Educational Informtica

The main challenge many times is, to remain itself brought up to date, when already it is in deficit of knowledge of the technological resources has years. To argue, to reflect and to search on a subject that it does not dominate, knowing that it could facilitate very in its work, without knowing at least for where to start. The first steps for adoption of computers in pertaining to school institution, as instrument for acquisition of knowledge you discipline of them, winning the barrier that imposes computer science as one disciplines isolated, this is the challenge considered in this work. For this, one searchs to discover the real expectations of the professors on the practical professor with use of the computer science resources and Internet in the City of Is Gonalo/RJ.

One knows that it does not have formula that it guarantees the success in all the cases, when the subject is educational computer science, however, knowing the public, its abilities, yearnings and concepts regarding the subject, the success in the implementation of the technological resources is much more probable, therefore has to start the process of choice of the methods and ways that will be used, leaving of the proper reality, contextualizando not only for the pupil, but also for the professor and the institution which if destines, thus improving, not only the quality of education, as of the proper life of the professors. The particular schools of the City of Are Gonalo/RJ, responsible for the education of thousand of pupils, they use varied didactic resources and they possess a great number of professors who not yet are made familiar to the use of the Internet and Educational Informtica, becoming necessary the research so that if it gets the real index of these professors, its necessities and aspirations in relation to the improvement of these knowledge, that according to proper professors, would only reach the professionals, since for its deductions, the students, young in its majority, deeply are made familiar to such technological resources and daily use some of them with diverse but not educative ends.



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