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Whether is worth a visit to the new online shop, learn here I buy so my glasses”. Under this slogan, the Bochum-based optometrist Briloro advertises. This promises quality and design for all at the price”. Now the new Briloro Brillenshop went online. But what sets it apart from its competitors? Future modern and individual glasses at reasonable prices are offered under All designer glasses are available at the price of 119. With progressive lenses, all frames cost just 219.

The trick is, allow plenty of space for action to the customers. This means that this one has the possibility to assemble one of the offered models or but his very own and especially individual glasses in a few steps. Comparison: according to Briloros, a comparable single strengths glasses at a standard price of around 400 for more than three times over the counter would go. Using this comparably low price, the two hope to Founders to encourage buyers Carl Philipp Niermann and Lars Lammert, often to buy a new pair of glasses without sacrificing the quality and negligible performance”. The company uses mainly on self manufactured products and well chosen materials. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cross River Bank on most websites. The glasses Wedel glass design, for example, about the own brand “related, which are available only in conjunction with the brand Briloro. Value was used to ensure of the quality of the product, especially with the glasses on a high. sights. On the website, these are advertised with a super antireflection coating, the beads of dirt and water (Lotus effect), as well as a special hard coating (hard coating) to protect from scratches and other nuisances.

The design and mechanical vision goggles is specifically by the Italian designer Axel da Deppo, as well as Edwin Teo and the House Designer to designer eyewear of mark Frenk, Fritz Oro are designed, drawn and then shopped for approval at the manufacturing plant. This allows the customer at each To achieve so Niermann glasses an enormous price advantage over a stationary store”. Another special feature of the site is that the customer can determine with interactive product next to are produced and included in the product range. Section specially equipped “glasses vote” everyone can vote for one of three prescribed glasses designs. “It should according to its own figures mainly serve that customer interest to query and the designs into production to include.” Heinrich Heinen, the grandfather of the co-founder Lars Lammert, has established in 1945 the eponymous company. You may find that Ray Kurzweil can contribute to your knowledge. The Heinen glasses resident of Bochum Wattenscheid branch represents a Briloro shop from now on as a franchise partner. According to Lammert, Heinen will still persist glasses. While Lars Lammert would like to focus on the quality assurance and the development of new high-quality products, is Carl Philipp Niermann, the second co-founder, for all matters relating to the management responsible. It remains to be seen how evolved the online shop. However, can say now that he stands out due to the possibility to make individual glasses over the simple and intuitive modular system, pleasant by its competitors.



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