Marilda Yamamotto

The work will be divides in three parts. In its intrito, some basic concepts of who will be presented come to be work and process of work, as well as, a panoramic one of these relations of the period of the sprouting of the system manufacter, unchaining in the industrial revolution, until the contemporaneidade. At as a moment, sufficiently excellent, main agents of industrial productive transformation until originary middles of century XIX will be analyzed the models of taylorista/fordista production _ _ of the introduction of the machines in the productive process. Also the moment where this starts to lose force, due to introduction of the technological development of the automation, the robotics and microelectronics and also of the productive desconcentrao, presented for Toyota the Japanese Model of production. Of this form if of the one mixture, or substitution, of the old model of production for the toyotista reorganization.

Finally, a historical analysis of the assembly plant will be made FIAT since its birth in Italy, until its coming for Brazil. In this process the main impacts in its productive organization will be focused, decurrent of the toyotismo the purpose of this correlation are to identify traces of the three above-mentioned models as informing of the global body of the cited assembly plant. For in such a way, it will be used as reference for such study, a gamma of authors amongst them: Marilda Yamamotto, Harry Braverman, Ricardo Antunes and others. Also a historical analysis of the plant will be necessary, whose information will be extracted of the periodic one of internal circulation, for better appreciation of the possible consequences of what some authors call new rotinizao of the work, decurrent of the changes observed historically in the productive reorganization manufacter. 1. Concepts Basic? Work and Process of Work According to Harry Braverman (1987), the work is an activity exerted for the man to transform the nature into the direction to improve its utility, that is, better to satisfy its necessities.



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