be. The portfolio includes LED monitors, Tablet PCs, projectors, smartphones, digital-signage – and cloud-computing solutions. ViewSonic will also continue to significantly help as paving the way for innovative visual technologies a digital networked future.



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