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The traditionally identified organizations and professions with the treatment of the information have witnessed the dilution of borders long ago established. This fast growth of the access and information necessity it generates an emergent market of permeia information that new roles assumed for professionals of other areas, and also for the librarians and archivists. Therefore, Baptista (2007, p.172) speaks that Garcez (2002) shows diverse studies which recommended that the reply time would be an important factor of the effectiveness for the users. Therefore, it is not enough that the library or the unit of digital information satisfies to the demand of its users, is necessary it makes that it in useful time. Such fact highly designates a generalizvel discovery of that the information services basically are chosen for use in function of its physical access and the easiness of use. This is the mentioned principle of the lesser effort that is not preferred by a type of user of what for having the information most useful to the user. (BAPTISTA, 2007, p.172). 6.

The PAPER OF the PROFESSIONALS OF the INFORMATION AND the INDTITUIES the professionals of the information who produce the goal-information exert important paper before the society, therefore is the intermediate between the user and the unit of information. They are using interface X information – knowledge. They must think about the questions of transference and use of the information and develop information services that become the information accessible for the citizen, looking for to satisfy its necessities. Therefore, who must be known is the user of the information service, which the information necessities and if the same ones had been satisfied. (Garden, 2004.p 3) In this direction, it emphasizes Garden (2004, p, 2) that the archivists do not serve to the archives, but to the society and its diverse agents, therefore the presence of the professional of reference in virtual environments is a necessity to dinamizar and to perfect the services of digital information in the Web.



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