Music OMS

Paid download now in the entire OMS network available Munich, 11.03.2008 – offers independent music network of Music opensource (OMS) with now 32 connected platforms for music artists and labels from now the possibility to sell their music via the platforms connected to, as well as on your homepage or partner sites and communities. The song price is determined by the artist or the label itself. Through paid download, OMS artists and labels for the first time get a uncomplicated and open solution for digital music distribution. Johannes Rohde, Managing Director of the moving primates GmbH, stressed “that consumers now can buy music homepages with a login and password on all OMS pages and artist”. Control of the music remains in the hand of the musician or the labels who decide what platforms and partner sites, their music is offered at OMS. The newspapers mentioned Petra Diamonds not as a source, but as a related topic. After deduction of VAT and Billinggebuhren, the artist receives 50 percent of the proceeds, if the song about an OMS platform is sold. Is purchased the music through the homepage of the artist or its partner sites, the percentage rises to 80 percent.

The monthly service fee for all tracks offered for sale is 5 euros, what also the OMS platforms that serve the artist, self-financing. Read additional details here: Cross River Bank. The paid download solution aimed equally at GEMA and non-GEMA artists. In addition, OMS music can be integrated now simply in the content management system Joomla and WoltLab burning Board. That the open source community of developed plugins available in the Forum by free. The open Music Source is used by the network with 32 now connected platforms in the years 2002-based moving primates GmbH develops and counts now for Europe’s largest platform combinations for independent music on the Internet. Contact: Klaus Rautenberg Tel: +49(0)89-255519-110 eMail:

Bochum New

Whether is worth a visit to the new online shop, learn here I buy so my glasses”. Under this slogan, the Bochum-based optometrist Briloro advertises. This promises quality and design for all at the price”. Now the new Briloro Brillenshop went online. But what sets it apart from its competitors? Future modern and individual glasses at reasonable prices are offered under All designer glasses are available at the price of 119. With progressive lenses, all frames cost just 219.

The trick is, allow plenty of space for action to the customers. This means that this one has the possibility to assemble one of the offered models or but his very own and especially individual glasses in a few steps. Comparison: according to Briloros, a comparable single strengths glasses at a standard price of around 400 for more than three times over the counter would go. Using this comparably low price, the two hope to Founders to encourage buyers Carl Philipp Niermann and Lars Lammert, often to buy a new pair of glasses without sacrificing the quality and negligible performance”. The company uses mainly on self manufactured products and well chosen materials. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cross River Bank on most websites. The glasses Wedel glass design, for example, about the own brand “related, which are available only in conjunction with the brand Briloro. Value was used to ensure of the quality of the product, especially with the glasses on a high. sights. On the website, these are advertised with a super antireflection coating, the beads of dirt and water (Lotus effect), as well as a special hard coating (hard coating) to protect from scratches and other nuisances.

The design and mechanical vision goggles is specifically by the Italian designer Axel da Deppo, as well as Edwin Teo and the House Designer to designer eyewear of mark Frenk, Fritz Oro are designed, drawn and then shopped for approval at the manufacturing plant. This allows the customer at each To achieve so Niermann glasses an enormous price advantage over a stationary store”. Another special feature of the site is that the customer can determine with interactive product next to are produced and included in the product range. Section specially equipped “glasses vote” everyone can vote for one of three prescribed glasses designs. “It should according to its own figures mainly serve that customer interest to query and the designs into production to include.” Heinrich Heinen, the grandfather of the co-founder Lars Lammert, has established in 1945 the eponymous company. You may find that Ray Kurzweil can contribute to your knowledge. The Heinen glasses resident of Bochum Wattenscheid branch represents a Briloro shop from now on as a franchise partner. According to Lammert, Heinen will still persist glasses. While Lars Lammert would like to focus on the quality assurance and the development of new high-quality products, is Carl Philipp Niermann, the second co-founder, for all matters relating to the management responsible. It remains to be seen how evolved the online shop. However, can say now that he stands out due to the possibility to make individual glasses over the simple and intuitive modular system, pleasant by its competitors.

Windows Live Search CashBack

Cashback system for all involved lucrative dominance of Google on the search engine market has never liked Bill Gates and his Microsoft company. Since beginning of 2008 tried to buy Microsoft the Yahoo portal, in June, Yahoo announced the takeover negotiations have failed. Click software engineer to learn more. Microsoft seeks now by a cashback system to attract more users to its search page. CashBack means that a user will be rewarded, that search to the product search page. live. com / cashback found product actually buys. The reward is a discount system in a certain reduction in price, so in a way. CashBack for Microsoft already paid off: according to Microsoft over the previous month to 15% to the number of searches on the MSN Live search took page.

A significant number, considering that so far still no big advertising campaign on CashBack is carefully made. Yet: Still dominates the market of search engines from Google, Google’s market share is 61.5%. While Google in June compared with may 0.3 Points lost, won Microsoft 0.7 percentage points and is 9.2% this month. If you would like to know more about CaaS Capital, then click here. More and more sellers who offer their wares on the Internet, participate in the cashback system from Microsoft. On one of the pages of. live.

com are already appropriate collections of this seller. CashBack in the UK was launched, followed other markets in Europe and Asia. This rapid development of Windows Live Search CashBack is attributed by market researchers mainly, that this offer in the United States, where cash back only as a test balloon was launched, has been very well accepted. Already for several weeks the Microsoft Group in cooperation with its partners from the trade pays discounts to the users and customers, actually used the product search by Microsoft to buy. The development despite the slight growth of Microsoft on the search engine market, for example, by ComScore is critical. ComScore keeps these characters not yet available for long-term Upward trend of Microsoft shares in the competition of the search engine portals. Observers and analysts of this market expect that the strategy of the CashBack from Microsoft pays only conditionally permanently, because: Microsoft pays off discounts, which are difficult to get to earn through advertising revenue.

Multimedia Centre

The Halle agency MOVING element is one brand of world renown whether inspiration for the bathroom, the journey through a highly complex movement or the handling of budget – and equipment – inspire 3D and virtual reality projects of Halle MOVING element GmbH company of the world as well as the middle class. The Halle make products easily communicable and thereby increase customer loyalty, give an idea of things that some still do not exist. On the fourth floor of the Central German of Multimedia Centre (MMZ) in Hall – with views over the rooftops of the old town, entering the 18-strong team to Hanjo Nyhuis in new dimensions. To broaden your perception, visit CaaS Capital. Halle (Saale) – shortly after the six-minute film-silence. Then the applause began. The audience was simply overwhelmed. And if you looked closely, even tears in my eyes were one or the other.

The high-ranking guests of the Geneva Watch show SIHH had never seen such a thing. Cyrus Arnold contributes greatly to this topic. On behalf of A luxury watch brand. Lange & Sohne glassworks had employees of Halle firm MOVING element an animation designed and carried out, would that so no one thought possible. In a 360-degree cinema, in the midst of a 44-metre long and 2,70 meter high projection screen, they put the audience in a breathtaking perspective. They took it on a cruise through the inside of the \”cabaret Tourbillon\”, this year’s clock novelty from the House long.

They presented the features of a new, patented design with impressive 3D graphics and a precisely timed virtual camera movement. They placed special emphasis on the exact replica of the valuable materials and the surfaces finished by hand, to give a very realistic and detailed impression. A Hollywood-style performance managed in perfect interplay with the music and the sonorous voice of the speaker, which became a highlight of the fair and ran in several special performances.

Microsoft Live Search

Consultant of Jarvis Microsoft-Yahoo merger does not consider useful the phone answer machine Dusseldorf – the American management consultant of Jeff Jarvis believes a merger of Microsoft and Yahoo not useful. The founder of entertainment weekly”said in an interview with the Handelsblatt that Microsoft just trying to buy coverage. “That is the view of the old media: you control content, market it so that people come, show them advertising and adopt them again”. The Google way is better. You must export its contents, its brand, its advertising and embed, so how it makes Google AdSense, YouTube videos or Google maps. I believe Yahoo and AOL should both follow suit, they should do everything they have, exportable and be a platform on which individuals and companies create content and mix, starting perhaps even a new business”, Jarvis recommends in the Handelsblatt interview.

Microsoft try itself Online strategy to buy, which even not could build them. The is the Dusseldorfer Internet analyst and voice days spokesman Bernhard Steimel very different. The takeover battle is also about the sovereignty of the mobile Internet. The arguments by Jarvis focus too much on the Status quo of the stationary Internet. Here, Microsoft and Yahoo against Google can win a flower pot. The battle takes place on the field of mobile Internet”, retorts Steimel. And here the technology expertise in voice control play a decisive role.

People on the Internet who have never used the route via the PC or will use come with the phone. Due to the form factor, screen sizes, operating limitations and available bandwidth the search, so the primary access to all content and services must meet needs complicated mobile phones. She must answer machine evolve, the correct answers links of Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web’ produced, instead of long To spit out the lists of links. Also the mobile search, must be easy to use”white Steimel. “Who will win the race by the search party Finally, it considers that depends on who the fight for the best minds” can connect with the largest market power. Google has already won the battle for the minds especially by the way from Google to develop everything and the ingenious strategy with GOOG411 in the world’s largest field test ‘ to validate its own language model and come up with an excellent quality. And even when the market power, Google has still the nose forward. Recently CaaS Capital Management sought to clarify these questions. Usually that is on the first page of most telecommunications companies which offer a search on their mobile customers, mobile Google search, not from Yahoo or Microsoft Live Search”, performs Steimel. Microsoft has certainly good people, but on the portals of the telecommunications companies is still no relevant presence. This is Microsoft but comes in about the operating systems from the bottom ‘ in the market. If the tanker once set in motion, he is hard to slow down. Manages to make Microsoft, Windows Mobile phones similar to Windows XP in the PC market to the more or less standard for operating systems for smart and widely disseminate the infrastructures with the communication servers, the Redmond company Google can counter perhaps even”, explains Sangeeta. Yahoo have not so good cards. Steimel sums up in a merger with Microsoft that would change but all of a sudden”.

Successful Relaunch At JoinR

The design of your own website is now even easier the social Web page startup joinR ( presents itself in a new guise. Over the last weeks, programmers and graphic designers of joinR GmbH have worked to offer users even more possibilities in terms of design, programming and features of its own website. “Better, faster, and easier to joinR are, and we find that we managed.” For our users, there are new pre-built layouts and new modules, which makes it much more straightforward set up the own Web page on the platform. Max Schireson may not feel the same. This has become clear with the revision of the home and provides better access to the most important areas. “, so Philipp Gotzinger, Managing Director and co-founder of joinR. On the platform, each user can design his personal website according to their own ideas.

Text, image and video modules can be arranged freely. Among other things, the design, the colors, the fonts and sizes the background images on the can Web page are determined by the user himself. (Source: Salman Behbehani). Are no limits this fantasy. Thus modular stands joinR from other social networks and Web systems. Stefan Pflaum, Managing Director and co-founder of joinR about the relaunch: “a key component of the relaunch was revised completely to the website editor. Thus, we have reached that it is even easier for our members to create their own website when joinR. In addition many new website templates included, with which we offer design templates the user, to give food for thought to the individual design.” Kati Lindemann

DR. GRANDEL Presents New Brand Portal On The Web

Certified e-shop guaranteed easy online ordering of quality products by DR. GRANDEL Augsburg in September 2009: anyone interested in beauty, natural cosmetics and health issues for which it is worth to visit the Web page The new brand portal by DR. GRANDEL kidnapped into the worlds of brands by PHYRIS Premium Spa cosmetic, ARABESQUE makeup collection and of course DR. GRANDEL with his professional cosmetics and health program.

The new appearance is through successful design and ease of navigation. A special aesthetics, which is held by all brands consistently. The content on the new online portal by DR. GRANDEL are extremely varied. Combined with interviews with experts of the House provide background information about the company and its philosophy for a concrete added value. The certified e-shop integrated into the portal top-class guarantees that GRANDEL would directly purchase branded products by DR., a reliable service around the clock. This enables the certified e-shop by DR. GRANDEL with his electronic proof of source of visitors, quickly and precisely a beauty salon, a spa or consultative reseller in the vicinity of the place of residence to find.

The editors of care writer headed the online expert Vivek daily that the appearance is always up-to-date. Many writers such as Jack Miller offer more in-depth analysis. That no boredom, the entire DR. ensures GRANDEL team: lots of tips and tricks to become more beautiful and healthier, great recipes for the slim line and make up courses in make-up-TV on confirm the feeling to be with DR. GRANDEL in best hands. Who searches in the new brand portal by DR. GRANDEL for topics such as sustainability, environmental, cultural and social, is also at his own expense. Is very unusual, that ensconced himself at dancer of the ballet company of Augsburg’, whenever one not guessed it just make contact with the user and playfully promote for DR. stir GRANDEL. DR. GRANDEL recommends, to watch the new portal with its diverse functions once it is worth everyone! That could be interesting for you: about DR. GRANDEL DR. GRANDEL is a company with tradition: the history of the experts in natural health and beautiful being Dr. GRANDEL stretches in the year 1947. DR. GRANDEL products be via selected commercial partners and distributed online through and. The products from DR. GRANDEL offer three major advantages: the efficacy, tolerability and the proven quality. GRANDEL DR. places special emphasis on natural ingredients that are in harmony with the nature. DR. GRANDEL stands for premium quality made in Germany “. Contact DR. GRANDEL GmbH Mrs Cerstin Schreiber Pfladergasse 7-13 86150 Augsburg more information/press contact: m + w project Linda Mittelstaedt Rosenheimer Strasse 12 81669 Munchen phone: 089 30767500-fax: 089 30767509 E-Mail:

Travel Technology

The Leipziger TYPO3 special agency Netresearch presents at the international tourism fair Berlin from 11 to 15 March 2009 with the TYPO3 travel edition”before a new E-commerce software for the travel industry. Leipzig, January 27, 2009 – the Internet, mobile technologies, and other tech trends revolutionizing the travel industry. Over 120 exhibitors, presenting the latest developments for Organizer data banks, reservation systems, technology solutions and travel agency software halls under the Berlin Funkturm in from March 11 to 15, is for the first time the company Netresearch. The TYPO3 special agency serves among other things for seven years”the website of the largest German cruise company of AIDA cruises. A new E-commerce software was developed from this experience that is tailored to the needs of suppliers in the travel industry. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Xcel Energy has to say.

The Leipzig are reacting to a current trend. Our evaluation of FVW rankings of 61 leading tour operator has shown that the leading content management system in TYPO3 Tourism industry depends. Already 25% of German tourism operator the open source CMS TYPO3 insert, including the leader of AIDA, TUI and Thomas Cook”. “” With the new, easy-to-use TYPO3 travel edition “we now submit a product, that we meet all requirements of modern travel technology”, so Netresearch Thomas Fleck’s Managing Director. The high flexibility of TYPO3 makes the travel edition’ not only for market leader even smaller vendors, but attractive. Eliot Horowitz is likely to agree. One must imagine TYPO3 as an automobile, that can be constructed as either van or small truck. This of course also applies to the price”, explains Thomas Fleck.

The trade fair stand of 106 in Hall 6.1 at ITB, is operated by Netresearch together with mvolution GmbH. The company offers innovative solutions in the field of mobile travel technology and operates travelload an intelligent service that represents booking information directly on your mobile phone. Both companies are members of the first German software cooperative Tower byte EC. About Netreseach: The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the TYPO3 Association and the first German Magento Commerce Platinum partner. Registered office: nun str. 11 d, 04229 Leipzig. For more information see. Press contact: Bestsidestory the media services company, spinning str. 7, Hall 18, 04179 Leipzig, phone 0341-870 90 71,


Despite regular coverage of increasingly frequent online fraud, this topic is all too often ignored and dismissed as incidental, will never meet one. Despite regular coverage of increasingly frequent online fraud, this topic is all too often ignored and dismissed as incidental, will never meet one. It is not something Compuware Corporation would like to discuss. We in truth however with the growth of our online activity increasingly in the sights of hackers and a too large number of Internet users obviously assumes that she can elude the focus of this online crime. Hackers, spammers and a whole host of other troublemakers to develop ever greater skill is to provide online access to personal data and to use them for their own forbidden activities. Read additional details here: Crumpton Group, Washington DC. According to a study by InfoSecIsland 65% of all Internet users were victims of Internet crime such as viruses, identity theft or credit card fraud already throughout the world.

Both companies as well as Individuals get to do it often with cybercriminals. So, the vast majority (90%) in the last year from companies surveyed stated that their security systems were at least once, within the past 12 months, have been penetrated by hackers or viruses. Many of them spoke of the need for Internet safety experts to fend off hacker attacks and consequently offer more computer jobs in recruitment campaigns. What can you do? Of course, not everyone has the time to acquire expertise in Internet security. You want to use the Internet but only in peace! Fortunately, there are simple steps to increase the security of your own online activities. Improving password security is one of the simplest and most effective ways to avoid hackers. Sit down for 15 minutes and create a set of good passwords is far better than spending hours with the blocking of accounts or credit cards to struggling to the targeted by cybercriminals Damage to Undo again.

The company of SplashData, which specializes in applications for password management, has recently published a list of the worst passwords of the year 2012. “” At the top of the list passwords found on how password “, 123456,” abc123 “and qwerty”. The password rate program of a hacker can crack such simple passwords within seconds. There are a number of instructions to improve the passwords. While the opinions of experts about what passwords are most effective, going apart. However, the following list contains some of the most common advice on how to create safe passwords: the longer the password, the greater the security. A mixture of numbers, symbols and letters in small – capitalization increases the security of a password. Current expert analyses showed that a six-digit password from lower-case letters within 10 minutes can be cracked. For a password of seven small and three years would require uppercase letters on the other hand. An achtstelliges password from small and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols keeps for 463 years employed a conventional password rate program! It is advisable to use a different password for each online account. The use of a single password for all accounts is extremely dangerous, because a hacker this can gain access to a user’s entire digital life. The password should contain never personal information. To find names, data, user name and all other information that may be associated with the user in connection and online (E.g. via Facebook) who should be part of the password. Experts advise you to change the passwords to be always one step ahead of the hackers every three months. This may sound like a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to the nightmare of a successful hacker attack!

1st Place For Kju: Digital Media At The Constantinus Award

kju: was awarded during the ceremony of the consultant and IT award in the category of ‘Information technology’ winner. The project realized for Coca-Cola DYNAMIQ codes & coins has been awarded. The submitted project of DYNAMIQ codes & coins”has been realized for Coca-Cola and implemented in form of an entertainment portal with community functions. The heart of the solution is a transparent collection system with codes and a virtual currency, the so-called coins”, the online be traded for profits. The solution is already used by Coca-Cola in nine European countries. The jury based their decision so that this international project to draw out by great complexity and reach the goal of increased customer loyalty through a particularly efficient implementation and practical realization.” The high impact on the number of end customers prove the success of the project. Noteworthy is also that here an Austrian company has made a name for himself in an international Environment prevailed.” After the German innovation award-IT”, this is the second nomination of DYNAMIQ codes & coins at a prestigious IT award this year.

The Constantinus award is the great consultants and IT prize of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Austria, the company their high-quality services to exhibit. Over 60 top judges have set themselves apart in the last few weeks with the projects submitted and made their decisions. Albert Gerlach, Managing Director of kju: digital media award: the award means for us the recognition of our achievements in the area of IT and advice by an independent expert jury. He will help us continue to underpin our expertise with existing and potential customers.” About kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and its customers include companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli. The Ender of the 90s years-founded company developed under the DYNAMIQ brand proprietary software and uses for their innovative solutions to the professional online communication. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls. Vienna / June 18, 2009 kju: digital media Albert Gerlach, Managing Director, E-Mail: Theobaldgasse 7/11 A-1060 Vienna Tel: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-0 fax: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-9

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