The Japanese Relations

2). That is, the proportionate changes for the GQT beyond the implantation of new technologies, reflect in changes of the organization of the work and the managemental paradigms, that involve strategical changes, cultural and structural, as they claim to Wood Jnior and Urdan (1997). The changes in the hierarchy if had reflected in the flexibility of the management based on the processes of motivation of the collaborators in detriment of one command plastered. The organizations, in this in case that, they had started to supply to training and qualification of the employees and to be intent to the level of satisfaction of these. Retaking one of the principles of the GQT cited for Fields (1999), where it must have respect to employee as human being, concludes that these must be heard, to be more independent and participant assets of the process as a whole, and to have more responsibilities so that party to suit is felt. That is, in this system of management, the organizations have as objective to invest in the development of the people, to flexibilizar the professional relations and to guarantee improvements in the conditions and relations of work. In the GQT, factors as the process of technological renewal based in computer science and modernization of the communication and the instability in the job (that it implies reduction of work ranks) can be associates to the terceirizao process, by means of which the companies look for to reduce the costs with the social changes of the work, resulting in a temporary employment contract multiplication (BORGES; YAMAMOTO, 2004). Druck (1999) explana some occured changes in the work relations, as consequncias of the implantation of the new model of management based on the Quality Total: ' ' The Japanese model also engloba the terceirizao (subcontratao). One is about a necessary party of the model, that it needs to preserve this ' ' work sujo' ' , as component of the productive structure of the Japanese economy.



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