Mental Upheavals

The extreme use makes with that practical its is not many times adequate. To the times, it is preferable to use another resource that goes to take care of much more that objective that wants to develop itself at the moment, of what to use it. By dealing with a virtual reality, the computer cannot be used of form to threaten the proper reality, will have to be used to fortify it. This does not substitute, for example, the manipulation of the concrete, indispensable to the process. According to Tikhomirow, the computer must be seen as learning instrument. It is the mediator between our thought and the actions. He transforms the reasoning into manipulable things. He does not disappear with the human thought, but he reorganizes it.

Valley to stand out that with the computer the interdisciplinaridade, so valued, can in such a way be developed and be worked in the creation projects, how much in softwares closed. The information can be related, as in the real life, without having stages stanch, of a playful form. ' ' Desiring is the land where if it nourishes aprendizagem' '. (Fernndez, 2001, p.15) the bond is something extremely important in the learning process. With this point, then, the computer becomes facilitador, therefore, in a generalized manner, it attracts the attentions of the children making with that it is come back and interested in its work. The majority likes to be ahead of a machine, this finishes being a positive point for the resource that finishes attracting the attention of the children whom nor they perceive to be in the learning process. INTELLECTUAL DEFICIT OR MENTAL DELAY According to AAMR (American Association of Mental Deficiency) and DSM-IV (Manual Diagnosis and Statistician of Mental Upheavals), can be defined mental deficiency as the reduction state notable of the inferior intellectual functioning to the average, associate the limitations at least in two aspects of the adaptativo functioning: personal communication, cares, domestic abilities, social abilities, pertaining to school use of the communitarian resources, autonomy, health and security, aptitudes, leisure and work.



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