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Was your phone’s behavior wrong? It’s not about today us right or wrong, but we want to see what are the techniques, in order to use the phone even more professional. “Body: 6/10 of the time here present content and arguments, systematically in main and subentries.” After longer versions you briefly summarize what I have said. Their audience hears your presentation for the first time and is happy to get an orientation. You should include Pro chapter not more than 7 detail information. The presentation of the body is also based on your goals and audience. Think about exactly, what, how much, and how your information want to present. Conclusion: 2/10 of the time decides the first impression about sympathy and confidence, the last impression stays in the memory. Here again focus your goal. (Similarly see: The Cohesive Companies).

If you want to motivate the participants to act, you should appeal once again to your audience. Repeat the most important here again and summarize the most important points. Thank you for the participation or attention. Example: I have presented our new marketing strategies. Our goal is to increase our sales to 10%. To do this, we need your support and look forward to a constructive cooperation. Thank you for your active participation.

Final discharges could be: what it all means for us? u0085 I summarize: which brings us to this? u0085 Our goal is goodbye you your listeners with a positive feeling. The rest of the time 1/10 is your time buffer. 5. visualize and create the presentation Media usage is the visualization in addition to your speech important to generate attention. Another reception channel is addressed through the visualization and the content remains longer in the memory. Who knows not the saying: pictures say more than 1000 words. Link your statement with a memorable image. In addition to the classic PowerPoint presentation the flip chart, the Whiteboard, or a bulletin board is suitable also for smaller groups (up to 20 persons).

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