Simple Network Management Protocol

The management of the net through the SNMP allows the simple and easy accompaniment of the state, in real time, of the net, being able to be used to manage different types of systems. This management is known as model of management SNMP, ousimplesmente, management SNMP. For in such a way, the SNMP is the name of the protocol in which the information are changed between the MIB and the management application as well as is the name of this model of management. The commands are limited and based in the search mechanism/alteration. Nomecanismo of search/alteration is available the operations of alteration of a value of an object, of attainment of the values of an object and its variations. The use of an limited number of operations, based on a search mechanism/alteration, becomes the protocol of easy implementation, simple, steady and flexible.

As consequence it reduces the traffic of messages of management through Conclusion However we perceive that you are welcome each time would advance terms more gigantic nets if we could not have control on the same ones, manages and it of nets appeared as a form to have this control and guiding in them how much to the planning, implantation, provisionamento, administration and maintenance. of analyzes of these processes if it concludes that the importance of manages in a net of telecommunications this in guaranteeing its continues and perfect operation. References RNP 1997 RNP, National Net of Education and Research (1997) Access in (June 2009). OTSUKA 1995 Otsuka, Joise Lee (1995) Manegemente Information Base Access in (June 2009). ARTOLA 1995 Artola, Esmilda Saez (1995) MIB – Manegemente Information Base Access in (June 2009). CHESANI 1995 Chesani, Luciana (1995) SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol



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